Tuesday, May 22

The Women's Mini Sora Boot From Old Gringo - From Shunned To Stunned

I've always been considered the tomboy amongst my group of friends, never the stylish or fashion-following type. This is a fact that always bugged my mom, especially when I would wear my once-in-awhile skirts with a good pair of sneakers. Therefore, she took it upon herself to buy me the Old Gringo Mini Sora Boot; a feminine version of an ankle-length pair of cowboy boots with floral patterns and easily zippered sides. Admittedly, I didn't like them at first because they were new to my feet and I had always been a simple flip-flops in the summer kind of girl.

With time (about a week) came love! These boots have been a blessing and I've started wearing more feminine outfits just to have something to pair them with. I've gone out dancing with my friends on several occasions while wearing the Old Gringo Mini Sora Boot and my feet never get sore. Initially, I did get one blister on my heel but it went away after a few days. I guess that comes with the territory of breaking in a new pair of kicks.

What I love more than anything about these boots is the way I'm allowed to convey my tomboyish personality with a touch of girly style. They're naturally scuffed on the heels to portray the fact that I'm not afraid to get dirty. While the floral pattern and ankle-length allows me to convey that I expect to be treated like a lady when the situation calls for it. I went from shunning the girly style of feminine footwear to being stunned by their comfort and beauty.

I heard that these were available in a different color and I fully intend to investigate that with my next paycheck. Not to mention, my mother is thrilled that I've chosen to wear her gift with such pride. She finally has the girl she could always go shopping with and I finally have the Old Gringo Mini Sora Boot; a long-lasting pair of boots that haven't let me down yet.

Video clip - a good look at the women's Mini Sora boot from Old Gringo:

The Women's Savannah Boot From Harley Davidson - A Fashion "Yes!"

The Harley Davidson Savannah Boot is one pair of fashionable footwear that combines sensibility, comfort, and style. Thus far, there have been very few complaints made on these boots after a long period of wear. Fortunately, many women have documented their testimonials about these boots to aid others in their footwear decisions. Below you'll find the reviews of 4 honest and satisfied customers who had nothing but good things to say about these original boots.

-- Anni R. of Sherrills Ford, NC, wrote, "When my husband bought me these boots, I was skeptical. Up until that point, I wasn't able to find a pair of boots for our riding trips that would be comfortable AND feminine. It seemed impossible! The Harley Davidson Savannah Boot proved me wrong and I've worn them on every motorcycle trip we've had in the last 3 months. There's been no problems and I expect these boots to last me and probably outlast the engine in my Harley."

-- Natalie C. from Arlington, TX, said, "I'm always on the road. I love the freedom of riding my Harley everywhere but I absolutely hated how sore my feet would be after a long day of biking. These boots allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief because I was no longer cringing in pain after a strenuous ride. I'm a born biker babe and these boots were made for someone just like me!"

-- Deborah M. of 'everywhere' in the USA claimed, "I travel everywhere on my Harley and have for the past 3 years. There's a sense of freedom and spirit that accompanies living anywhere and everywhere, being able to pick up and go at any time. So, you can imagine that I do a great deal of walking, as well as sitting. This is where the Harley Davidson Savannah Boot comes in handy. They're insulated for the cold evenings spent on the open road and feminine for the everyday woman."

Check out the video - the Savannah boot for women from Harley Davidson:

The Faded Glory Boot for Women From Harley-Davidson

The Harley Davidson Faded Glory boot is ideal for anybody who loves knee high boots as well as short boots. The boot has a shaft height of five inches. The heel height is one point five inches. This means that the boot is awfully comfortable and is well designed for anyone who likes long walks and outdoor activity.  The boot is also very good quality leather. This makes it very attractive for all women. The inside of the boot is cushioned and has its wearer feeling more than comfortable while wearing it. . The cushion lining also helps in keeping the wearers’ feet dry and fresh. This is great because no one likes to have their feet feel stuffy and out of air. 

This character of comfort enables the boot to be suitable for riding - it has a sole created to grip the ground. Apart from that, the boot has a sole that is well suited for steep places. That means that when the wearer decides to go in the woods and the grass is wet and slippery, they will be the least bit worried about sliding and falling flat on their face!! The Faded Glory women's boot goes for a hundred and thirty four dollars. Who does not agree that this is a reasonable price for this classy everyday wear? The Harley Davidson Faded Glory boot comes in one color, which is black. This is very good because the boot can match with all sorts of wear, since black matches all other colors. The boot comes in half and full sizes for women. The boot also has straps and this means that it is awesome because it grips the wearers’ feet properly and is adjustable. This character enables it to be perfect for outdoor activities like hiking as well as other activities.

Video - get a good look at the women's Faded Glory boot from Harley:

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Sunday, May 20

The Women's Harley Davidson Jammie Boot

Ready, set, march to your own beat in the Harley Davidson Jammie Boot. The style is fresh and bold from this maker of some of the finest quality boots available. In Black and of top-grain leather the look resembles a combat cut with a 9 inch tall shaft and a narrow fit through the ankle and up the leg. There is a full lace up front through silver-tone metal eyelets and some speed hooks with a wide belt circling mid-shaft sporting a metal buckle detail at the side. You won't fuss with all this hardware due to the full side zipper and back pull loop for an easy on/off process. The thick rubber outsole and 2 inch heel would handle any terrain. A fab up-to-date look for a retail cost of around $120.

You'll march to your own rhythm in the Harley Davidson Jammie Boot. If you want to see more similar styles, please check out the following:

Kickers Histarmy Boot:

You'll easily be named a leader in footwear fashion when you wear the Kickers Histarmy Boot. It looks right off the front lines with its supple, textured leather with that broken in appeal; plus you have a choice of Black, Dark Brown or Khaki color. An eyelet lacing system all the way up the front of the 9.25 inch shaft has a leather flap over the shin above the ankle which fastens with two buckled side straps. Once you have everything laced and buckled, the full inside zipper allows for a quick put-on and take-off. There is a cap toe detail and the fit hugs the ankle and leg in true military fashion. Fully leather lined with light cushioning on the footbed. The synthetic outsole has a stacked look 1 inch chunk heel and lots of texturing for great traction. Your cost will be roughly $137 retail.

Dr. Martens Carli Boot:

The Dr. Martens Carli Boot gives you the classic good looks of a lace-up plus the total comfort you expect from the Dr. A soft smooth oiled suede is used for the foot and shaft and is offered in Charcoal or Dark Brown with a vintage finish. The only accents are some topstitching to highlight the construction cuts. The lace up the front is through metal eyelets with some speed hooks at the top of the 8.5 inch shaft. You will lace up to a nice snug fit the first time on and then use the full size zipper to easily get in and out thereafter. The suede lining inside offers a fresh dry environment and comfort for all day wear. The expected translucent outsole and a 1 inch heel have welt construction and tons of texture to keep you stable on a variety of surfaces. This one is approximately $130 retail.

Dr. Martens Janice Studded Boot:

To see the Dr. Martens Janice Studded Boot is to instantly love, love, love it. Some biker heritage emerges from this one's appearance in the form of double rows of studs around the top of the almost 10 inch shaft and again on the adjustable buckled strap around the ankle. The toe is nicely rounded and there is a full lacing system up the front with metal eyelets and a single pull loop at the back. The quality construction is evident when you slip this boot on a feel the air-cushioned sole. The translucent rubber outsole is built to last and well grooved for slip-resistance. You have a choice of Charcoal or Dark Brown Oiled Suede which feel heavenly to the touch. You may purchase this one for a retail price of about $169.95

Look hot and make your fashion statement sizzle with the Harley Davidson Jammie Boot or with any one of these other styles that are similar to it. One more hot tip, you can sometimes save from full retail pricing on many of these by purchasing them online. The shipping on most online buys is also free.

Video - get a better look-see at the women's Jammie boot:

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Thursday, May 17

The Women's Harley Davidson Silvia Boot - And Some Other Rockin' Boot Styles

Ride or walk with attitude in the Harley Davidson Silvia Boot. Georgeous full-grain leather is used for this boot with curved construction cuts designed to hug the ankle and lower leg. The full lace up front secures a personal fit then the full side zipper and back pull loop will allow you in and out easily. The slightly asymmetrical collar atop the 10.25 inch shaft is elevated at the front for eye appeal. The entire footbed is cushioned and along with cement construction provides comfort, flexibility and long wear. The sturdy outsole and 1.25 inch chunk heel are grooved for great traction. Available in Black, this boot is tough with a feminine contour. The retail price is approximately $160. 

You may have to have the Harley Davidson Silvia Boot now without looking any further. However, if you would like to see more like this, please continue:

Harley Davidson Camille Boot:

No matter where you roam you'll feel well protected in the Harley Davidson Camille Boot. This riding-inspired boot has a luxurious Black leather upper with a well rounded toe for foot comfort. The fit is easy with a 15.5 inch circumference to the 11.5 inch tall shaft plus a full side locking zipper for a quick in/out process. This one has hardware galore with an ankle harness fastened with both a ring and a metal logo buckle. A small link chain loops around the heel back for a great finish. The shaft collar is accented with multiple rows of topstitching. Inside is a cushioned footbed for long wear comfort and there is great flexibility due to the cement construction. The durable rubber outsole and under 1 inch chunk heel are textured for grip. The cost on his one is roughly $180 retail.

Harley Davidson Jammie Boot:

The Harley Davidson Jammie Boot gives you that biker look but with some funk. The upper is that wonderful full-grain Black leather highlighted with silver-tone hardware. Construction style includes a toe cap and it's all outlined with topstitching. The front of the 9 inch shaft laces up with metal eyelets and speed hooks and a wide leather belt around the mid shaft features a metal logo buckle. Don't worry about spending time with all the hardware because there is a full side zipper and back pull loop. This is a very close fit at the ankle and up the lower leg resembling a combat boot profile. Lots of cushioning inside for easy all day wear. The thick rubber outsole and 2 inch chunk heel are well grooved for traction and have a red embossed rubber logo insert under the arch. A unique look for a retail cost of about $120. 

Harley Davidson Women's Ashby Boot:

You'll want to ride with the wind in the Harley Davidson Women's Ashby Boot. This is a smart looking boot measuring just 6 inches tall from the arch with about a 10 inch opening at the top. A full side zipper with logo pull tab helps you easily in and out while maintaining that flattering close fit. There is a ring and harness accent at the outside ankle with silver-tone hardware and a metal logo plate stitched into the side of the mid-shaft. Soft lining inside makes it easy to wear all day. The rubber outsole is fully lugged with stars and bars and features a 1.75 inch chunk heel and .5 inch platform. This one in Black full-grain leather, says "free-spirit" with every glance. The retail pricing is around $130.

Get your riding groove on in the Harley Davidson Silvia Boots or any one of these other great looks. When you purchase online you are likely to save from full retail pricing on many of these styles, plus most orders qualify for free shipping.

Video - here is a good all-around look at the women's Silvia boot from Harley Davidson:

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Tuesday, May 15

The Women's Dr. Martens 1B99 Boot - And Some Other Similar Women's Boot Styles

Shine on in a fresh new look by wearing the Dr. Martens 1B99 Boot. Not for the faint of heart, this one just blasts personality with every step. It's classically styled but constructed of a full-grain, Buttero leather which is ultra smooth with a satin gloss like patent leather and has a sumptuously supple feel. The colors available are Dress Blues or Sand Botanic (which is a very lively print). The 8.25 inch shaft laces up the front through metal eyelets for a leg hugging fit. For in/out access you will use the full side zipper and pull loop at the collar back. Fabric lining will wick moisture for a dry foot environment, plus that famous Air Cushioned sole makes all day wear a dream. The thick protective translucent outsole has a 1 inch heel and lots of grooved treading. Available for purchase for about $170 retail.

Show your bravado in the Dr. Martens 1B99 Boot. Or keep shopping to see  more exciting styles:

Nine West Takotae Ankle Boot:

The Nine West Takotae Ankle Boot is one neat little piece of eye candy for the foot. Done in combat style with a shaft just 7 inch high, it shows a very snug fit with a contoured lace-up front and also a full side zipper for ease of entry. There is a single pull loop at the back, some subtle topstitching to accent the design and a single metal stud at the outside ankle. That is all this one needs to finish its crisp, hip panache. The color selection is from Black Leather, Black Suede, Cognac Suede or Grey Suede. The durable manmade outsole has a 1.25 inch chunk heel for a slight height boost. Your investment for this fun, tailored boot is around $88 retail.

Steve Madden Troopa Boot:

You'll step out front of any crowd in the Steve Madden Troopa Boot with its updated old-world charm. This one has a metal eyelet lace-up front on the mere 8 inch high shaft and also a full zip up the side. Halfway up the eyelet panel is a notch detail and a seam across the tongue for added interest. There is double row topstitching to set off the design cuts, especially the vintage-look of the cap toe. It's all handsome leather construction offered in 5 colors: Black, Brown, Cognac, Stone or Tan, each with a softened, broken-in finish. The inside is leather lined to keep foot fresh and dry with a lightly cushioned footbed, also. The outsole is a durable rubber with a 1 inch chunk heel. A gorgeous and very versatile little boot for roughly $99.95 retail.

Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 W Boot:

The Dr. Martens Triumph 1914 W Boot lends a new take to the mid-calf, 11.5 inch tall boot with a unique asymmetrical collar line. This blends nicely with some original curvy design cuts which give a feminine touch to the otherwise sturdy appearance of this boot with its raw-edged, waxy-finished leather upper. There is a decorative buckle and leather tab at the rear, and one more soft detail which is ribbon lacing up the front through large metal eyelets. These look fab laced up or they will fold down to reveal the colorful print lining. A thick translucent PVC outsole and 1.5 inch heel are heavily grooved for max traction. Pick your must-have color from Black, Black Massai (grey) or Brown massai for a retail price of approximately $150.

Add the Dr. Martens 1B99 Boot or one of these others to update your boot collection this season. You could save from full retail costs on many of these by purchasing online. And most online buys easily qualify for free shipping.

Here is a video of this women's boot style from Dr. Martens:

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Saturday, May 12

The Women's Dr. Martens 1B60 20 Eye Zip Boot - And Some Other Comparable Women's Boot Styles

The Dr. Martens 1B60 20 Eye Zip Boot has a tall leg-hugging fit that won't gap even at the top. This gorgeous 15 inch knee high model was inspired by those tall, close-fitting military boots. Twenty metal eyelets lace up the front to make the fit secure. But you'll only do that chore once because there is a full side zip to quickly get in and out with the aid of a back pull loop. The toe is rounded to provide lots of foot freedom once inside. More comfort comes from a cushioned insole and a grooved, shock-absorbing midsole with this makers classic yellow stitching. The heavily treaded translucent outsole is PVC Air Cushioned and slip resistant built on a comfort last. A 1 inch chunk heel gives a height boost. You may pick this one from 3 colors - Black Buttero, Black Smooth or Cherry Red. The retail price is approximately $149.99

If you've never worn this brand try this tall lace up boot. Please continue shopping to review the following similar styles, too:

Dr. Martens Leanne 20-Eye Zip Boot:
This brand is the stuff of legends and the Dr. Martens Leanne 20-Eye Zip Boot is living proof of why. The sleek leather upper in Black or Brown will mold to your foot and leg for a flattering fit with the full 20 metal eye lace up the front of the 16 inch shaft. Once you are secure inside you will take these off and put them on again using the full side zipper. The toe is a gentle almond shape for total forefoot comfort and the leather lining efficiently wicks moisture. The manmade outsole is a heavily textured wedge with a 3.25 inch heel and .5 inch platform. But this is one heeled boot that you will wear all day without having to agonize over sore feet. You'll want to wear with skirts, dresses, leggings or skinny jeans tucked in to show off this beauty. The cost is about $179.95 retail.

Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot:

You may want more than one Frye Campus Lug Lace Boot because of the variety of colors and finishes of the sumptuous leather foot and shaft. Just try to decide among Banana, Black, Chocolate, Saddle or Walnut. Metal eyelets and speed hooks lace all the way up the front but the full inside zipper will free you from redoing that each time. The inside is lined with a baby soft, smooth leather for fresh foot and leg environment and footbed is cushioned for further comfort. The durable rubber outsole is lugged for traction with a 2 inch chunk heel for great height extension above and beyond the over 15 inch leg flattering shaft. A quality look and proudly made in the USA for a retail investment of around $358. 

Harley-Davidson Silvia Boot:

The Harley-Davidson Silvia Boot has a tough well-made look with a sleek feminine side. The luxurious full-grain leather upper has construction cuts designed to best enhance the feminine ankle and leg. Topstitching augments these curved and asymetrical lines. The Harley Davidson logo is subtly embossed on the side of the heel. The front laces up through metal eyelets but you'll have ease of access with the full side locking zipper and back pull loop. There is full length cushioning in the footbed and cement construction for ultimate durability and flex as you walk. The shaft height is just over 10 inches and the chunk heel is 1.25 inches with a .5 inch platform. This is a must have classic in Black for a retail cost of roughly $160.

For that tall, long legged look you'll want the tall Dr. Martens 1B60 20 Eye Zip Boot or one of these others to add to your footwear collection. You might save from full retail costs on many of these by purchasing online, plus the shipping is free in most cases for these online buys.

Video - get a better look-see at this boot:

For additional shopping and other information on this boot - as well as the comparison styles listed above, visit:


The Women's Dr. Martens 1460 Triumph Boot - And Some Other Similar Boot Styles to Compare

Put on the Dr. Martens 1460 Triumph Boot and you'll  be blasting air guitar in front of the mirror. It's a totally rocker look in either Black Harvest or Dark Brown Harvest colors. The upper is all soft leather with a slightly grained finish that is also water-resistant. Construction includes a toe cap and some triple stitching at the instep for extra durability. Eight pair of metal eyelets lace up the front with a buckled strap across the instep that is fully adjustable. Lining is of print fabric and leather for moisture wicking comfort and an air-cushioned footbed to ease each step. The trademark translucent outsole is tough and well treaded. The fit is close through the ankle with a heel height of just over 1 inch. The retail price is roughly $150.

Call on this stylin' boot now and start rockin'. Or continue shopping for similar styles like the following:

Steve Madden Cablee Boot:

The many faces of the Steve Madden Cablee Boot allow easy wear with a flirty dress, rugged hiking shorts, or rocker jeans and shirt. This is due to an overall classic construction of distressed leather in Brown or Black. Plus an adjustable 8 inch shaft which may be worn up or turned down with snaps at each side for a medium or low position. The turned down cuff reveals a cable-like knit lining for added visual appeal. Although the front has a full lace up, there is a full zipper up the back for ease of entry. The zipper has a contrasting color webbing for that second glance as you turn to leave. There is a rubber sole and 1 inch chunk heel for a slight height boost. Feel at ease in whatever you choose to wear with this one for approximately $149.99 retail.

Palladium Baggy Leather S Boot:

It's a boot...it's a sneaker...it's actually the Palladium Baggy Leather S Boot. The look hints at its sneaker-inspiration but its wearability is all tough boot. The full-grain leather upper has been finished with a rich antique-cracked look which you may order in Sunrise Pilot or Black Pilot color. The front laces up through metal eyelets and may be worn up to its full 7 inch shaft height or fold the collar down to reveal the inviting shearling lining and Palladium logo patches at the front and side. The EVA cushioned footbed will feel heavenly as you wear this boot. The outsole is molded rubber with heavy duty treading and a toe cap for that throw back hint of the sneaker. Sneaker comfort and boot appeal for around $119.99 retail.

Dr Martens Carlita Boot:

Call the Dr, get the Dr Martens Carlita Boot and you'll be fine immediately. The cut of this boot will never tire because it's timeless. Choose from either Black or Dark Brown, ultra soft leather which has a light grain finish and slightly aged appearance. There are punched eyelets all the way up the shaft of 8+ inches and you have the option of leather or nylon laces. The 12 inch circumference of the shaft gives a flattering hug to the ankle and leg, but your on/off will be easy with a full side zipper and rear pull tab. The air-cushioned outsole is heat sealed with leather welt stitching for extra durability and visual appeal. A lot of texture on the translucent bottom assure great grip.  Your retail investment here is about $160.

Get your boots on with the Dr Martens 1460 Triumph Boot or one of these other styles. A reminder: purchasing online may save you from full retail costs on many of these. Also, most online orders qualify for free shipping.

Video - check out the 1460 Women's Triumph boot from Dr. Martens:

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Thursday, May 10

The Women's Old Gringo Sozey Boot - And Other Comparable Western Boot Styles

At first glance the Old Gringo Sozey Boot appears rugged due to the uniquely distressed and well textured finish of the leather foot and 13.5 inch shaft. On closer inspection there is an classy elegance born of the beautifully artistic floral embroidery that has been done over the foot, back of the heel and up the shaft. Topping it all off are tiny crystal stud accents interspersed all over for a subtle shimmer. This pull-on has two pull tabs atop the scalloped collar and smooth leather lining the inside with cushioning in the footbed. Durable leather outsole and pitched 1.5 inch heel with rubber cap assure long wear and good traction. Choose from two colors: Novularis #7 (black tone) or Novularis #9 (brown tone) for a retail price of roughly $725.

This Old Gringo boot is ruggedly chic and irresistible. Read on for more similar styles to get your boot shopping juices flowing:

Old Gringo Hanna Gayla:

The Old Gringo Hanna Gayla Boot has that classically sturdy boot appeal with a distressed finished to the leather upper, dual pull tabs atop the 13 inch shaft plus a ring and harness detail at the ankle. However, it's rough and ready cut is softened with some demure rows of wonderfully feminine floral embroidery accenting the pointed toe, lining the ankle harness straps and trimming the scalloped shaft collar and the pull tabs. Smooth leather lines the inside leading to a lightly cushioned footbed for total foot comfort. Outsole and 1.5 inch heel are tough leather to keep you strolling in style for the long haul. Available colors are Chocolate or Yellow and the retail cost is approximately $550. 

Old Gringo Eagle Crystal:

Old Gringo works its own leathers to reach some unique end results as on this Old Gringo Eagle Crystals Boot. Its upper has a magnificent, pebbled visual appeal in the color Red with classic pull-on lines; pointed toe, exaggerated toe spring, scalloped collar and two pull tabs. Luxuriously soft leather fully lines the inside for foot and leg comfort. Durable leather outsole with 1.5 inch pitched heel with a rubber cap for stability. The icing on this cake-of-a-boot consists of hundreds of tiny Swarovski crystals forming images of eagles with outstretched wings over the vamp, at heel back and on front and back of the 13 inch shaft. These crystals have an Aurora Borealis effect, reflecting a full spectrum of light with movement. Spectacular!!! Your investment in this beauty is about $1,199.99 retail.

Old Gringo Cherry Blossom Joy:

Give your Western wear an Eastern slant with the Old Gringo Cherry Blossom Joy Boot. Gorgeous leather upper with a lightly distressed finish and an oh-so-soft, broken-in feel comes in a color of Brass. All the classic Western details are included in the cut; scalloped top of a 13 inch tall shaft, dual pull tabs, pointed toe and 1.5 inch pitched heel. The Eastern influence comes with the colorful embroidered cherry blossoms all over the foot and shaft, plus the Oriental letters for the word "Joy". A real conversation starter in any language. The comfy lining is smooth leather which also aids with entry. The outsole, tough leather with a rubber heel tap for secure grip. Yours for the asking and around $525 retail.

Own the Old Gringo Sozey Boot or any one of these other styles and you won't be sorry. An online buy may save you from paying full retail prices on many of these and your shipping in most cases is free.

Video - here is the women's Sozey boot from Old Gringo:

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Wednesday, May 9

The Women's Old Gringo Cherry Blossom Joy Boot - And Some Other Rockin Boots That Compare

The Far East meets far West in the Old Gringo Cherry Blossom Joy Boot. The upper construction is of high quality leather with a very soft broken-in feel and distressed finish in a color named Brass. The dual pull tabs, pointed toe , a bit of a toe spring and a pitched heel speak to its classic Western breeding. The Oriental influence is splashed all over the foot and 13 inch shaft by use of colorfully embroidered cherry blossoms and the Japanese letters for "Joy". A smooth leather lining wicks moisture and helps you slide onto the lightly cushioned footbed. The hardy leather outsole has a rubber heel tap. Contrasts of two cultures and of a tough base with a gentle finish. An unusual combo for a retail price of roughly $525.  

Hint at both your rough and tender sides with this absolutely gorgeous boot. If you'd like to continue shopping for more styles like this, read on:

Old Gringo Sozey Boot:

You'll be queen of any rodeo when you wear the Old Gringo Sozey Boot. The foot and 13.25 inch tall shaft are of super high quality leather with a textured finish that is indescribably gorgeous. Two colors are available: Novularis #7 (greys) and Novularis #9 (rich browns).  Highly detailed floral vines are embroidered around the foot and heel and up the shaft and incorporate crystal stud accents for a magical glimmer. Two pull tabs at the scalloped collar and a smooth leather lining assist with entry. Footbed is cushioned for delightful all-day wear. The outsole is durable leather and there is a rubber cap on the 1.5 inch pitched heel. This boot must be seen to be believed. The cost is about $725 retail. 

Old Gringo Violina Boot:

Whether or not you like to sing in the saddle, this Old Gringo Violina Boot will supply plenty of melody. The texture and distressed finish of the fine leather foot and shaft is a work of art in itself. Choose from Black/Grey, Bone or Brass colors. Next, this maker has taken a contrast embroidery color to create a field of musical notes and symbols that swirls over the foot, ankle, heel and up around the 13 inch shaft with a stylized violin gracing the shaft front. Two pull tabs aid with entry and the smooth leather lining feels heavenly on your skin. A tough leather outsole has a 1.5 inch pitched heel with rubber cap for grip. I can't sing enough praises for this beautiful boot. The retail on this one is around $595.

Ariat Pink and Sassy Soule Boot:

When your footwear is making statements, nothing speaks like the Ariat Pink & Sassy Soule Boot. These two makers combined all their power in this beautifully finished full-grain leather boot in a color named Wild Brown. If that's not enough, hot pink embroidery stitches dance over the vamp and heel with hot pink piping outlining the foot and pink lining visible at the scalloped collar top. The Gypsy Soule logo is beautifully screenprinted on the shaft front with Swarovski crystal accents and messages on the 12.5 inch tall shaft backs read "Love Hard" and "Live Fast". Even with all the sass, there is comfort technology built in to provide long-wear comfort. The hand-nailed leather outsole and 1.5 inch heel will last to broadcast this boot's message a long, long time. Your retail cost is approximately $499.95.

You'll love to cause a stir in the Old Gringo Cherry Blossom Joy Boot or in any one of these other styles. Should you decide to make an online purchase, you may save from full retail pricing on many of these. Your online purchase easily qualifies for free shipping, too.

Video - here is an all-round look at the women's Cherry Blossom Joy boot from Old Gringo:

For more info on this boot and the other styles listed above, visit:


The Women's Ariat Pink & Sassy Soule Boot - And Some Other Boots To Compare

The Ariat Pink & Sassy Soule Boot is what happens when two giants like Ariat and Gypsy Soule combine forces. The top-grade leather upper is an appropriately named color of Wild Brown. There is a whole lot of pink visible in the ornately embroidered vamp and heel back with matching pink piping around the bottom of the 12.5 inch shaft. There is a hot pink lining inside which peeks out of the deeply scalloped shaft collar. Screenprinted designs and embroidery include the Gypsy Soule logo on the front of the shaft and spirited messages (Life Fast and Love Hard) on the shaft backs. Much of this is accented with Swarovski crystals. The cut and profile is pure Western with dual pull tabs, exaggerated toe spring and pitched 1.5 inch heel. There is enough technology built in for ultra comfort. The retail cost is about $499.95.

Express your girlie attitude in the Ariat Pink and Sassy Soule Boot. Or continue shopping and compare some more styles:

Ariat Showdown Boot:

Step up to a charmed look in the Ariat Showdown Boot. Foot and Shaft are of gorgeous leather in color combos of Roughed Tan/Cream or Roughed Cognac/Black. The finely detailed screenprint designs around the 11.5 inch shaft tell lots of stories and include 6-guns, bullets, stars, hearts and even a stylized mechanical horse on the shaft back and animal print on the heel back. There are piping accents and a metallic quality that highlights the screenprints. A smooth lining and removable footbed that has added arch support and gel inserts for cushioning. Outsole and 1.5 inch chunk heel are of an exclusive rubber compound for long wear, good flexibility and resistance to barnyard acids. You'll show up the whole crowd with this one for roughly $219.95 retail.

Ariat Runaway Boot:

You'll want to eat the Ariat Runaway Boot when you hear the color combos; Rich Chocolate/Cream, Vintage Caramel/Rich Chocolate or Black Deertan/Light Fig. Those luscious colors are all full-grain leather uppers that are ultra soft and smooth with contrasting overlay details that are outlined with colorful four-row stitching and metal studs. Piping accent up the sides of the 12.25 inch shaft to the two pull tabs at the sides of the vee'd collar. This one has a removable footbed with arch support, cushioning and perforations and gel inserts at the heel and forefoot. A very tough and flexible outsole has that resistance to barnyard acids and the pitched 1.75 inch heel has a stacked look for flair. A gorgeous look for riding or just out having fun for a retail price of approximately $229.95.

Ariat Amora Boot:

You'll love, love, love the Ariat Amora Boot with its quality leather construction and intricately detailed underlay designs. It all speaks to a rich Western heritage in colors of Shattered Copper/Tan. There is detailed topstitching over the vamp and around the cutout openings up the 12.25 inch tall shaft. The copper color leather accents have a metallic finish for added appeal. This easy pull-on has two pull tabs, exaggerated toe spring and pitched 1.5 inch heel. A smooth leather lining and moisture-wicking footbed offer all day comfort. There is gel cushioning, heel stabilizer and lightweight composite shank for stability and support. Hand-nailed outsole is durable with a roughed-up finish for traction. Love it and have it for around $329.95 retail.

Show off your love of boots in our highlighted boot or any one of these other styles. A decision to purchase online could save you from full retail pricing on some of these and you'll find the shipping is free on most orders.

Video - here is the Ariat Pink and Sassy Soule Boot "in action..."  =D

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Sunday, May 6

The Women's Ariat Mystic Feathers Boot - And Some Other Boot Styles to Compare

Strut like a peacock in the Ariat Mystic Feathers Boot because that is the artistry it displays. The fabulous full-grain leather upper is constructed of a duo of colors of Shattered Tan/Woodsy Brown. On both the front and back of the 13 inch tall shaft are colorful screen prints of peacocks and mystic feather designs with some top-stitched accents. On the vamp are subtle, tiny flecks of glitter for a special highlight. There is a comfortably squared toe with welt stitching, a scalloped collar with dual pull tabs, pitched 1.5 inch heel and piping accents to compliment the design cuts. Foot comfort is due to the cushioning inside and added arch support. The specially designed Duratread™ out sole translates to long wear durability. You will enjoy wearing this one for roughly $349.95 retail.

This boot is truly awe-inspiring. If you would like to see more boot styles like this please continue:

Ariat Pink & Sassy Soule Boot:

The Ariat Pink & Sassy Soule Boot is designed for the brazen yet feminine Western gal. It is overloaded with sass and unashamed to sport lots of pink for a daring girly look. The foot and shaft are of gorgeous leather in a color named Wild Brown. The screen print design on the 12.5 inch shaft  is done in screen print and meticulous embroidery with Swarovski crystal accents. On the shaft front is the Gypsy Soule logo. The phrase "Love Hard" is stitched on the back of one shaft and "Live Fast" on the back of the other. Pink embroidered designs decorate the vamp and the heel and coordinating pink piping outlines where the foot attached to the shaft. The soft lining is bright pink and foot settles on a cushioned foot bed once inside. The hand-nailed out sole and 1.5 inch heel have  built-in technology for stability and comfort. The retail price is around $499.95.

Ariat Showdown Boot:

You'll stand up and confront any situation in the Ariat Showdown Boot. This boot makes a lot of statements with its unbelievable combination of screen print designs depicting guns, bullets, hearts, stars, a cheetah print over the heel and even a mechanical horse. It all comes together beautifully on a luxurious leather upper in two color combos; Roughed Tan/Cream or Roughed Cognac/Black. The 11.5 inch shaft has dual pull tabs and a smooth lining for easy pull on. The toe is comfortably squared and there is 1.5 inch chunk heel for a height boost. The foot bed contains a removable insole with gel inserts to pamper the foot. A rubber compound is used for the out sole which ensures long wear, flexibility plus a high tolerance for barnyard acids. An investment of approximately $219.95 retail will bring this one home.

Ariat Presidio Boot:

The Ariat Presidio Boot screams feminine sophistication in a rich Chocolate Appy color of fabulously soft, textured leather with Turquoise trim. Ornate and highly detailed cutouts cover the vamp and heel back and form a wide collar atop the deeply scalloped 13 inch tall shaft. Showing through the cutouts is that gorgeous Turquoise leather. All these decorative areas are top stitched for added flair. Turquoise piping runs up both sides of the shaft. The pinch toe, exaggerated toe spring and pitched 1 3/4 inch heel show well with all your western wear. Footbed inside has gel cushioning and wicks moisture for a healthy foot environment. Composite shank and heel stabilizer add to a comfortable walk. The durable and flexible hand-nailed leather out sole sports the maker's logo. An amazing look for about $329.95 retail.

Strut your stuff in the Ariat Mystic Feathers Boot or any one of these others. Remember you could save from full retail costs on many of these by buying online, and in most cases shipping is free.

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