Friday, July 27

The Women's Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot

Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot - Nerdy-rrific!

Most of you have heard of Comic-con; a convention where nerds of the world can venture to meet their favorite comic characters and role-playing heroes. Well, I'm one of those aforementioned characters. A few times a year, I'm decked out in the required garb to resemble Resident Evil's "Alice." Her ensemble now includes the Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot. Why? Because they appear to be the ultimate footwear for zombie-killing action, even if it's just make-believe. Plus, the fans have had nothing but compliments, with some of them asking where they can buy a pair of their own.

What makes the Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot so special?

When role-playing for an audience, it's important for me to keep in character. I have to talk, walk, and kick zombie-butt just like Alice would! This means my kicks have to be hardcore, which is where the Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot comes in. Constructed from supple leather and comfortable in all aspects, these boots accent the tight pants I have to wear, while still making room for my faux weapons around each thigh. The pull-up zippers make them easier to remove after a long day of playing pretend, and the slight heel puts me (an already tall woman) at an intimidating advantage when meeting fans of the R.E. franchise.

I've owned footwear from Steve Madden in the past, and this brand name never disappoints. At a proce tag of $199, I've already gotten more than my money's worth with just being comfortable during the long hours greeting fellow geeks and gals. Each boot is also equipped with a strap accent around the lower ankle; plus, they're available in cognac or black -- allowing me to switch up "Alice's" appearance on a daily basis. The strap is also perfect for holding some of my smaller daggers, completing the intense zombie-stomping appeal.


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The Women's Sam Edelman Stevie Boot

Sam Edelman Stevie Boot - From A Snake Wrangler's View

"It takes all kinds to make the world go around" -- this is something my Daddy used to tell me, and I believe I've lived up to my end of keeping the earth spinning with my choice of unconventional career. I'm a herpetologist; a researcher who studies, collects, and cares for all manner of reptiles and amphibians, with snakes and lizards being on the top of my adoration list. This job isn't for everyone, but it does require a certain kind of footwear to keep me from getting bitten around the ankles. The Sam Edelman Stevie Boot was just what this Daddy's girl and snake wrangler was looking for.

Why are these boots perfect for my profession?

I tend to stray away from real animal skin, especially if it's reptilian; however, these boots are faux snake print in a gleaming black hue. Polished to a shine, the Sam Edelman Stevie Boot is above ankle-length with pull-tabs for convenient removal and a snug fit.

There's also a stacked heel, adding an inch and a half to average stature, while keeping my feet protected against the venomous animals I deal with on a daily basis. The interior is cushioned with padding used for traditional cowboy boots -- meaning it's comfortable enough for an all-night line-dance, and durable enough to last through a lifetime of tromping through farmer's mud.

For me, appearance was also a deciding factor when choosing the Sam Edelman Stevie Boot. On the weekends, I love to do shows where I entertain a small audience with my collection of alligators, non-venomous snakes, and awesome "hoppy-toads." While some people are keeping their eyes on my animals, I know several are also looking at my clothing to ensure that I can play the part of informative reptile-handler. I feel like these boots give me an edge of authenticity that no other footwear has been capable of giving.


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The Women's Roxy Biscayne Boot

Roxy Biscayne Boot - Biker-esque

The Roxy Biscayne Boot is a daydream come true for wanna-be biker babes. Decked out in an allover faux leather (in thoughtful respect for animal rights), these boots are also reminiscent of what soldier ladies dubbed "desert fashion" -- which means footwear built to withstand the heat and grit of sand-covered terrain. Those kinds of shoes are expected to be durable through all temperatures and weather conditions, but fashionable in an edgy, feminine way.

What do these boots look like?

As aforementioned, the Roxy Biscayne Boot is compromised of faux leather on the overall outside, with a cushioned padding on the insole. The inside fabric is cuts of stitched together recycled material (for the green gal in all of us), making each boot unique in terms of color and insole patterns. A lengthy interior zipper also gives women the opportunity to choose their level of snugness, with the help of long buckled straps across the boot's exterior.

Unique in design and convenient to your bank account at the low price of $84 per pair, the Roxy Biscayne Boot is perfect for hiking or other feats of adventure where feet must be protected. Comfortable in all conditions, these boots are also water-proof, allowing you to freely walk through puddles without worrying over soaking socks and pungent boot interiors. Each boot has a slight wedge heel that offers a stature boost of just over an inch, while a wide range of sizes (from 6 to 11) invite women of all shapes to indulge in the Roxy Biscayne Boot's comfort.

On a sliding scale of 1 to 10, the Roxy Biscayne Boot is a solid 8, only because all footwear needs a little wiggle-room for improvement. Whether you're a biking beauty or a militant madame, these boots will keep your feet toasty, moisture-free, and feeling great!


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The Women's Nine West Throwdown Boot

Nine West Throwdown Boot - The Confidence Boosters

As a woman who recently went from a size 24 to a size 8, my confidence has taken a beating over the years -- mostly due to the quantity of weight I gained after having 2 children. It was to be expected, but after I lost the weight over a 2 year period, I still felt like something was missing. The Nine West Throwdown Boot was the M.I.A. element that I needed. While this footwear only recently surfaced, I felt like I had been searching for these boots, the perfect pair, for months!

You know those movies where a woman sees something and it seems like the object is surrounded by glowing light, and as she draws closer, she can hear angels singing in her head? That was my experience with the Nine West Throwdown Boot! Weight loss means a new wardrobe, but shoes have always been my weakest point. Albeit, these boots didn't seem like much of a challenge to decide on. I knew they would be going home with me as soon as I laid eyes on them. Even at a whopping $189, which is a price I never spend on footwear.

Assembled from soft suede and tied off with a leather outsole, the Nine West Throwdown Boot comes up to low thigh and looks fantastic with a sleek pair of jeans. Each boot has a small V-shaped slit in the back, completed with a silver buckle that is copied towards the boot's toe. Strappy and slender, these boots made me feel more confident and less like the has-been chubby chick.

I received compliments and wolf whistles that I hadn't anticipated, as well as a romantic evening with my husband because he wanted to show me off. I believe the Nine West Throwdown Boot gave me an opportunity to feel like I had really gained the freedom back when it comes to how I see my body.


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Thursday, July 26

The Women's UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot

UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot for Women - For The Love Of Creation

I'm a painter; a devout one who has immersed myself in art and its culture for the last decade. With this immersion comes the experience of new things and the development of innovative interests. One example of this would be what I wear on my feet. Instead of the usual sneakers, I tend to sway towards something like the UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot. it's footwear that speaks volumes about the creation of beautiful and silly things, all without actually saying a word. I can imagine hearing my feet sigh in a content and artistically happy manner whenever I slip these on.

What's so special about the UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot?

As someone who has become increasingly involved in the art world over the past few years, I've known several wonderful artist who used graffiti as their medium of choice (legally!). The UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot is canvased in white, followed by crude graffiti images of claws in all their sharp bear-like glory. The claws can either be grey and light blue, or you can choose to have them in more vibrant tones -- such as sugar plum and seal. The overall outside appearance of this footwear is traditional UGG, with the larger feet portions and the spacious heels. The interior is lined with the usual warm, moisture-wicking sheepskin; a trademark of the UGG brand name.

I was also surprised at how inexpensive the UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot was compared to other UGG footwear. These are $180, while others have reached peaks of almost $300 -- and that's with less design and vague artistic appeal. This is footwear made for people who want to stand out in a crowd; those who long for the fame and freedom of being recognized as diverse and brilliant. These are my go-to boots when I paint because they give me the confidence to do well.


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The Women's Indigo by Clarks Wessex Martlet Boot

Indigo by Clarks Wessex Martlet Boot - From The Preacher's Daughter

I know what you're thinking... "The Indigo by Clarks Wessex Martlet Boot is too risque for a Preacher's daughter. She must be one of those wild girls!" Wrong again. I uphold my religious duties above all else, and I have the deepest love and approval of my family -- no matter what I wear. With that said, I adore a great pair of boots, especially when I know they'll go great with my Sunday best; a floral sundress that reaches just above my knees and black tights. I've added these boots to the ensemble for a look that is edgy, while still being 'Church tame.'

I think most people have misconceptions about the children of ministers and those who work in the Church. I'm here to set the record straight -- at least where my family is concerned. When it comes to these boots, my mother and I share the same taste. She loves to wear these just as much as I do, and we often switch off wearing them on the weekends. It's kind of like having joint custody of a child... or at least a beloved pet.

What does the Indigo by Clarks Wessex Martlet Boot look like?

Available in a shining black, these boots are high heels with a stature boost of 3 and a half inches. The elasticized upper section of each boot allows for convenient removal and customizable snugness, while a back zipper ensures feet don't slip when walking. $145 might seem like a steep price at first, but these are above average on the scale of comfortable heels. Instead of being tight at first and leaving behind raw spots or blisters, the Indigo by Clarks Wessex Martlet Boot curved to fit the contours of my feet and ankles. Extra padding on the insoles provided arch support, as well as optimum protection from the aforementioned hazards of 'breaking in' new shoes.


Video - the women's Wessex Martlet from Indigo by Clarks:


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The Women's Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot

Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot - Living In The 70's

In my neighborhood, I've been dubbed a number of things -- from just plain weird to "retro funky." I take both descriptions as compliments because it means I'm being unconventional, taking a step into the past to make those around me appreciate the 'now.' I live for the clothes and footwear reminiscent of the 70's -- which fits the Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot perfectly. It was groovin' love at first sight, and I have worn them everday for the past 2 weeks, receiving compliments left and right.

Is the Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot a 70's replica?

Nope! These boots just heavily resemble the traditional 70's footwear. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the stitching and seams are completely different from authentic go-go boots. The leather is soft and super feminine, which means these boots go best with something ultra sensual and supple -- such as a summer dress that falls just above the knees, or a frilled mini-skirt and classic blouse. Pair all combinations of ensemble with a pair of ultra-cool vintage shades and you've got a blast from the past look that will have all those 'jive-talkin' cats' flocking to follow in your neat-o footsteps.

For someone as obssessed with the 70's as I am, it's a compliment to the brand name for me to say that these are the closest to authentic that I've ever seen (aside from those that were actually from that era). The one element that throws the Frye Jackie Button Strap Boot off from being a true 70's replica is the western styling. The curves towards the boot's heel and toes resemble cowgirl footwear, where footwear from 4 decades ago would be sloped slightly inward to create an edgier appearance. Either way, these boots are awesome and I look forward to owning my own pair.


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The Women's Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot

Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot - Charging For Comfort

At $368, most customers will hesitate to buy the new Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot. That's a little steep for footwear, but the women who haven taken the plunge have expressed nothing but positive thoughts for these boots. This is one brand name that charges top-rates for above average comfort; however, since they're delivering what women are expecting, these boots are expected to become a popular addition to several thousand closets within the next month. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers who found comfort and appeal in this extravagant footwear.

"Shopping for footwear is an obsession of mine; although, I can honestly say I've never spent more than $200 on a single pair of boots... until now. The Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot is one of a kind -- which is a compliment that I don't extend often. These boots are modern, but made with the antiquarian gals in mind. Aged leather ensures the boots have a well-worn and supple appearance, while the seams are smooth and flawless to create a sleek, stream-lined look. It also seems that no matter how quickly or slowly I move, these boots are right there with me, conforming to my every arch and curve in fluid motions."

"The Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot seemed like an absurd purchase at first. Albeit, I wasn't the one to buy them. Instead, I left the choice of whether to have these boots or not up to my boyfriend since my birthday was right around the corner. He opted to buy them, and since day 1, I've opted to wear them... constantly. As I understood it, the Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot is brand new, which means I was one of the first in my little circle of friends to don these at a dinner party -- western themed, of course. As the party wore on to extend past 4 hours, I was surprised at how well these boots held up. Instead of aching feet, I was met with pure comfort, earning the Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot a place at the front of my closet."

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Tuesday, July 24

The Women's Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot

Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot - The Involuntary Soldier

The Clarks Neeve Ella GTX boot isn't for everyone -- so sayeth one of the women who this footwear was not meant for. The design is soldier-esque, but not in a modern sort of way. They put me in the mind of something a man would wear during a stint in the Civil War. While I love history, I didn't particular feel like being the war-buff who decks out in full costume and parades up and down the streets. I just wanted a nice pair of boots that could alternate as riding boots -- which upon a brief glance, I thought these were it.

At $260, the Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot would be perfect for the aforementioned history buff who makes it her mission to re-enact famous scenes on weekends. Unfortunately, someone like me, who makes her living raising and rearing horses, these boots fall flat of their overall shock absorption and comfort goals.

What are their features?

These boots boast an old-English country style with a touch of Confederate soldier sensibility. The shaft of each boot is gored and fitted with a suede-like material, while the tops and bottoms are pure leather -- reminiscent of rubber rain-boots. The rubberized outsole is durable and perfect for fiddling around the farm on muddy days, but not so much when the weather is still misting or large puddles have been left behind. The best part of the Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot is the cushioned insole. Each boot is padded on the inside with Active Air insoles, meaning it feels like you're walking on pillows.

These boots are of excellent quality, but they're not strictly farm-friendly. I enjoyed certain aspects and the comfort while walking, but the rubber bounces right off the sides of my horses. This makes it difficult to urge them on with a nudge to their ribs when riding. It's for this reason that the Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot would be ideal for someone less-than farm savvy.


Video - the women's Neeve Ella GTX from Clarks:


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The Women's Bass Primrose Boot

Bass Primrose Boot - The Odd Shoe

The Bass Primrose boot is an odd shoe. Assembled from premium leather and polished to a supple sheen, each boot features a foldover of material buckled with gold. The design seems to be a combination of vampiric and modern with a V-shaped back that rises just above the ankle. This is what makes this shoe something strange and unconventional. You don't often see footwear that couples different eras into one. This is footwear you'd expect Jo to adorn in Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" -- vintage and durable, but edgy.

When it comes to being sensible, the Bass Primrose Boot serves the purpose of walking for long hours, but probably not encouraged. The cushioned padding will last for quite some time if taken care of -- which means standing, walking, or being on your feet in any way for more than 12 hours a day might hinder the padding's overall performance. The sole is flexible for a wide range of movement, while a stacked heel gives a stature boost of 2 inches with an arch and shaft length of 5 inches. This means that these boots are built for women of varying foot sizes -- from the narrowest arch to the widest heels.

The Bass Primrose Boot might not be as prim and proper as what you'd expect from classics like Pride & Prejudice, but this footwear has the warm appeal of timelessness. Jane Austen would have been proud! Instead of being outdated and overlooked, these boots are constructed through modern methods, complete with innovative stitching patterns and a gleaming overall appearance.

Rather than wishing for shoes to complete your antiquarian wardrobe, invest up to $112 into a pair of the Bass Primrose Boot. It might seem a steep price to pay, but with footwear like this, you'll get your worth in spades with everyday wear.

Video - the women's Primrose boot from Bass:


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Saturday, July 21

The Women's Volatile Hustle Boot

Volatile Hustle Boot - The Western Love Story

Some footwear is best described through song; however, as I'm sure you won't be able to hear me, the following review will have to suffice in telling how awesome the Volatile Hustle Boot is. These boots seem to be straight out of a country love song, complete with mental images of moonlit walks down farm roads and summery sundresses speckled with microscopic drops of mud from puddle-hopping. Reminiscent of my evenings spent frog-gigging with the rough-and-tumble farmer boys from next door, these boots bring back memories of crickets and warm pond water.

Studded with gems on premium black (or brown) leather, the Volatile Hustle Boot is ideal for boondock gals with an edge. My summer dresses were always darker -- my hair always done up in the most fashionable city fashion like in those teen magazines -- and of course, my boots always sported a little something extra to prove to the locals that I was more than just a rustic chick with a sweet southern twang. These boots speak the volumes of my personality that I've always wanted to declare, without being obnoxious.

The one downside about the Volatile Hustle Boot would be in the sizing. However, it's a slight dilemma that was easily remedied. Instead of posting bad reviews and ranting to the manufacturers, I replaced the ones I had ordered with a size down. They fit like a glove!

With a skinny ankle and a moderately narrow heel, I often have trouble finding the perfect pair of boots, especially when it comes to going back to my "Mayberry-esque" town for a family reunion. The footwear must be comfortable enough for dancing, and of course singing those tried-and-true country classics.

The compliments I received from my relatives were flattering, but the best came from one of the aforementioned farm boys -- all grown up (and very single!) Needless to say, I'll be wearing the Volatile Hustle Boot on our first date next week.


Video - the women's Hustle boot from Volatile:


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Wednesday, July 18

The Women's Steven Riskey Boot

Steven Riskey Boot - The Risque' Outlaw

I'm an actress. You may have heard this before -- and yes, I do waitress part-time to make ends meet, but I'm acting is my passion and I pursue with a flaming desire, especially on the weekends. If you're satisfied with my intro to this review, I'll tell you the reason why the Steven Riskey Boot has been one of the highlights of my acting for the past week.

Community theatre takes up the majority of my life at least 4 times a week -- this means I get to dress up, put on a fantastic show for a brilliant audience of my community members, and act to my heart's content. That's where the Steven Riskey Boot comes in. Last week, I was cast as the part of the intense make-believe outlaw, Sissy Wiles; a part that required more than my beat up sneakers or gypsy-style flats.

These boots were perfect for the role! Combined with the rest of my outfit of spandex black pants and a old-western blouse, these boots made the whole ensemble look authentic. I literally felt like the risque' rebel with a penchant for hardcore men and a love of saloons -- which is strange considering I rarely become this into character.

The Steven Riskey Boot is made from high-quality leather, polished to a gleaming shine that reflects the stage-lighting perfectly. The 3 inch stacked heel on each boot gave me just the right boost to my normally short stature, allowing me to better play the role of an intimidating but seductive renegade. The crepe-like sole was excellent for shock absorption from the constant walking across the hard-wood stage, and it made a cool scraping sound that announced the outlaw's impending presence.

Overall, this boot has become my favorite pair of boots in the span of a week. For the price, I think I definitely got a deal as I've requested similar roles for the future wear of these shoes, intending to get my money's worth. There's an authentic quality to these boots that every actress and imaginative woman will appreciate.


Editor's note:  The above is excerpted from a review submitted to The Boot Factor - anonymity is respected for her input.


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The Women's Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie

Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie - Meeeow!

How can you describe the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie without being over the top? Call it exquisite. Say this footwear is the most savage creation since the classic stiletto. You could even expect to hear a ROAR! come from each bootie. All of these methods of description still could not do these booties justice. The following testimonials and reviews are from honest, imaginative, and creative women with a passion for this footwear.

"Vicious is a word that isn't associated with positive things, most of the time. However, I found it is the epitome of what the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie is all about -- in a good way! These booties make me feel like a slinking tigress. Or the confident lioness. These booties are that kind of 'vicious' -- the kind that is intermingled with ferocity, a little danger, and predominant beauty. I feel like a creature of wonder when I wear these shoes -- as if others around me are in shock and awe over how powerful and gorgeous each bootie is."

"My opinion of footwear is based solely on appearances first, and the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie has aesthetic appeal in spades. Decked out in all-encompassing suede, these booties are unique because of their intricate lacing on the back of each shoe. The heels are 4.5 inches of stature boosting confidence, while a gold-brushed fabric enhances shimmer with every strut. These booties were made to be adored -- and worn often. Almost vampiric, the top of each bootie is curved into an alluring V-shape, allowing a peek at smooth ankles. As per the advertisement, these booties are "my oh my" indeed."

"It's awkward for me to refer to footwear with description and emphasis; however, the Sam Edelman Elsa Bootie blurts out a proverbial 'meeeow!' all on its own. Assembled from premium materials and designed to withstand the stress of a woman's workday, these booties allow me to feel sensual in boring business attire. Work-appropriate and comfortable, this is footwear I could get use to admiring."

Video - get a more thorough look at the women's Elsa bootie:


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The Women's Madden Girl Zerge Boot

Madden Girl Zerge Boot - Intended For The Tall

I'm a shorty -- and I'll be the first to joke about it and admit it. I skim a healthy 5 feet while standing flat-footed; therefore, over the years, footwear with a substantial heel has morphed into my greatest stature-boosting companion. The Madden Girl Zerge Boot was a different story -- one where height didn't even come into question because all my mind could think was, "I have got to have these!" Unfortunately, I paid for my lack of good judgment and these beauties now reside with a much taller friend.

Here's what happened:

Brand new at a steal of $89.95, these boots were coming home with me as soon as I set eyes on them. Made from durable and supple leather, each boot is fitted with 4 straps for adjustable snugness and added appearance appeal. There's also a back zipper attached in a subtle contrasting color, lending to the versatile ensemble opportunities.

Silly me -- I didn't try these on before I bought them because I might not have purchased them if I had walked around in the store first. The Madden Girl Zerge Boot engulfs me. I look like a little girl trying on her father's too-large rain boots. Or one of those trinkets where the small faeries are nestled in an expansive high heel. I tried a different combo of a short skirt and these boots -- and still, nothing worked. These just weren't designed to meet the stature of petite women. This sad truth is made worse by the fact that these have very little heel -- more of a rubber wedge, so short ladies will look swallowed and strange.

I'd love to get a pair of the Madden Girl Zerge Boot if the manufacturers would revamp their design to be shorter-than-average friendly. As it stands now, all I can do is watch with envy as my friend (of 5 foot 8) wears these amazing boots. At least she was grateful.


Here is a video of the women's Zerge boot - get an all-round look at it:


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The Womens' Madden Girl Ablee Boot

Madden Girl Ablee Boot - Dead or Alive!

To say that I'm a Bon Jovi fan would be putting it mildly. I'm obsessed! His music -- his movies -- his entire outlook on life; all of these things send tingles down to my toes. One of my favorite songs of his is "Dead or Alive" -- therefore, when I saw the Madden Girl Ablee Boot, that tune was the first one to come to mind. It is for this express reason that I had to have these boots, vowing to wear them to a Bon Jovi concert in the man's honor whenever I got the chance again to see his tour. Until then, I'm left to dream -- but the added benefit is, I actually really enjoy these boots and how simple they've made my life over the past week or so.

At $69.95, I considered the Madden Girl Ablee Boot a steal. I've bought footwear that wasn't half as comfortable but seemed to cost way more than these boots -- those are now sitting in the back of my closet, while these shoes have taken front and center in my wardrobe. It's not unusual to find me dancing along to the greatest hits of Bon Jovi in my living room, sporting these boots and swaying to the melodic sweetness of each amazing tune. I get all starry-eyed just thinking about it! Back to the boots!

What I love the most about these isn't that they remind me of my favorite song, but they're rustic, seeming to have come direct from the times of noon showdowns and saloons. I could imagine sauntering into a wild western town with this footwear brazenly displayed on my feet -- the sun's beating down and my face is plastered to the WANTED posters on every stoop. It's a silly fantasy that will likely never come true -- but the point is, the Madden Girl Ablee Boot makes me daydream and I love what comes to my mind when I'm wearing them.


Video - check out the women's Ablee boot from Madden Girl:


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The Women's Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie

Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie - The Rustic Beauties

The Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie is a design meant for the modern, fashionable steam-punker -- one who favors a rustic, vintage style in combination with uo-to-date fabrics. The new-age tribute to an old-world era rife with intentional fashion faux pas, these booties nurture diversity in a way that makes for constantly beautiful ensembles.

Assembled from a mixture of leather lining and allover suede, the Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie boasts a 3 inch stacked heel, complete with a rubber outsole for shock absorption and optimum traction. A zipper is hidden along the inside of each bootie, ensuring their sleek appeal remains undaunted by extra material. Two heavy duty straps criss-cross near the toe of each bootie -- while mostly for appearance purposes only, these straps offer a slight adjustment to snugness with flexible gold-brushed buckles.

The bottoms to each Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie is especially interesting because of the beautiful floral inlay. When walking through soft terrain, imprints of flowers and small vines will glorify your every step -- set into the ground through carved prints on the sole of each shoe. Instead of waltzing on a blanket of rose petals, you can create your own garden on the heels of all your strides.

Described as "positively vamp," the Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie is what you'd imagine sensual vampires, alluring sirens, or devilish succubi might wear for an evening out. Even pirate lasses will find these booties are the reason for their amorous moods when the ship docks and the moon's shining in their lover's eyes. These booties can play a huge part in the fantasy life of every woman, transforming them from the frumpy housewife to the desirable temptress. Your mood boost is just a step away when it comes to parading confidently in the Indigo by Clarks Heath Woodlark Bootie.


Video - give a check-out to the women's Heath Woodlark:


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The Women's EMU Inverleigh Boot

EMU Inverleigh Boot - Holy Sweating Toes, Shoeman!

The EMU Inverleigh Boot is perfect... if you're used to trudging around in subzero temperatures with extremely warm feet. Unfortunately, for the suburban or city girl in the warmer parts of the U.S., these boots are less than ideal. The latter will find their toes sweating, their feet smelling like strange cheese, and their ankles indented from the sheer puffyness of each boot.

It's the equivalent of strapping wool-filled pillows around your lower legs -- which would be beneficial for women in Alaska, Antartica, or even the colder months in Minnesota. These boots can sap the energy out in the sweat on your feet if worn for too long in hotter climates.

When it comes to fashion, the EMU Inverleigh Boot is really cute! The soles are outfitted like classic clogs with a modern womanly twist -- meaning studded with gems and lifted 2 and a half inches off the ground by a sleek heel. A thick strap wraps around each boot to reassure a snug fit, aided by a small snap-button towards the boot's top. These buttons allow you to fold down the EMU Inverleigh Boot, turning it from mid-calf footwear to a fluffed bootie. The cuffed look also provides more air circulation, cutting down on the risk of sweaty, smelly feet.

Where should I wear these boots?

As mentioned above, sunny and warm weather aren't the best conditions for the EMU Inverleigh Boot. Instead, save these trendy duds for a walk through fresh snow or a vacation to the local ski slopes. How about taking that special honeymoon to watch the Aurora Borealis? Or go see penguins up close and personal in their natural habitat? If your stubborn fashion sense prevails, try to wear these shoes inside with the A/C running -- if not, there's a chance your footwear will be dubbed stinky with sweat forever after.


Assuming that we haven't scared you off at this point, here is a video on the women's Inverleigh boot:


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Sunday, July 15

The Women's Nine West Smitten Bootie

Nine West Smitten Bootie - What's In A Name?

In a true Shakespearean fashion, the Nine West Smitten Bootie begs the poetic question, "What's in a name?" The word 'smitten' explains it all. With a definition that means 'in love' or 'infatuated', these bootiess are the epitome of classic romanticism in a world that focuses more on greed than love. One such woman found it difficult to part with her new pair of beloved shoes. Below, she'll tell us why.

"As a bartender, it's difficult for me to find shoes that keep my feet warm and protected from blisters or soreness during an all-night shift. The Nine West Smitten Bootie is new to the shoe-world; however, I was enamored from the first time I laid eyes upon them, conveniently displayed on a footwear website. At $99, I figured these better be the ultimate pair of kicks. Imagine my pleasant surprise when these booties were everything I had read they should be.

I work 12 hour shifts sporadically throughout the week. My first night with the Nine West Smitten Bootie, I was nervous because it wasn't unusual for my feet to be throbbing after 3 hours. The 3 hour mark came and went -- and before I knew it, my shift had ended with no aches or shooting pains through my arches. That's after standing for 10 hours on a concrete floor, serving drinks! I'm not so much concerned with how these look with my bartending outfit -- but they're a good match to my black dress-pants.

From what I've observed, the Nine West Smitten Bootie is made from high-quality leather with a silver buckle on the side of each shoe. There's also a side-zipper; plus, the insole is lined with light padding -- the feature I think nurtured my feet the most. It's hard work being a bartender and working the hours I do -- but with these booties, the job's a little better."


Video - get a closer look at the women's Smitten bootie from Nine West:


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The Women's Nine West Ditcha Boot

Nine West Ditcha Boot - For The Festive Woman

Are you a weekend witch? Do you dress up for odd festivals, decked out in full bewitched garb for the peasants to admire? Then you'll find pleasure in wearing the Nine West Ditcha Boot; a pair of shoes reminiscent of witch attire when magic and mysticism were kept behind closed doors.

Step into the spotlight and face the confused torch-carriers with footwear that declares your strength as a diverse, complex, and beautiful strong-willed woman. Give those villagers something to admire while your feet dangle from a broomstick whilst gliding overhead. No black cats, bubbling cauldrons, or wart-covered noses required!

What makes the Nine West Ditcha Boot so special?

These boots are charming, casting a spell on your heart (and your feet) at first glance. Sewn together intricately using the highest grade leather, these boots are built to last through the rain and shine. A foldover top provides Old-Salem appeal, while a 3 inch heel descends from a synthetic rubberized base -- adding to the comfort and sensual appearance of each boot. Available in 4 different colors (black, grey, green, and brown), each boot is laced up; a feature that adds to the old-fashioned attraction of this footwear. Plus, each insole is cushioned with shock absorbent padding to keep feet protected and moisture-free.

If witchy buisness has never been your scene, the Nine West Ditcha Boot is also perfect when paired with new-age gypsy duds. Instead of donning your ragged sandals to brew a batch of candles, or wearing sneakers to set your windchimes swinging, grab a pair of the Nine West Ditcha Boot and remember the old-world. A time when gypsies wore what suited their personalities best. Albeit, these boots are a far more beautiful and luxurious choice than the shoes most vintage boho babes wore. This is footwear that was meant to be cherished as your closest companion.


Video - here is the women's Ditcha boot from Nine West:


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The Women's Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot

Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot - Direct From The West

There was a time when the Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot was a design that all women wore. In those times, there were also gun-slingers, cowboy hats, and town sheriffs with gold stars on their lapels to prove it. It was the wild west; a moment in history when saloons were laden with what we now consider vintage pieces of the past, including cowgirl boots.

Fortunately, the design was saved and replicated, making what you see now. And with a twist, Lucky Brand has developed a pair of boots that will make you ponder shots of whiskey while watching the tumbleweeds float down deserted dust-filled streets.

One western lovin' gal had this to say about the Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot.

"These are innovative, allowing someone like me (a western historical buff) to see how far along cowboy boots have come from the past to the present. From first glance, I can tell these boots were made from a premium leather, possibly coated with a tinge of supple suede -- at least the camel color is. The brown appears to be pure leather, with a synthetic black sole and simple stitching across the heel and around the ankle. This is what would be called a "classic cut" -- one that was very popular in what's known now as the wild west.

It was unusual for women back then to wear such luxurious boots; therefore, the ladies of the modern era have the advantage of being comfortable in appealing footwear. Rising to mid-calf, the Lucky Brand Tiarra Boot also extends higher up the leg than boots of the past, making it easier to take on and off. The lip grip is a convenient method to test for snugness, and a wedge heel adds a stature boost of an inch and a half. Overall, from a professional historical standpoint, these boots would have been a hit with women back then -- as much as it will be now."


Video - get a better look at the women's Tiarra boot from Lucky:


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Friday, July 13

New UGG Boots 2012 - The Fashion Revolution

All brand names want their consumers to believe they've got the latest and greatest in fashion; however, only UGG Australia delivers on their guarantee of a fashion revolution -- one that will change the way you dress this year. Released in increments, the new UGG boots 2012 line is rife with innovative decorum in combination with traditional appeal -- something UGG is famous for. In light of the UGG 2012 line, this writer has reviewed the wares, choosing 3 of the best boots to get you through the stylish season.

* New UGG Heirloom Lace Up Boot for Women. This is an adorable and comfortable offering from UGG in the name of fashionable footwear. Available in two colors (black and neutral), these boots ascend to mid-calf, lacing up the back through grommet holes of silver. The exterior is constructed from a mixture of cotton and wool, while the interior is cushioned with the tried and true blend of sheepskin; a time-honored act when it comes to boots designed by UGG. Plush in feel and cute in appeal, these shoes will ensure your feet are wrapped in moisture-wicking warmth through the upcoming colder months.


* New UGG Leland Boot for Women. These are the most versatile boots in the line-up of 2012. Assembled with a knit exterior and the usual sheepskin interior, these shoes can be worn mid-calf, or as booties, with the foldover features on each boot. An extended top allows you to fold the boot over to your desired size, also revealing the colorful interior for a funky contrast to your already super-cute ensemble. Available in a mesh of interesting and complimentary hues, each boot is equipped with button-up sides for a snugness that you can't find elsewhere. 


* New UGG Lo Pro Suede Boot for Women. This pair of boots was assembled with summer-wear in mind. Super soft and luxurious, the traditional sheepskin interior is thinner, allowing feet to "breathe" when the climate is close to sweltering. Marked numerous times on the inside with the UGG emblem, these boots come in several color combinations, allowing you to fold over their tops and create a new look for your outfit. These bypass the glitz and glamour of padded heels, opting for comfort and cuteness in a flat-footed boot instead.


These 3 UGG boots all have specific things in common -- from their comfort levels on a scale of good to amazing, and their adorable factors that are off the charts. For 2012, UGG has outdone their previous line-up, leaving women of the fashion world wondering, "What will they come out with next?"


To get a look at current releases in new UGG boots for women, visit:

Thursday, July 12

The Women's Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot

Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot - Nothing But Net!

The Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot is a testament to the everyday sport of being fashionably awesome. Better than any 3 point shot or free throw, these boots are a combination of steampunk approach and western saloon appeal. No other footwear can be deemed quite as imaginative and functional as this pair of shoes.

What does the Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot look like?

Compromised of a mixture of premium leather and subtle metal, these boots boast sensible straps to wrap around each shoe's shaft. A vintage buckle allows for an adjustment in fit and comfort, while a hint of gold-brushed metal is nestled towards the heel and toe. For extra snugness, a golden accented side-zipper graces each boot beneath the strap. The insole is lined with leather and padded lightly with a cushioned fabric for optimum shock absorption. The heel is a rubberized wedge of almost 2 inches of added height.

The premise and concept behind the shoes are to provide a boost to confidence while offering a sensible method of mobility. Your feet are well-protected -- to the curviest arch and the flattest toe. There's a certain grace about these boots that aren't prevalent in others of their size. Most boots like these are clunky and loud, resonating an annoying *clomp* with every step. The Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot is quiet as a woman walks -- as if she's treading on pillows or clouds.

Where can I wear the Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot?

The better question would be, where can you not wear the Stuart Weitzman Slamdunk Boot. These boots are durable with everything outfit -- designed specifically to make all ensembles a little better with a tinge of old-world edge. These boots will elicit compliments galore no matter where you wear them. The brand name prides themselves on being able to make a woman feel beautiful on her worst days. These boots go a long way to carry out that mission -- nurturing a woman's mood with every appreciative glance and kind word she receives based on the greatness of her footwear.


Video - the women's Slamdunk boot from Stuart Weitzman:


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The Women's Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie

Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie - The Classic, Remade

As the old adage goes, "With great fashion sense, comes great responsibility" -- or something like that. The Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie is a spun alternative to the classic neutral bootie, perfect for those knee-length hippie-style dresses we all adore in the summer's heat.

These booties give women the option to reinvent and revitalize their closet, offering a fashionable solution to every ensemble dilemma. Instead of spending hours picking out the ideal pair of kicks, women have found it easier to plan their outfits around these specific shoes; afterall, this is a brand that strives to be the center of attention. These were meant to be your outfit's focal point, so plan around them.

What are the downfall of these boots?

Unfortunately, with all the pros, there are a few cons to the Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie. One being the price, which is an astounding $495 per pair -- and that doesn't include the cost of shipping. Therefore, these booties would have to be a major indulgence for those who would typically feel guilty for purchasing such an expensive pair of shoes. The best advice? If you have to have the Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie, set money back into a small savings specifically meant for your extravagant hopefuls. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to spend that kind of money on expensive footwear when you've earned the right to be a little glamorous.

The other downfall of the Stuart Weitzman Invent Bootie is the fact that not all sizes are represented. While sizes 6 through 10 cover a wide range of possibles, women with smaller or larger than average footwear needs will be sorely disappointed. Fortunately, this brand is famous for attempting to please all of their customers, meaning a wider range of sizes will likely follow after the shoe simmers on the market awhile.


Video - the women's Invent bootie from Stuart Weitzman:


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The Women's Nine West TechnoBeat Boot

Nine West TechnoBeat Boot - The Safari Clompers

Imagine -- you're tromping through one of the last remaining rainforests, on an expedition to save the world and fight the crime of pollution, as per usual. It's a commonplace sort of day and you're wondering when lunch will roll around, when suddenly you feel a quick pressure and release against your foot. One of your group yells something about a venomous snake and you look down as a reptilian tail disappears behind a bush. A wetspot marks where the venom would have made contact with your flesh if not for the durable Nine West TechnoBeat Boot you've been wearing. You vow to never part with this lifesaving footwear again.

While in the real word -- Okay, so that will probably never happen, but it's quite a thought for those who want to defend our world and clomp through unknown places. Even if you want to appear like a humanitarian or activist, these boots will give you an authentic "I care so much" look, complete with a touch of fashion sense.

Strapped with a buckled accent and constructed from thick leather, these boots are above ankle-length with side zippers for a snug fit. Just-for-show laces add a safari appeal, and a cushioned insole allows your feet to remain moisture-free and comfortable through every second of your whirl-wind adventures.

Hopefully, you'll never need to test their strength against an industrial pair of reptile fangs -- or any other dangers of the wild, but it's good to know you're prepared for anything. A rubber and leather mixed sole adds a boost of wedged height to your everyday stature; an added benefit when traipsing through areas of rough brush or tough twigs. The Nine West TechnoBeat Boot may have a name fit for the latest rave party, but their appearance fits more in the wilderness -- fighting for the rights of near-extinct animals and centuries-old trees.


Video - the women's TechnoBeat boot from Nine West:


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The Women's Nine West Bleaker Bootie - The First Timer's Experience

I've never spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes, which is why I've spent tons of money on new footwear -- more than any woman should. You can't purchase $20 shoes and expect them to be reliable or last for an extensive period of time. So, the Nine West Bleaker Bootie was my biggest one-time purchase I've ever made when regarding what goes on my feet. These shoes are completely brand new -- they haven't been on the market for more than a handful of weeks, if that; therefore, I was hesitant because this means I would be one of the first to wear and review them.

What I've experienced:

The Nine West Bleaker Bootie has changed my opinion about expensive footwear -- and it did so in only a matter of days. I wear these for work (an ULTA sales representative) and I've received numerous compliments from customers and co-workers alike.

The boots are made of a soft suede fabric with a side zipper and snap closure for extra comfort and snugness. As odd as it seems, I think of them as a second skin when I'm wearing them because they feel supple while contouring to fit all the curves of my foot and ankle. There's a slight height adjustment of around an inch and a half because of the rubber-leather mixture in the wedge heel.

The best part? My daughter can wear these! She is 16 years old, and a half size smaller in shoes; however, she claims the Nine West Bleaker Bootie is comfortable on her feet. I've let her wear them out a few times on dates and I've never heard a single complaint regarding blisters, soreness, or any aches -- which isn't usually the case because she has high, hard to fit arches. As a matter of fact, I intend on buying her a personal pair in a different color for her school day endeavors through her junior year in High School. With our reviews together, we think these booties are the best!


Video - the women's Bleaker bootie from Nine West:


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Sunday, July 8

The Women's Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie - Instant Classic!

Some footwear falls far from the mark of excellence when they're first released to the public -- fortunately, the Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie isn't one of them. Instead of falling flat, these booties soar above the rest to land on a pedestal labeled "instant classic." Made from authentic lamb-skin leather, these booties could have been worn in the rebellion boom of the early 70's -- with the pin-up girls in their leather hot-pants or the chicks racing sportscars on the local Thunder Road with the best of the boys.

Tomboy-ish, maybe. Masculine, definitely not. These booties are for strong women with a wild streak. You can be both dazzling and daring with each step of the Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie -- footwear that encourages you to live life as an adventure. Instead of wandering the boardwalk with flip-flops, be the ultimate beach-babe with heels that make the most out of a bikini. However, if you're opting for the bodacious beach look, don't walk in the sand. Keep your booties to the boardwalk.

Designed to be both dainty and savage (in a good way), these booties have an insole that's cushioned specifically to mold to the contours of your feet. Your day won't be spent worrying over blisters and aches! The padding comforts and nurtures while giving you optimum shock absorption for long hours of standing or walking.

The Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Bootie is a proverbial fish named unique in a sea of ordinaries. A zippered back to each bootie ensures a snug fit, while a wedge heel adjusts your stature to an additional 3.2 inches in height. Hugging your ankle and foot like a comfortable second skin, each bootie has a clean-cut appeal -- proclaiming you've got a heart of gold, but an attitude to back it up when necessary.


Here is a video of the women's Classic Newbury:


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The Women's Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie

Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie - Your Inner Beast

We've all heard the old tales of the darker versions of Beauty and the Beast. Was Beauty struggling to release her inner Beast? Or did she just never own a pair of brutal shoes like the Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie? Either way, things would have probably ended differently for that fairytale if Beauty were equipped with more feminine confidence and sophisticated sensuality. All things the booties are guaranteed to give the wearer -- because who doesn't want to feel like Queen of the world in awesome footwear?

Design-wise, these booties are ankle-length and black as pitch. Constructed from reliable leather, each shoe has 4 straps that end in silver buckles on the bootie's side. A small triangular gap allows a tantalizing glimpse of flesh to shine through between the first two buckles, and a 5 inch heel finishes off the bottom with a hard wedged sole. As we all know, when it comes to fashion, black goes with everything. With that said, these shoes would look cute with anything -- from a bright and frilly knee-length sundress to a black leather mini-skirt and corset combo.

Add a tinge of edge to your entire ensemble! These booties help you to accomplish a fiery and dynamic appearance without overspending. If you have the money to splurge, you have the budget for the Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie. Priced at a lower than average $495, these booties are a definite indulgence. For women who love the lavish lifestyle, this footwear encourages extravagant living -- allowing you to feel good with yourself and a purchase that will become a worth-while investment to your feet.

So, release your inner beast to mingle with your outer beauty in a stunning pair of kicks that will have your strutting the beat of your own bountiful fashion sense. The Rachel Zoe Danielle Bootie makes every woman feel like a princess.


Video of the women's Danielle bootie from Rachel Zoe:


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The Women's Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie

Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie - With Movie Star Grace

We've all seen the films featuring footwear like the Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie, and the roles are always played one of two ways.

The attractive and warm-hearted protagonist is decked out in a pair of fashionable booties over form-fitting blue jeans and a slouch-neck sweater. She's holding a cup of coffee in her hand and chatting with her new love interest who will turn into the one person she can't stop thinking about -- probably all because she wanted to wear her new booties around town and grab a cup of java. The style-inspired love story.

Or there's the villianess -- a pretentious and harsh, but beautiful, woman in the throes of a dominant position in her work place. She's feared and she relishes it. The click-clacking of her booties against the office floor lets others know she's on her way to their cubicle -- probably to rip them a new one for a faulty fax or missed memo. The archetypal tale of an evil-chic boss.

These are movie-star moments! The same personas could be exactly recreated with an everyday woman when she pairs the Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie with either a fierce attitude or a sweet smile. Or imaginative women can create their own film-stars, complete with sophisticated kicks.

Raised 4.5 inches from the heel, each boot is designed to boost your stature and your confidence -- the suede bootie's bodice extends to a sole mixed with hard leather and rubber for shock absorption and ultimate protection against foot aches. Although, the best part of the Rachel Zoe Audrey Bootie is the insole -- cushioned with a sleek and slightly padded lining, these booties nurture your feet, contouring to every arch and curve. Available in colors like black and neutral/tan, these booties can be matched to your personality as much as your outfit.


Check out the women's Audrey bootie:


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