Tuesday, August 14

The Women's Frye Paige Stud Boot

Frye Paige Stud Boot - The Borrower's Experience

Let me start by saying that I do not own a pair of the Frye Paige Stud Boot; however, I borrowed them from a friend to attend a dress-up party last weekend. I went as a sassy cowgirl and these boots seemed (at the time) to fit the bill of what I needed in terms of Old West footwear. I wanted to look feminine and somewhat modern, but authentic and saloon-esque.

What happened?

Well, the big night of the event arrived and I could hardly believe I was wearing a pair of nearly $400 boots; then again, what are best friends for?! She had the money to buy them and I was ecstatic that she thought me respectful enough to wear them. If I had bought these boots at such an expensive price, it's doubtful I would have even let my mother wear them. *laughs* Anyway, they were comfortable at first, but then I was asked to dance. After 2 hours, I noticed an ache spreading up through my arches and it felt like my heels were being rubbed raw -- even through heavy cotton socks! I ignored it until the pain became too much about an hour later, and I caught a taxi home to relieve my feet.

When I pulled off the Frye Paige Stud Boot, I was in shock. My feet were wholly red with my heels scraped raw on both sides. It also looked as if the inseam had embedded into my feet, causing them to swell to twice their size. Luckily, the inseams stitching didn't break, because I imagine I'd be buying my friend a new pair of boots if these had come back to her the least bit broken. I was happy to return these boots! What looked like a great idea to begin with, turned into an uncomfortably footsy nightmare.

Video - the women's Paige Stud boot from Frye...


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