Tuesday, August 7

The Women's Tory Burch Amarina Bootie

Tory Burch Amarina Bootie - Clodhopping Clowns

When I was growing up, we had a name for shoes like the Tory Burch Amarina Bootie -- Clodhoppers! It wasn't a term of endearment; instead, it often meant that footwear was far too big for the wearer -- comparable to the way clowns will wear their huge shoes in an effort to purposely stumble and entertain an audience.

In my mind's eye, I can 'see' a model strutting down the runway in these booties. She is confident, having done this before in far more ridiculous clothing. However, this footwear becomes too much, and like a pre-pubescent duck, she takes a waddling tumble off the runway and into the laps of awaiting shocked celebrities. Quite the humorous mental image, huh? Unfortunately, the event itself would probably not be as funny, considering she could be injured or have broken an appendage -- all because she's been paid to wear hazardous shoes that are 9 times too large (over-exaggeration!) for the feet of an average woman.

What does the Tory Burch Amarina Bootie look like?

Think of your grandfather's most worn, beloved, and ugliest pair of shoes. Wrap them in gleaming leather, add a strap and a couple of buckles, and Voila! The Tory Burch Amarina Bootie is born! You'd think if manufacturers were going to look to their great-great-grandparents for fashion advice, they'd picked something more fashionable. It's also unfortunate that these booties can't be redeemed by their interior. Instead of being met with a plush cushioning of soft insole, these booties offer a rubberized sole covered with a thin piece of top material. It's the equivalent of walking on small, smooth rocks -- they're polished, but they're rocks all the same.

To avoid the "Curse of the Clodhoppers," take a detour away from the Tory Burch Amarina Bootie and consider a pair of shoes that boosts both your confidence and your stature. Women today have come a long way from the flat-arched footwear of yester-year -- you deserve shoes that will make you feel beautiful, not clownish and clumsy.


Video - the women's Amarina bootie from Tory Burch:


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