Friday, August 10

The Women's Big Buddha Wendy Boot

Big Buddha Wendy Boot - Not Your Average Cowgirl

Hustle up, cowgirl! It's time to get the hammer and pop open your piggy bank for this season's premier footwear from the big boys over a Big Buddha. Introducing the Big Buddha Wendy Boot! This isn't your traditional cowboy boot, and it's not for your average cowgirl. Rough, tough, and edgy with a feminine touch, these boots are perfect for everything from modern line-dancing and horseback riding, to old-fashioned saloon showdowns and kicking around the town's tumbleweeds.

Perfect for summer photo-shoots in white summer dresses, these boots look as if you've stepped into a field of twining wild flowers. Assembled from the finest in hand-smoothed leather, each boot is polished to a supple sheen and available in two colors -- brown or tan. Tiny flowers and coiling vines ascend the shaft of these shoes in hues of pink and blue with touches of light green and sun-kissed gold. Smaller thatches of the same design are also sprawled across the toe of each boot, complete with a curved toe for authentic cowgirl appeal. Pull-tabs on the boots' sides allows for easy on and off, while a classic v-shaped entry makes for a snug, calf-hugging fit.

Reaching a few inches taller than traditional cowgirl boots, these feature rubber-soled heels with a stature boost of 2.5 inches. The Big Buddha Wendy Boot interior is a plush grey, cushioning and protecting feet from unpleasant sweaty build-up by wicking away moisture to reassure dryness. Another great benefit of these boots is their stain-resistant finish. Farming days can lead to dirt-filled afternoons and ruined shoes, but these boots are easy to clean with your everyday soap and water. Hand-washed is the way to go to keep this footwear shining.

These are boots that were made for movement! Rather than kick your feet up on the couch all day, slip the Big Buddha Wendy Boot on and head to the nearest barn party for a night of toe-tapping, heel-clacking comfort and fun.

Video - the women's Wendy boot from Big Buddha:


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