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The Women's UGG Fabrizia Boot

UGG Fabrizia Boot - Sense, Sensibility, and Fashion

There comes a time in every woman's life when she looks for the practical purpose in a pair of boots, instead of delving into their impact in the fashion world. At age 68, I reached that point, and the UGG Fabrizia Boot was there to pick me up. While I love a good pair of high heels, age is starting to rear it's wizened head and I find it harder to keep my balance in 4 inch stilettos, especially on my husband's recent purchase of farming land. Therefore, I threw caution to the wind and opted to spend $250 on a pair of boots that I hope will last me until I'm older, greyer, and wrinklier.

What does the UGG Fabrizia Boot look like?

To be honest, these boots aren't the prettiest that UGG ever designed. Constructed from high-quality leather and topped off with 2 straps that end in vintage silver buckles, the UGG Fabrizia Boot is more suited to milking cows than it is to walking runways. The traditional sheepskin insole that is a trademark of UGG keeps feet warm and dry, even while trudging through the muddy muck that new piglets can make when rooting around. With that said, these boots are also extremely easy to clean, with dirt wicking right off of them under the tiniest bit of water.

The name of these boots (the UGG Fabrizia Boot) sounds fancy, and possibly French or Italian. I'm thankful that the title is their only glittering, stylistic attribute, because I don't think I could do what I do on a daily basis around this farm with a pair of one-of-a-kind anything. I figure these boots will serve their purpose well in the upcoming years, and I've become too set in my lifestyle to worry about what the public thinks of what I wear on my feet.

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