Thursday, August 2

The Women's Frye Carson Tab Short Boot

Frye Carson Tab Short Boot - What's Love Got To Do With It?

It always struck me as odd the way some women could declare that they had fallen, "absolutely in love!" with a pair of shoes. After all, it's footwear! Admittedly, the Frye Carson Tab Short Boot changed my perspective in a different direction as of 3 weeks ago when these boots first hit the public eye.

What does the Frye Carson Tab Short Boot look like?

Think of the 80's film "Footloose." Now couple that with the Old West styling of Bonanza, and there you have it. That may be an odd and unappealing description to some, but everybody has an alternate way of describing these boots when they first see them. My best friend chose to say that the Frye Carson Tab Short Boot reminded her of Daisy Dukes and muscle cars, while my boyfriend prefers to think of them as something straight out of Will Smith's rendition of the "Wild Wild West." Either way, they're constructed from luxurious leather that has been polished to a supple gleam.

Each boot's side has a pull tab for ease when slipping them on and off, and the interior is lined with padded cushioning that's fit for a princess. It feels like pillow-top or downy, but I'm not 100% sure what the inside material is for certain. The shaft is naturally slouchy, giving a non-chalant but confident vibe, while the heel is an extra 1.5 inches on my petite 5'4 frame. At $328, these are a pair of boots that I would have liked to say that I hesitated to buy, but the first paycheck after their release went to buying them. No hesitation at all -- which is weird considering I'm usually not that impulsive when it comes to shopping for clothing of any kind. There's just something... different, and unique about these boots.


Video - the women's Carson Tab Short boot from Frye:


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