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The Women's Frye Miranda Stud Bootie

Frye Miranda Stud Bootie - The "Wow" Shoe

Have you ever seen footwear that left you speechless? Or, were you struck with the urge to say, "Wow" because these particular shoes were so beyond perfect and right for you? If not, prepare to be astonished with the Frye Miranda Stud Bootie; a pair of shoes that will make you weak in the knees -- reminiscent of the way you felt when first falling in love. It's like a rekindled romance, especially for your lonely, sandal-infested closet. Synonymous with words like lush, chic, rubenesque, and curvacious, these booties are the ultimate addition to the closet of any voluptuous woman.

How is the Frye Miranda Stud Bootie designed?

These booties are available in three varying colors, each one beautiful in their own way -- Whiskey (bright brown), Black, and Grey. At a steep price of $288 per pair, the price tag may cause a pause, but each bootie is 100% worth it -- designed with high-quality fabric and a rubberized hard-wood sole; all materials that are built to last. These booties are stitched in patches with hidden bits of tough twine to accentuate a sensual silhouette -- one that is usually masked by frumpy sneakers or summer-time flip-flops. However, the stitches don't show through or invade on the interior, as each bootie is lined with cushioned padding for an insole that feels like the clouds in Heaven. The equivalent of walking amongst the prettiest angels, the Frye Miranda Stud Bootie enhances inner and outer beauty, encouraging confidence to flourish while urging a stunning appearance.

The stacked heel boosts average stature by 3.5 inches, providing a platform-like view to improve posture, so you can walk with your head held high. The Frye Miranda Stud Bootie is built for stability, meaning you won't take a head-over-heels tumble if you're not used to wearing heels; plus, each bootie's heel is wedged for extra support. Urge-inducing and made from the finest materials, it's footwear the will evoke the "Wow" in you, allowing your beauty to shine completely through.

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