Friday, August 3

The Women's Frye Jane Chunky Boot

Frye Jane Chunky Boot - Almost Ideal

Reviews aren't meant to be always negative, or always positive -- they can encompass the many shades of gray in-between. With that said, some of the best customer testimonials are those that list the pros and cons of a product. For example, the following reviews for the Frye Jane Chunky Boot are informative and honest -- revealing the overall personality of the customer in correlation with the must-have 'need' they felt to buy this footwear.

"The Frye Jane Chunky Boot is constructed from high-quality leather and it shows in every aspect. These boots are extravagant and a new brand of western exotic. My first impression of this footwear was that the whole design was unconventional. There's a rise of leather shaft on the upper of each shoe; however, it's stitched in a way that evokes the illusion of having high-rise socks on, or having a bit of boot to roll down to create another look. While the boot's shaft doesn't roll down or foldover like the initial impression would have you believe, the extra material does keep calves warm and moisture-free. This is a surprisingly huge plus when you consider what matter of rain or sweat-inducing weather there is in the midst of a Florida summer."

"The pros of the Frye Jane Chunky Boot definitely outweighed the cons, as I was enraptured with the comfort of the interior after being strangely put-off from the appearance of the exterior. The insole is cushioned by a pillow-top fabric for a moisture-resistant, plush, walking-on-clouds feeling. Every step feels lithe and supportive, replacing the usual dismal and sore effects that my flip-flops have on my feet. I usually have a love/hate relationship with boots because of my narrow arches -- I'll love them, while they'll hate my feet. This is a pair of feminine and edgy shoes that proves to me there are awesome manufacturers and designers out there; those who take a woman's comfort into consideration."


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