Friday, August 3

The Women's OluKai Kaona II Boot

OluKai Kaona II Boot - The Good And The Bad

The OluKai Kaona II Boot was a point of nostalgia for me because the material and design reminded me of the shoes my grandfather used to tromp around in. He was a farmer, and for the 25 years I got to be around him, he was always in a rendition of those old boots. I think he probably took the essence of those shoes with him to Heaven, just so he could kick a few hay bales when the chickens laid eggs in places he couldn't find. These memories were my reasons for buying these boots; however, with all good things come the bad.

What are the pros and cons of the OluKai Kaona II Boot?

The OluKai Kaona II Boot has a simple design, but it's not at all fashionable. I don't know of any style-conscious woman who would wear these if she weren't being paid to do so. Thankfully, I'm not that woman, and I wear them on a regular basis because they remind me of how and where I grew up. Made with a combination of oiled leather and supple suede, each boot has a zippered left side for adjustable snugness, while the curved upper portion hugs your ankles to provide optimum support. These are a dream for someone who isn't used to the stature boost of high heels, but doesn't want to run around all summer in flip-flops.

Since inheriting my family's small farming land, I've found the rubberized tread does especially well for trudging through the muck after a hard rain. Mud is quick to become immobile week-long sludge around here; the kind someone could get stuck in if they have on the wrong pair of shoes. The OluKai Kaona II Boot allows me to stay atop the outdoor mess; plus, they're easily cleaned and comfortable.


Video - the women's Kaona II boot from OluKai:


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