Friday, August 3

The Women's Lucky Brand Tablita Boot

Lucky Brand Tablita Boot - Tradition Wins!

As someone who appreciates the authenticity of a comfortable pair of modern cowboy boots, I found the Lucky Brand Tablita Boot to be the beginning of a traditional win. I predict these boots will be the must-have pair for every fashionably fabulous woman within a 500 mile radius of wherever there's a great sale. That might be pushing it a little far, but this footwear has been designed to evoke surprise and awe; an action that each boot succeeds in, as no woman would have expected a pair of pricy designer duds to be this hardcore.

What's so great about the Lucky Brand Tablita Boot?

The Lucky Brand Tablita Boot begins with an allover suede for the upper shaft down to the rubberized leather sole. Considered a bootie for it's ankle length, these boots represent vintage appeal coupled with all the comforts of modern footwear -- such as pillow-top interior lining and supple western stitching. A side zipper provides easy on and off, while a 2.25 inches boost in stature allows women to feel more confident. Available in a soft black hue, these boots are also equipped with supportive padding for narrow arches and wider heels. It's footwear that leaves no woman disappointed!

Taking roots in new-age rock and roll with a touch of classic independence, the Lucky Brand Tablita Boot is a link between the designs of the Old West and the sensibility of the trending world. Authentic and beautiful in every way, there's no reason these boots wouldn't be an integral part in every woman's closet space. Also, at just $109 per pair, this footwear is exponentially cheaper than other designer brands of 2012; however, the manufacturers didn't skip on quality to make up for the inexpensive price. Instead, women will find these boots to be long-lasting and versatile, matching their outfits perfectly.

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