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Women's Justin Boots of 2012-2013

The women's Justin boots of 2012-2013 have been the highlight of the winter season for fashion queens across the world. Notable for quality, comfort, and style, the new boots are built to be durable and innovative while still maintaining the traditional great appearance of older Justin boot line-ups. Deemed the go-to place for cowboy boots that look and feel authentic, this footwear uses intricate design and elaborate stitching to make every pair creative and original. Some of the most anticipated from the 2012 line are...


Justin L4971 (shown left)

Decked out in an eye-catching red that is reminiscent of bonfires in the vibrant throes of autumn, these boots are brilliant in hue and overall design. Tradition with a pointed toe, these boots have already gained rave reviews from wearers. Extending to a height of mid-calf with a relaxed fit around the calf muscle, each boot is stitched with white for a contrasting look that will make any outfit pop.


Justin L2900 Gypsy

These boots were made to make wearers think of a vintage western world. Reminiscent of saloons, swinging doors, and good whiskey served by a man with a handle-bar moustache, each boot is burnished to a dusty sheen. Purposely tanned to appear worn, these boots are meant to last through the wear and tear of everyday career farm life. Or they can be worn for a day of casual muddin' fun!


Justin L9991 Gypsy Harness

A personal favorite among women with a "tough" ready-to-rumble edge, these boots are perfect for the biker in every babe. A deep scallop at the opening of the shaft allows a contoured fit that extends to just above the ankle. The toe is squared with a padded insole for fewer blisters and better comfort, while a harness adds a touch of silver accents to a high-quality black leather finish.

Justin Boots For Artistic Ladies

Have you ever wanted to paint a mental picture with your footwear? Justin women's cowboy boots are designed to bring out the artistic beauty in all wearers. Whether you're a sculptress, part-time ballerina, painter, cartoonist, or just someone who appreciates a good piece of art, these boots will accentuate your artsy nature with vibrant color, unique overall design, and intricate stitching. Sensible and durable as well as beautiful, each set of shoes is constructed from premium leather with gorgeous threading and a padded insole to prevent blisters. Comfortable and brilliant, every pair is different, speaking sole to soul with the wearer as she struts from one walk of life to another.

A few examples are...

Justin L4302 Women's Cowboy Boots (shown left)

These boots are positively stunning in a turquoise hue that evokes thoughts of acrylic paint and vivacious landscapes. The side designs appear to blossom from the leather itself with vines and huge blooms wrapping around each boot. Ideal for the wearer who craves color, these boots are customizable with ivory, white, black, or likewise turquoise stitching.


Justin Gypsy Cowgirl

Deemed worthy of a gypsy princess, these boots are unique, eccentric, and beautiful, especially when paired with a flowing skirt and summery tank top. Loose fitting and relaxed is the style of each boot as they extend to mid-calf, cushioning footfalls with every step. These can also be personalized with color, from light to hot pink, mellow brown, ruby red, leather neutral, and an orange that will set your style aflame (in a good way). A rounded toe offers more wiggle room, while the rubber outsole is the perfect shock absorber.


Justin L4332 Women's Cowboy Boots

Spiraling and spinning across a vast landscape of high-quality leather, the elaborate stitching on these boots is testament to patience and time. Each pair is comfortable, calming, and perfect for a peaceful soul to sole experience.


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Frye Up Some Boots

Some of the hottest trends of late 2012 incorporate the sleek, sensual, and savvy designs of the new Frye boots. Rife with style for the everyday woman, these boots enhance confidence, allowing women the opportunity to take the utmost pride from their footwear. It's not wrong to love what's on your feet!

Example? When a woman's walking down the street in a great pair of shoes, her head will be held higher than if she were walking around in a pair of worn-down flip-flops. She'll smile easier, laugh harder, and be more confident because she knows for a fact these boots make her legs look fantastic. A few of this season's boots that look the best on everyone are...


New Frye Carmen 3 Strap (shown left)

Designed to enhance creative flow, these all-leather boots conform perfectly to almost anyone, ensuring their lower legs are snugly wrapped in warm awesomeness. Each boot has a two buckle shaft with a one buckle waist, combining sensibility and fit with glamor and overall appearance appeal. Available in several neutral colors, these boots would go great with a hippie-style dress or a favorite pair of faded jeans. Their natural hues mean they can be paired with practically any outfit.


New Frye Lucinda Scrunch

Constructed to embrace legs, these boots makes a hug look like a handshake. Contouring to fit every curve comfortably, each boot has a stream-lined design to flow effortlessly below the knee. They take comfort to a whole new level! Some women are under the impression that beauty comes with pain; however, these boots are testament to happier, more comfortable times. Padded insoles mean less bruising and healthier feet, while softer material equals lack of chafing and more reason to smile. Perfect with jeans or a knee-length skirt, these boots are made to be worn with a glowing grin of self-assurance.

Frye For Ladies 2012-2013

The new line of women's Frye boots was designed to make the everyday woman feel like a princess on what could be her most stressful days. Each pair is different, adding to the overall happiness of the wearer and her feet. Some of the most anticipated from the 2012 collection are...


Frye Jenna Studded Tall (shown left)

Taking the term "biker babe" to a new level, these boots are comprised of supple leather and a buckled strap of shining studs. Available in black and other neutral colors, each boot fits to just below the knee, offering a padded "lip" to prevent chafing. Designed to make a fashion statement, these boots are ideal for a night out on the town; however, real biker babes should take heed, as the leather construction might not hold up to the wear and tear of wind and road on long motorcycle journeys.


Frye Shirley Riding Boot

Winter is upon us and with the season comes the desire to stay warm below the knee. Women will love these new boots because they're durable as well as beautiful, serving a dual purpose of sensibility and aesthetic appeal. With the ability to be folder over at the shaft, each boot also features slender buckle straps in a range of available neutral hues for a style that flows with every outfit. These boots are the versatile, stylish alternative to the typical cold apparel of sweat pants under worn-out UGGs.


Frye Carson Riding Button Boots

Deemed the ultimate in women's western footwear, these boots can only described as epic on first glance, and it gets better from there. Comprised from antiqued leather, each boot has a set of pull straps for customized fit with a padded insole to keep toes toasty. These boots will take any woman from suburban housewife to rockin' cowgirl in the time it takes to flex your feet.


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Fancy UGG Footwear

In 2012, some of the new UGGs are destined to lean towards fancier fashion, with rhinestones, straps, and super-chic heels galore. But what makes a boot truly UGG? These manufacturers line their boots with traditional sheepskin for a moisture-wicking, heat-controlled, super-soft walking experience. What have they come up with for the fancier side of late 2012?


UGG Fabrice Boot (shown top-left)

Made for dancing and dining the night away, these boots give a sensual witchy feel to any wardrobe. They're the hiking boots for women who prefer not to hike. With a heel wrapped in crepe and standing at a little over 1.5 inches, these boots are sleek and layered to complete the look of a totally hardcore but elegant chick. Dubbed rugged and rowdy, these boots are especially perfect for those with an admiration of old-world fashion, as they go great with long pirate-like skirts and an off-the-shoulder blouse.


UGG Taryn Boot

This is animalistic love at first-sight as these boots are embossed with reptile print over fine, high-quality leather from heel and toe to just above the ankle. With a cute clog construction, each boot is decorated with symmetrical studs and unique strapping for a show of creative pesonality. When paired with a hippie-style white dress, these boots pop with beauty!


UGG Bailey Bow Boot

Taking a trip back to the teen years, these boots are a cutesy addition to any closet. Available in bright colors with bow accents on the back of each boot, they're lined with sheepskin for the insole and a cozy suede swaddles the outside shaft. Each bow is made from durable lace that is tear-resistant, meaning no amount of tough pulling and tugging will rip these boots to pieces. That's good news for any woman with a curious toddler or chews-a-lot pup.

Exotic UGG Boots 2012-2013

As of late 2012, there have been a surge of new UGG boots released to awaiting fans; those who have grown tired of usual styles and the traditional UGG appeal. Hearing the distress calls of those who long for something more spectacular in their fashionable footwear, UGG manufacturers have dug deep into their creative minds to bring imaginative shoes to the feet of millions.

Below are some of their most endearing, lovely, and eccentric styles for the artist, creator, and dreamer in all women.


UGG Classic Short Exotic (shown top-left)

Once upon a time, animal print was designated for older women with a tendency to deck themselves in too many zebra stripes. Instead of being a walking safari, women discovered that less was more and these boots are the perfect amount of eccentricity for animal print lovers everywhere. Constructed from bovine fur and printed with either zebra stripes or cheetah spots, each boot has an UGG signature fabric (sheepskin) nestled into the insole. This makes for a traditional UGG feel with an innovative UGG style for more adventurous shoe selection.


UGG Bailey Button Metallic

For women whose childhood dreams surrounded galactic trips into space, these boots are designed to shimmer and shine like stars. Reminiscent of an astronaut's gleaming footwear, these boots are comfortable with an upper construction of sheepskin and an outer material of soft metallic-colored fabric. Durable for rainy, snowy, or sunny days, these boots are a journey out of this world; they're also available in kid sizes so mothers and daughters can coordinate their outfits to match.


UGG Calvina Boot

Some boots aren't all glamour and glitz, as demonstrated by the sensible Calvina style. Best for hiking or taking a long walk over rougher terrain, these boots are designed to feel luxurious on the inside, while being durable on the outside.


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Black Boots For Authentic Cowgirls

The trend of black cowboy boots for women is one that has grown in popularity over the past few years, reaching a crescendo in 2012. These boots have been perfected for wear by women from all walks of life. The strict in-the-office business woman may find herself drawn to a pair of boot-scootin' boogie-down footwear for her relaxing, casual weekends. Or a real cowgirl might find wrangling steer and chasing pigs a more fashionable and easy task with a set of rawhide-reminiscent duds. When it comes to boots like these, it's all about perspective and how the wearer wants to be portrayed.

For example, a woman who adores short shorts and slide-on shoes in the summer will fall in love with the Rocket Dog Sheriff Boot. Slouchy and designed to go with every outfit, these boots will accentuate the contours of a woman's legs, giving her a beautifully-shaped appearance from pant hem to toe. Two easy pull-up tabs make it simple to remove these boots after a long night of square dancing, while the spacious insole leaves your feet cramp-free and dainty as ever.

Where some women prefer their signature summertime ensemble, some prefer a winter-esque shoe they can wear in frostier conditions. For instance, the Frye Jackie Button Boot is longer in the shaft, extending towards just below the knee for comfortable warmth that guarantees frost-free feet. Comprised of supple leather, these boots are insulated with a mesh of heat-holding materials that not only keep your toes icicle-less, but also keep your toes free of bruises and painful rub marks.

With all fashion purposes aside, some women would rather have a pair of boots like the Laredo Providence. These offer a more traditional aesthetic appeal, complete with western-style marking, and all the toughness and durability that comes with being a career cowgirl.

Black Cowboy Boots for Women: The Classics

When shopping for footwear, black women's cowboy boots are the go-to shoes for any type of woman. They go along with a variety of nifty outfits, from the casual to the business-oriented and formal. However, none surpass the original look of a pair of black cowboy boots paired with a sexy little black dress. It's western-esque with a hint of modern feminine; a look that never fails to be in-style every season. Perfect for dates and ideal for long walks by the farm pond, the following boots serve as examples of footwear that turns a lifeless wardrobe into something spectacular.


Frye Harness 12R in Black (shown left)

Sleek and velvety-soft, these boots pack a power punch of beauty with a rewarding mixture of comfort and sensibility. Not only are they super cute, they're also insulated for warmth, thick for overall protection against colder weather, and just the right amount of rugged to look casual-chic. With sizes ranging on all aspects of the footwear spectrum, these boots are great for anyone. There's no specific occasion, event, or everyday chore that these boots wouldn't pair well with.


Women's Black Ariat Heritage Western J Toe

These boots are traditional and classic, making them staple footwear in any woman's wardrobe. At the forefront of any closet space, women especially love these shoes because they're consistent with a western style that never fades. The shaft is constructed with swirls of elaborate stitching, while each boot is comprised from the highest quality full-grain leather.

Women's Black Ariat Billie

Traditional in a shorter sense, these boots take consistent design and scale it down to footwear worn just above the ankle. Deemed a "shortie" style, each boot is made from the finest leather, complete with intricate hand-stitched designs that vary in color. When in doubt, these can be paired with a longer denim skirt and cute blouse for a never-failing look that speaks volumes about a woman's divine fashion sense.


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