Tuesday, August 7

The Women's Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot

Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot - The Scenic Shoe

In the short time I've had the Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot, I've discovered that the shoe is far more sensible than fashionable. At 48, I've made enough of a living in my life to where I can do what interests me most right now -- such as riding through the scenic routes on my Harley with my husband tailing behind me on his. You wouldn't believe how much wear and tear riding has on a pair of boots, but people usually don't take into account how much stopping with their shoes and walking hobby-bikers do.

What do you like about the Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot?

These boots are the perfect length in inclement weather. Sometimes I can ride through rainstorms all day long, while in other areas, there's not a cloud in the sky. This is footwear that keeps the dampness of drizzles away from my feet. The interior seems to be completely absorbent; however, the best part lies in how these boots will curve to fit the contours of my calves. Instead of leaving a gaping hole for the rain to travel into, these boots hug my legs -- leaving enough space for my feet to 'breathe' and be comfortable, but no so much as to let bad weather in.

I'm also partial to the polished leather. It might be gross, but bugs are a hazard when riding cross-country on a motorcycle -- especially when taking the scenic routes. Aside from my helmet and visor, the Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot protects my shins from the bruises of a bug hitting my legs at 45 mph or more. Plus, on the ickier side, this is footwear that is incredibly easy to clean; so, for all my fellow biker babes out there, no bug guts! It's an avoidable, nasty fact of the biking lifestyle that I'm happy to not have to contend with anymore.


Video - the women's Ashlyn boot from Sam Edelman:


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