Monday, August 13

The Women's UGG Conor Boot

UGG Conor Boot - What You'd Expect

The UGG Conor Boot isn't the shoe that someone would expect a devoted Pediatrician to wear; however, that's only my day job. In the evenings and on the weekends, the Phd falls to the wayside to reveal a biker babe that will rock your face off in her all-girl, badass band, "The Leather Ballerinas." Silly name, I know. But what's the fun in having a bar band if you're not going to go all out?! Anyway, back to the topic at hand… my new boots! They're beautiful and comfortable -- which is a surprise to me since they're manufactured by UGG; a brand name I had tried to avoid in the past due to the excessive, irritating fashion trends their boots have begun. But these are… different.

Constructed of mostly leather for the upper parts and the sole with a satiny material for the shaft, the UGG Conor Boot has the best insole I've ever felt in a pair of shoes. Made from the UGG trademark sheep-skin, these boots wick away moisture; that's sweat for all the layman termers out there. It's something I do a lot of when onstage, but when I get backstage, I don't want to knock out any fans or my fellow bandmates with how bad my feet smell after a performance. These boots have all but eliminated the odor and wetness that comes from sweating in front of glaring stage lights.

These are so comfortable that I've even been known to wear them under my sanitation booties at work. It's like my little secret, because no one would expect their child's doctor to enjoy rocking out and dressing in leather when the sun goes down. The UGG Conor Boot allows me to feel footwear freedom without the sweat. These were definitely well worth the $295 I spent for them.

Video - the women's Conor boot:


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