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The Women's UGG Calynda Boot

UGG Calynda Boot - The Odd Couple

Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes and wondered what kind of hallucinatory drugs the manufacturers were on to have created something so odd? That feeling pretty much sums up my thoughts on the UGG Calynda Boot. These boots are what would happen if Daniel Boone's woodland Ox mated with a well-to-do, big-city heifer. See! Even the way I describe them has to be strange. Perhaps UGG finally flipped their lids and decided to make something interplanetary or revolutionary, because clearly, these boots are not meant for this time period.

What's so wrong with the UGG Calynda Boot?

For one, the UGG Calynda Boot is $180 of pure ridiculous design. The advertisement states that these boots are for "practical" and fashionable wear; however, the only way a woman would wear these outdoors would be if she knew nothing about being outdoors in the first place. It's the equivalent of women who wear stilettos to go grocery shopping. Or the ones who prefer trendy flip-flops when mountain-climbing. All combinations that just wouldn't work in the real world. I'd imagine these boots would be sensible in theory, but their structure is way off for a casual stroll through rough or slightly rocky terrain. Compared to traditional hiking boots, this footwear would likely send you tumbling over a cliff before you could proclaim, "I should have worn better shoes!"

I can get past the easily stained suede material. I could even turn the cheek at the mention of the just-for-appearance laces on the front of each boot -- but the one thing I can't forgive is the 4 inch wedge heels. Who in the world would wear high heels of any kind to go tromping through the great wilderness? It wouldn't be much of a mobile camping trip. The UGG Calynda Boot would be alot better if they did away without the heels and frills of the modern fashion world, sticking to the simplistic design of what makes a reliable set of hiking boots.

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