Tuesday, August 7

The Women's Vera Wang Marilyn Boot

Vera Wang Marilyn Boot - The Confinement Footwear

If you're looking to keep your feet imprisoned in a fashionable, but uncomfortably small confined area, then the Vera Wang Marilyn Boot is just right for you. It will meet all of your needs for sore arches, blistered heels, and bruised toes. With masochistic foot fetishists in mind, these boots were designed to hurt, providing no protection against aching feet and encouraging the flourish of pin-prick pains that one will experience when their shoes are too tight. ...Just kidding! While these boots will most certainly be a strain on your tootsies, this is footwear no one should ever want to own. So, the part about someone 'needing' these shoes is where I was kidding -- the rest about the pain and constraint would be accurate assessments.

What's so wrong with the Vera Wang Marilyn Boot?

Wrapped in leather and platformed for a towering appearance, these boots were meant to evoke a sense of female dominance; a way for women, particularly those in the rapturous world of business, to intimidate and feel confident over their competition. Although, confidence generally tends to mean being comfortable, and these boots provide none of the comfort that is lacking from their advertisement. Instead, they focus on how the boot looks. Albeit fierce in appearance, the importance of shoes lies in how nurturing they are to your feet -- something the Vera Wang Marilyn Boot also lacks.

The Vera Wang Marilyn Boot is layered with snaps, making it easier for them to be worn as full boots or as ankle-length booties. The fold-over feature is handy because it provides a little more comfort to an already uncomfortable shoe. The largest problem with these boots is wiggle-room on the interior. Your feet just don't have the room to move and "breathe." If these are your only option for superior footwear, opt for flip-flops. The confidence needs to come from within, and these are too ache-inspiring to be awe-inspiring.


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