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The Women's Vera Wang Natasha Boot

Vera Wang Natasha Boot - At Least They Tried

The Vera Wang Natasha Boot is a try for elegance in a butch style... and a fail. Unfortunately, Vera Wang didn't get the memo that edgy doesn't mean clunky, and glamorous isn't the equivalent of a few strands of faulty metallic beads. It's all about the confidence a woman exudes when strutting in striking footwear; a confidence that a woman has to feel from her toes up. These boots do not evoke those emotions, nor do they do much for a woman's well-chosen outfit.

What's wrong with the Vera Wang Natasha Boot?

These boots were constructed from premium leather and strings of metallic faux jewels for appealing accentuation; both qualities that had the potential to turn a boot from bad to awesome. However, the exterior of each boot is polished to an almost plastic sheen, making the footwear appear fake and ridiculously shiny. Ascending to mid-calf height, these boots represent the feminine biker; the woman who takes charge with flowers wrapped in whips and chains -- which is a combination traditionally smiled upon in movies, but it doesn't work too well in reality.

The interior of each boot is cushioned and padded -- a far cry from the dismal and uncomfortable appearance of the exterior. Even with less than appealing footwear, women who opt for these boots can at least rest assured that their feet will be comfortable. Although, this seems to be the boot's only redeeming quality.

The Vera Wang Natasha Boot is priced at a steep $398; a cost most sensible women will refuse to pay for boots as ill thought-out as these. Albeit, if you're the type to splurge or collect odd footwear, the Vera Wang Natasha Boot would be an ideal choice. After years of putting good fashion on the seasonal line, Vera Wang has finally fallen to the masses with boots that don't meet the grade A quality of the 2012 hopefuls.

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