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The Women's Steve Madden Tolteca Boot

Steve Madden Tolteca Boot - The Mid-West 80's Comeback

The Steve Madden Tolteca Boot is proof that 80's fashion is quickly making a comeback, specifically in the form of mid-west culture. When I think of words like 'tolteca,' my mind immediately jumps to images of pow-wows, campfires, colorful ponchos, coyotes, and anything to do with Native American or Aztec culture. Don't ask why. That's just what comes to mind. However, my mental image when hearing the name for these boots was dead-on accurate. Down to the floppy shaft and bangled bottom.

What kind of culture would the Steve Madden Tolteca Boot fit in with?

These boots are made from mixed media -- leather mostly, but also vibrant weaves of fabric and leather straps that look like ankle bracelets, circling repeatedly around each boot. The base is finished off with a harness, completed with a silver buckle that's strictly for appearances. For snug fit, the pull tab and overall slip-on design of the boots allows for easy adjustment. With all of the features the Steve Madden Tolteca Boot has, the most notable is a wedge heel that grants a stature boost of 2 inches; this is often the difference between just looking good and having that extra surge of confidence that goes with feeling tall, sleek, and cute.

As for cultural significance and where the Steve Madden Tolteca Boot fits in, this is footwear with a versatile background. It can be worn by any woman -- from the west coast to the east and everywhere in between. It's an equal opportunity foot covering of pure creative greatness, allowing women to get in touch with their fun and free-spirited alter egos. Perfect for walking through art crawls or making a fashion statement at the next drab party, these boots add radiance to the already amazing personality and appearance of the wearer.

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The Women's Luxury Rebel Regina Boot

Luxury Rebel Regina Boot - Abominable & Waxed

The Luxury Rebel Regina Boot makes me feel like a shaved Yeti -- which for all of you Northern folks, just so you know, that's not a good thing. I, in no way, have the desire to resemble an Abominable Snowman, or the infamous wood-roaming Sasquatch. These boots are simply… awkward. They make me feel like I'm walking through snow in a pair of shoes that keep sinking, not keeping out the cold. Hence the shaved Yeti, because my feet (no matter the weather) always seem to catch the drafts in these boots, turning my toes into instant icicles. I've often wondered if members of the Cryptozoological Society will see me out and about when I'm wearing these and mistake me for the waxed version of the Missing Link. Obviously, that hasn't occurred yet, but I fear the worst and craziest things when these boots make their way onto my feet.

Why keep wearing the Luxury Rebel Regina Boot if you dislike them?

That is a great question, and just as simple to answer. …These boots make my legs look fantastic. Despite the discomfort and weirdness of walking in wobbly 3 inch wedge heels, the Luxury Rebel Regina Boot streamlines a good pair of leggings or skinny jeans. They make me instantly lose at least 10 pounds -- not really, but that's what I think it looks like. I carry all my weight in my legs, and the extra stature boost and sleek design of the distressed leather makes my lower body look slimmer. It's the quickest way to shave a few inches off my hips!

On another note, if I were to find boots that worked wonders for my legs the way these have, I'd buy them in a heartbeat. The Luxury Rebel Regina Boot is a hazard to my ankles, as I'm constantly afraid of toppling over. Luckily, a new diet and some exercise should slim my legs down enough in the next couple of months to where the Luxury Rebel Regina Boot won't be needed anymore.

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The Women's Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot

Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot - Unfortunately Bland

Luxury Rebel is a brand name that I've come to expect a lot from over the years. Their designs and footwear are always unique, creative, and comfortable… until now. And it's not the comfort levels that are bothering me -- it's the bland appearance of their latest, the Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot. This label has a knack for titling their footwear after real names, such as Lynn. Let's face it, that's not the most exotic or most imaginative name, especially when your brand label has prided themselves on maintaining uniqueness to this point. The design matches the name in this case. It's simple, graceless, tasteless, and dull. Thigh-high black boots with barely an inch worth of heel? Been there, done that. Didn't like it then, don't like it now.

The next worse thing about these boots is the price. $225 for a pair of shoes you could probably get for cheaper from a knock-off brand a few weeks after the brand name's release. In the competitive world of fashion, Luxury Rebel should have dared to be different, but everybody seems to be going for the plain-jane look this year. Instead of staying ahead of the competition, these boots knock them back to average among the wide range of other brand names who released the same type of footwear for their 2012 line.

Next time, I'd like to see more ingenuity and creative flow come from Luxury Rebel, because these boots are something I could literally get from the nearest retail store for a discounted price and a knock-off label. They'd be just as comfortable, and nothing special. In which case, I'd rather wear a beat-up pair of flip-flops than spend the money on 'just average.' The Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot falls short of where it should have been this year. But don't worry, Luxury Rebel. There's always 2013. Make it count!

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The Women's Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie

Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie - Short on Comfort

Falling short this year in the comfort zone for footwear is the Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie; a shoe designed by Luxury Rebel, which is a company that obviously prides itself on being a little rebellious when it comes to their yearly fashion releases. However, 2012 was not their best year as evidenced by these booties. Instead of designing a bootie that allowed women to feel sexy AND comfortable, this brand name opted for appearances, completely bypassing the fact that most women are the happiest when their shoes feel as good as they look.

What's so wrong with the Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie?

These booties are narrow in the arch, wide in the heel, and rounded at the toe, with the expectation that a 3.5 inch stiletto heel would balance it all out. Rather than make it easier to maneuver, the whole design of the bootie is off balance, causing distress in areas like the arches of your feet and the tender spots above your heel. It's the easiest to get raging blisters when your shoes slip off slightly with every step you take, as these booties do, no matter what size is purchased. The Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie seems to have an odd symmetry, meaning even if you're an 8 in shoes, it wouldn't make a difference for you to get a size up or down because some areas of these booties will fit all the time, while others will fit none of the time.

Overall, the Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie is a shame. With this brand name popping out at least 3 shoes per year, Luxury Rebel has (up until now) maintained a knack for creating unique and true-to-size footwear for every type of woman. We really beg the question of, "What were they thinking when they came up with these booties?"

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The Women's Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot

Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot - The Amazonians & Ebayers

When I'm looking for a great pair of boots, I usually check out the reviews and testimonials from sites like or Ebay. The Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot was a surprising find, because there's always at least a single 1 star rating for the boots I like upon first impression. Sometimes the rating is justified, other times it's like the person didn't even give the shoes a chance to fit correctly or look great with their outfit. These boots were different because 80% of their reviews were 4 star and above. Nothing went below a 2 star, and even then, it was based on the accounts of 2-3 people who didn't have the patience to break them in.

After much consideration, here's what I've found in my research of the Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot.

- These boots apparently run a little narrow in the arch. This is easily remedied (usually) if you order a size up instead, avoiding the sizes you know will pinch your feet. Most of the time, women are so hellbent on getting a fashionable pair of footwear, that they don't worry about how that footwear will fit. To be comfortable AND pretty, a pair of shoes needs to be researched (like what I did) and that research needs to be taken into consideration. In this case, I know now to order at least an 8.5 or a 9 to avoid the pinched feeling of a too-narrow arch.

- The Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot is non-slip. With a barely 2 inch wedge platform heel, these boots would be ideal for someone like me who is always on her feet at work. It's not for the constant woman who runs around due to the fact that even a perfect pair of fashionable boots can't replace a good pair of work-specific shoes. However, the non-slip feature wicks moisture (sweat) away from my foot to ensure I remain well-adjusted and comfortable when I have some walking to do at work.

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The Women's Born Tati Boot

Born Tati Boot - All About Me

My 'all about me' feelings became strong after I saw the movie The Shining. The part that really stuck with me was when Jack Nicholson's character had written the "all work and no play" line, and it got me wondering (in my weird way) if he would have gone insane if he had just relaxed. *laughs* Or maybe the ghosts and demonic influences hadn't of been there. Anyway, my 'all about me' movement revolves around everything and anything that makes ME happy. The Born Tati Boot is one of those things.

What's your thoughts on the Born Tati Boot?

I wish these had come out years ago when I was shopping for a comfortable, fashionable pair of shoes. Instead, at the time, I opted for the crappiest pair of heels in the store and lived to regret every step I took in those gruesome things. However, with the Born Tati Boot, I'm not regretting anything. Constructed of mainly leather, I've become adept at walking gracefully in "ankle-length" boots -- which is a feat I never thought I'd conquer. The thought of walking in 'booties' always terrified me because I had this horrible image of falling over and breaking my ankle; whereas, these are extremely supportive at all angles and I haven't even tripped while wearing them.

For me, the interior also makes a huge difference when it comes to whether a boot is worthy to grace my feet or not. The Born Tati Boot is cushioned on the inside, nurturing my feet and toes so I don't wind up with agonizing blisters or raw spots from where the new shoe will often rub on my heel. Instead, I've found that these boots are comfortable for up to 6 hours per evening; a small blessing when you spend as much time out with friends as I do on the weekends.

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The Women's Born Roslyn Boot

Born Roslyn Boot - Rosy Posy

I remember watching the Mary Tyler Moore show when I was a kid, loving every minute of it and admiring the way Mary always knew exactly what to dress -- conservative, yet cute and fashionable. The Born Roslyn Boot makes me feel like I'm living in those television shows, going through the motions of an independent and pretty woman in the vast city. I often imagine there are hidden cameras following my every move like it's my own TV show; albeit, this is my life -- a reality that I just happen to look stunning for in new boots that compliment me no matter what I wear.

What's so glamorous about the Born Roslyn Boot?

Designed from mostly premium leather, these boots resemble a belted blouse or formal party dress in the sense that they're ultra cute, super chic, and very fashionable. They're also affordable for 2012's hottest seasonal footwear, beginning at $185 per pair and increasing in expensive slightly with shipping. Available in bright brown and pitch black, each boot is tied off at the shaft top with a "belt," also known as a thick leather strap. Although, what's unique about these straps is the way they're constructed at the sides to be reminiscent of roses in mid-bloom. It's ended with an adjustable steel buckle and fashionably jutting seams to add new dimensions to the typically flat "face" of footwear.

As a short woman, I've come to love heels, especially when they're attached to boots because stilettos just aren't my proverbial cup of tea. The Born Roslyn Boot has a 3 inch heel made from a mixture of rubber and leather, making it a wedge instead of a straight stick-stiletto heel. There are no worries about tripping, falling over, or just being clumsy in these boots! I can wear them with the greatest confidence, flitting from scene to scene in my mental television show that's all about me, all the time.

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The Women's Born Marxia Boot

Born Marxia Boot - Booty Kickin'!

As someone who has grown up in the generation where the zombie apocalypse is anticipated rather than feared, I've often found myself wondering what kind of awesome, sexy footwear I'd use to eliminate the undead scum if the worst should happen. The Born Marxia Boot has become my solution to that impending (or never) problem! I know it sounds delusional, but think of Alice in Resident Evil -- she was sensual, beautiful, badass, and could kick the booty of any zombie or mutant creature that ventured her way. She's my idol and the one I'd mimic if the unthinkable ever befell the people of Earth! …Woow. I sound so dorky!

Enough about the zombies! What about the Born Marxia Boot?

These boots are constructed from high-quality, premium leather in a combat boot style with 3 adjustable straps for a snugger fit. Each strap ends in an ultra shiny silver buckle, while each boot also laces up the front to provide a militant appearance. I've paired these with my other zombie butt-kicking apparel (short-shorts, tank top, and a thigh-strapped machete) and I look stunning! Truth be told, if anything that was supposed to be dead started crawling towards me, I'd likely run the other direction -- but at least these boots would be the ones that would carry me back home. If straps and laces aren't enough to make your feet feel secure, there are pull tabs on the back of each boot for convenient on and off. Basically, these boots go on overload with all the accents that are normally used to help keep the shoes on your feet -- which is the only negative thing about them.

Rather than look like a complete nerd in my zombie apocalypse uniform, I prefer to wear these around my house. It's not often you see a teenage girl with a machete and a wicked pair of fake blood-caked combat boots fighting imaginary monsters in her front yard. I prefer to keep my weird quirks and these awesome Born Marxia Boot to myself.

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The Women's Born Leonis Boot

Born Leonis Boot - The Imaginative Impression

When I first laid eyes on the new Born Leonis Boot, I was perplexed by the overall design. It wasn't a masculine pair of boots, and it wasn't exactly screaming, "I'm a feminist!" either. It was the same combination that's often seen for unisex shoes; however, these were different in that the masculine and feminine elements were used differently. Where sneaker companies will strive to make unisex footwear a comforting fit and a neutral color for everyone, these boots are specifically designed for women and yet, they have a clunky, over-sized appeal of a man's hiking (or general outdoors work) boot.

What's so odd about the Born Leonis Boot?

The exterior is made entirely from leather. Not weird. Although, the leather is laced up the front of each boot with rustic, brown laces, and the designs along the boots' shaft was stamped to resemble lace. Albeit, they remind me more of the Valentine's cards that Elementary School kids used to have to make out of construction paper, complete with the zig-zag scissors and the hole-puncher. Fond memories, yes. A design that belongs on a pair of butch-style boots, not so much. They're kind of a gender bender. I think almost anyone could wear these (male or female) if they selected their size correctly.

I can appreciate the interior of the Born Leonis Boot. Rather than resembling the tough outer shell, this footwear is cushioned with a padded insole to protect feet from the usual wear and tear. It's safety from the dreaded "breaking new shoes in" blisters. Overall, these boots don't rank very high on my list of must-have footwear because of their odd appearance. Instead of making an androgynous shoe for women, they should have stuck to either all-leather like a hiking boot, or feminine like a high-heel. This mixture of those two elements is just confusing.

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The Women's Frye Steffi Harness Boot

Frye Steffi Harness Boot - The Athlete's POV

Since enlisting with a professional women's basketball team, I'm always asked by interviewers and fans what I like to wear when I go out without the basketball shorts and my trademark pink bandana. Well, the Frye Steffi Harness Boot would be a start! Combine these boots with a pair of tight blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black leather vest and you've got my overall biker-wannabe personality in a nutshell. Initially, I thought these boots might be a little much, mainly because I'm rarely ever on a motorcycle and I don't want to be labeled a poser by my always riding friends. However, after deciding that they really don't care what I wear, I opted for these boots, and it was a great decision.

What's so great about the Frye Steffi Harness Boot?

For starters, these boots are all leather and beautiful. But the one most important reason I bought them was because they remind me of the footwear my mom was wearing once when she had her photograph taken professionally. I was 10 at the time, and 20 years later, I still remember those shoes as the focal point to her entire outfit. She was a bombshell in those pictures! And I remember thinking, "I want to look like that when I grow up." She's my mom, so I imagine she could have been wearing paper bags on her feet and I still would have looked at her as beautiful. Anyways, when I showed these to her, she agreed they matched perfectly to the ones in her photos; she even tried them on to make sure I hadn't thieved them from her closet. *laughs*

These boots look like they were polished with a high-sheen gel without the slick mess afterwards. The Frye Steffi Harness Boot has made choosing something to wear for those after-sports dinner party a little easier. I've gotten tons of compliments! These boots were definitely worth the price and they're the ideal companions to snuggle my feet after a long game.


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The Women's Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot

Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot - The Sedentary Designer

I'm a website designer, which means I spend most of the day on my butt rather than on my feet. But that doesn't mean my footwear has to be hideous, right?! The Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot is the kind of shoe I usually go out of my way to save the money to buy. It's a slight obsession, but the benefits of owning a closetful of shoes far outweighs the cons of spending a great deal of my bi-weekly paycheck on them. These boots have been different but I couldn't tell you exactly why. I can't pinpoint the precise reason why I've been favoring these over my others, but I think it might be because they're super comfortable -- something that rarely happens in the world of fashionable, expensive footwear.

What does the Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot look like?

And how much are they exactly?

It depends on where you shop, but these boots are usually around $375 and up. However, if you're concerned with their extravagance, you can wait a few months until after the popularity has died down a little and get them for a discounted price. Either way, these are a pair of shoes for all types of women to own. Assembled from the finest in lightly beaten leather, the Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot has a well-worn appeal coupled with Old West authenticity. The studded harness wraps around the heel of each boot, but the zippered back in what provides the adjustable snug fit.

I've found that I'm most comfortable when wearing the Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot with a pair of skin-tight jeans or leggings. They're great for the peasant look, and the fact that I'm not on my feet all day lends to their ability to last for longer. Plus, when I do get up at work and move around, the interior is cushioned and comfortable enough not to leave my feet sore or blistered.

Video - the women's Phillip Studded Harness boot from Frye...


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The Women's Frye Paige Stud Boot

Frye Paige Stud Boot - The Borrower's Experience

Let me start by saying that I do not own a pair of the Frye Paige Stud Boot; however, I borrowed them from a friend to attend a dress-up party last weekend. I went as a sassy cowgirl and these boots seemed (at the time) to fit the bill of what I needed in terms of Old West footwear. I wanted to look feminine and somewhat modern, but authentic and saloon-esque.

What happened?

Well, the big night of the event arrived and I could hardly believe I was wearing a pair of nearly $400 boots; then again, what are best friends for?! She had the money to buy them and I was ecstatic that she thought me respectful enough to wear them. If I had bought these boots at such an expensive price, it's doubtful I would have even let my mother wear them. *laughs* Anyway, they were comfortable at first, but then I was asked to dance. After 2 hours, I noticed an ache spreading up through my arches and it felt like my heels were being rubbed raw -- even through heavy cotton socks! I ignored it until the pain became too much about an hour later, and I caught a taxi home to relieve my feet.

When I pulled off the Frye Paige Stud Boot, I was in shock. My feet were wholly red with my heels scraped raw on both sides. It also looked as if the inseam had embedded into my feet, causing them to swell to twice their size. Luckily, the inseams stitching didn't break, because I imagine I'd be buying my friend a new pair of boots if these had come back to her the least bit broken. I was happy to return these boots! What looked like a great idea to begin with, turned into an uncomfortably footsy nightmare.

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The Women's UGG Gillespie Boot

UGG Gillespie Boot - The New Trend

UGG has gone on a biker kick and the UGG Gillespie Boot is your evidence. I'm not sure if any of the designers have actually ever ventured anywhere on a motorcycle, but they've got the footwear about right. As someone who's spent her life around Harleys and other bikes that give a loud VROOM!, I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to shoes on the road. I've owned numerous pairs over the last 30 years that had the express purpose of being my on-the-road boots.

What are the good things about the UGG Gillespie Boot?

These boots are made from premium, slick leather with an interior of soft suede and trademarked sheep-skin -- all attributes that add up to this footwear being water-resistant, sweat-free, odor-free, and super comfortable. The exterior is pitch-black with 2 straps that end in silver buckles for a very modern, chic biker appearance. Albeit, the best part, and the part I'm most excited about with these boots is their climate protection. I've driven through a thunderstorm that lasted an hour, and even after that, it was still drizzling. Which all leads to soaked clothes, sopping wet shoe insoles, and discomfort. The UGG Gillespie Boot is snug enough to prevent water from getting in and the slick exterior means the rain beads right off.

My only complaint with the UGG Gillespie Boot is the cost. At $300 a pair, I think that's a little too much to pay for a good pair of boots. Although, if the ones I just bought will last me more than a decade, I'll reconsider the above statement and UGG can charge me whatever they want. In the long run, I think these boots will at least outlast the pair before them -- totaling out at 3 years. I'm looking forward to many happy and dry road trips with these boots.


Video - get a good look at the women's Gillespie boot:


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The Women's UGG Cosima Tall Boot

UGG Cosima Tall Boot - GoGo Friendly

It's not everyday you meet a GoGo dancer who tells you that her footwear is fabulous and comfortable. Well… nice to meet you! I'm proud to be just the woman to tell you all of the above, because I've found my match made in footwear heaven in the UGG Cosima Tall Boot. With a designer like UGG, you know these boots come with a few notable trademarks and excellent additives, such as the ultra-comfy sheep-skin interior.

What else is so great about the UGG Cosima Tall Boot?

The better question would be, "What's wrong with the UGG Cosima Tall Boot?" and the answer would be, NOTHING. Amazing, I know. Especially when UGG has been the cause of so many fashion faux pas in the last decade; lest we not forget the traditional UGG boots over a pair of leggings. Can you say unoriginal and a downright annoying trend? Anyways, back to my super cool boots! These are assembled from all leather with 5 silver snaps on the outside of each boot. They ride to around knee-high, while a wedge heel boosts my stature by a stunning 5 inches. That's significant height to a woman who's been nothing but 5'3' all her life!

As a GoGo dancer, I've received an abundance of compliments and appraising stares since I've started wearing the UGG Cosima Tall Boot. I've suggested them for comfort and attractiveness to some of my work buddies, as well as to some female customers from the clubs. Although, with their $300 price tag, it's understandable that the aforementioned work buddies and female customers might be a little hesitant to buy into this kind of footwear. However, I foresee these being in the closet of every GoGo gal in the U.S….maybe. Then again, it's also nice to be the only chick in the club-cage with a savage pair of awesome kicks.


Video - the women's Cosina Tall boot from UGG:


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The Women's UGG Cydnee Boot

UGG Cydnee Boot - The Ordinary Girl

You always read reviews where the wearer of a pair of shoes is something great in their career field, like a Cabaret superstar, a Pediatrician, or a well-recognized artist. Unfortunately, I am none of these things, and yet I own the UGG Cydnee Boot; a fantastic pair of shoes that I foresee being at the forefront of my closet for years to come. I'm the living, breathing example of how ordinary girls can have amazing footwear and rock it with a cute outfit the same way a business woman or a GoGo dancer could. Not to say that I won't be in the position of working someplace great one day, but for now, I strut my stuff in my apartment building or in the dog park while walking "Furball" -- my amazing pup who I love so much for not being the type of dog to chew on my shoes.

These boots are very… dusty. For lack of a better word. They remind me of something you might see in a Resident Evil movie, or perhaps a modern rendition of a very old Western. They're not actually covered in dust, but I could definitely imagine walking around the desert in these boots. Tumbleweeds are everywhere, and there I am, the average chick taking the ordinary trek through the middle of nowhere in boots that won't make my feet hurt. That fact alone makes the UGG Cydnee Boot great! I cannot tell you how many shoes are thrown to the back of my closet just because they make my arches ache, or they put blisters on my heels.

Now the big reveal… the UGG Cydnee Boot was $295! I'll wait for you to stop gasping or wake up from fainting. I know! So expensive! But when you work 30 hours a week at a job you hate, you get to feeling entitled to doing something nice for yourself, and these were it for me. So far, I couldn't imagine having spent that much money on any other piece of clothing. These boots were a one time buy with (hopefully) long-lasting, comfortable effects.


Video - the women's Cydnee boot from UGG:


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The Women's UGG Taleen Boot

UGG Taleen Boot - Oh, Mummy!

I have a very cool job as a in-costume monster at a year-around horror house in NC. I go back and forth between roles, but my favorite is the part of the feminine Mummy at the monster's ball. The scenario is what you'd imagine the song "Monster Mash" is all about. Anyway, I get to pick the items for my costume and as long as they're feminine and mummy-esque, it's approved for me to wear in the scenarios. Imagine my surprise when I saw the UGG Taleen Boot and work immediately jumped to mind! It was a horror-oriented epiphany… in a good way.

Why were these boots perfect for my upcoming Mummy costume?

Good question! Glad you asked! *wink* When you think of a mummy, it doesn't matter what kind of decrepit condition you picture them in, it's always under wrapping. Lots and lots of wrapping that resembles gauze bandages or really thick toilet paper. Well, that image (in essence) is my costume, except the wrapping is made into a skirt and (conservative) halter top. The UGG Taleen Boot was ideal because it looks wrapped in straps. Instead of having to wrap my feet in bandages for shoes, I can tread my way through a crowd of fellow monsters in boots that make me one tall and intimidating mummy babe.

The UGG Taleen Boot is also super soft, and it's something I can wear often because my job is an all-year gig. Plus, they were only $200, where the rest of my costume cost well over $400. Gauze bandages and mummy wrap is expensive! UGG has definitely gained my appreciation by coming out with a pair of boots that I can couple with my work costume. It's not everyday you're paid to dance around for the sake of horror in wedge heels and sleek suede.

Video - the women's Taleen boot from UGG:


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The Women's UGG Conor Boot

UGG Conor Boot - What You'd Expect

The UGG Conor Boot isn't the shoe that someone would expect a devoted Pediatrician to wear; however, that's only my day job. In the evenings and on the weekends, the Phd falls to the wayside to reveal a biker babe that will rock your face off in her all-girl, badass band, "The Leather Ballerinas." Silly name, I know. But what's the fun in having a bar band if you're not going to go all out?! Anyway, back to the topic at hand… my new boots! They're beautiful and comfortable -- which is a surprise to me since they're manufactured by UGG; a brand name I had tried to avoid in the past due to the excessive, irritating fashion trends their boots have begun. But these are… different.

Constructed of mostly leather for the upper parts and the sole with a satiny material for the shaft, the UGG Conor Boot has the best insole I've ever felt in a pair of shoes. Made from the UGG trademark sheep-skin, these boots wick away moisture; that's sweat for all the layman termers out there. It's something I do a lot of when onstage, but when I get backstage, I don't want to knock out any fans or my fellow bandmates with how bad my feet smell after a performance. These boots have all but eliminated the odor and wetness that comes from sweating in front of glaring stage lights.

These are so comfortable that I've even been known to wear them under my sanitation booties at work. It's like my little secret, because no one would expect their child's doctor to enjoy rocking out and dressing in leather when the sun goes down. The UGG Conor Boot allows me to feel footwear freedom without the sweat. These were definitely well worth the $295 I spent for them.

Video - the women's Conor boot:


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The Women's UGG Gershwin Boot

UGG Gershwin Boot - 0 Purpose

At first glance, the UGG Gershwin Boot is a clunky, simple shoe. But, it's when you read the advertisement that you get to the heart of why these shoes look and feel the way they do. Followed by the confusion and finally the overall question of why these boots were designed in the first place. Perplexing in purpose, these boots are sensible for a variety of separate reasons, but it's when you put all those reasons together that you have footwear that just makes you wonder, "Why?"

What are the reasons the UGG Gershwin Boot is impractical?

The advertisement states that the UGG Gershwin Boot is made from "waterproof leather" in a "true biker style." Let that sink in… now ask yourself, why in the world would bikers need rain boots? Yes, I get the necessity of having something water-resistant to stave away the rain on those long cross-country excursions. But other than that, I don't know a single Hell's Angel (and I know several) who would walk around in a pair of $250 boots for the express purpose of not getting their feet wet. For that matter, I don't know any bikers who would walk around in $250 boots. Period. Especially not the UGG brand name. I think these boots should be labeled as what they are… "footwear for the fashionable fakers" -- also known as the biker wannabes; the ones who just bought a crotch-rocket and compare it to a Harley.

As a company, I think UGG should stick to catering to teen girls and fancy women. Leave the bikers and the water-resistance of their shoes to someone who's actually been on a motorcycle before. Overall, the UGG Gershwin Boot could have been better. WAY better. But on the ultra gloomy side, I'm sure I'll be seeing some college-age fashion queen running around in short-shorts, these boots, and little else come summertime. Therefore, UGG didn't lose too much money on making these atrocities.

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The Women's UGG Tatum Boot

UGG Tatum Boot - Weird. Nuff Said.

The UGG Tatum Boot is weird in appearance. Constructed from premium leather that's been cut into puffed pieces down the length of each boot's shaft, it looks like the love child of a more feminine version of Marilyn Manson and the Jet-Puff man. Gothic in the worst of ways, each boot is equipped with 3 straps for adjustable snugness around your ankles. Truth be told, these boots create cankles; you know, that merger of calf and ankle that women try to AVOID. It's like your legs magically end in black balloons that suffered a clown who didn't know how to properly make anything attractive out of the shapeless rubber.

What else is wrong with the UGG Tatum Boot?

The price for these boots is ridiculous at $325 per pair. It seems a great deal of leather went into the making of this footwear; therefore, they have to raise the price to compensate for what they spent making them. But my question is, "Why the hell did they make them?!" Unfortunately, I don't foresee these being a typical, everyday pair of shoes for the average women. And by average, I mean women who aren't paid to strut down a runway for a few minutes before taking them off with a secret sigh of relief when they're back offstage. Hideous is too kind a word here, and that's being generous. When I think of boots, I picture something comfortable and feminine -- not clunky, expensive, and unattractive. For UGG, these boots are a definite flaw on their usually good track record of fantastic footwear.

Who would you recommend these boots to?

I would recommend the UGG Tatum Boot to women who don't believe me or those who have an extra $325 lying around to blow on something bad. If you're a usual UGG shopper, it'd be wiser to save that money for a double pair of traditional UGGs in 2 different colors. These would just be a waste of your hard-earned paycheck.


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The Women's UGG Classic Tall Dylyn Boot

UGG Classic Tall Dylyn Boot - From The Photographer's POV

As someone who owns their own photography business and often does their own advertising, my projected image not only comes from the vivacious and eager nature of my personality, but also from what I wear to photo shoots and interviews. Used to, high heels accompanied any of my interview outfits -- albeit, not always the most practical footwear. I remember actually tripping UP stairs one time (yes, it's possible) while following a client to her in-home studio. How embarrassing! But that was before the UGG Classic Tall Dylyn Boot; a pair of shoes that have changed the way I dress just because of their comfort level, sensibility, and overall ability to go with any of my outfits.

At first, the UGG Classic Tall Dylyn Boot looks unappealing -- but that also comes from someone who wears fancy-schmancy, super expensive high-heels most of the time. I NEEDED something comfortable. My feet rebelled every time I went to an interview in heels, and I would return home after hours of being on my feet to discover the worst blisters ever. These boots were different because UGG is a brand name notorious for using traditional sheep-skin as their interior. I was sold on just that! Each boot is super soft on the inside, making it easier for me to stay on my feet for long periods of time.

Instead of being expectant of sores when I get home, I don't even have aches or pains from standing for too long. I've also discovered that these go really well with my typical Autumn/Winter wear -- as well as looking cute with a short, summertime dress or a pair of leggings. It's only been a few weeks, but already, I can say with honesty and conviction that these are the best boots (or shoes, for that matter) that I've ever had the pleasure of owning.


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Friday, August 10

The Women's Vera Wang Kenya Boot

Vera Wang Kenya Boot - Worthy Of A Cabaret

Describing the adoration I have for the Vera Wang Kenya Boot would be almost as impossible as describing my profession to a group of die-hard church-goers. Let me explain...

I'm a Cabaret dancer. Despite what images this may conjure, it doesn't mean that I'm a stripper; but, I imagine you'd call me a number of things. However, I love my work, as Cabarets go back to before the 1950's -- when women and men would perform onstage in feathered boas and knee-high boots, dancing and acting out skits in the craziest, most amusing, and seductive ways.

With that said, the Vera Wang Kenya Boot came to my rescue 2 weeks ago when the heel of my most beloved pair of costume shoes broke right in the middle of a performance. I continued as usual, making the audience believe that it was all apart of the show, but I was upset beyond words. It's hard finding a great pair of footwear to sustain numerous performances on an almost nightly basis! Therefore, that would make these boots an impulse purchase because I needed them immediately for the act the following evening.

At $495 per pair, I was sweating bullets over their reliability; however, the all-over leather and the ankle harness sold me on their appeal and pin-up girl appearance. So, it's opening night at a new club... the crowd is sensational and excited... and my shoes made me feel like a rockstar! I was so relieved! Admittedly, the Vera Wang Kenya Boot is more comfortable with a better fit than the aforementioned beloved boots with the broken heel. Each step felt like I was 100% supported and towards the end of the night, I could still dance and twirl without foot pain. It was an investment I can proudly endorse with a flourish of my pink feathered boa and a shake of my ruffled fanny.


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The Women's Born Alamid Boot

Born Alamid Boot - The Militant Princess

The Born Alamid Boot is the type of footwear that Snow White would have worn... if she were in the business of kicking the butts of villians in her fairytale world. We've dubbed these boots as made for the "militant princess" -- a kind of woman who has a rougher feminine side, complete with a ferocious appearance and a thirst for untamed terrain. The ultimate adventure-driven babe! It's a boot built for soldiers, with civilians in mind.

Compatible with words like sleek, fierce, carnal, and serious, these boots offer the perfect amount of protection to the active woman's feet. Whether she's scaling rocky mountains or traipsing through unknown jungles, she can rest assured that her feet will keep in tip-top shape with boots that make a difference when it comes to shock absorption and support.

Full-grain leather makes up the exterior of the Born Alamid Boot, while a comfortable cushioned fabric completes the interior. For accentuation, thick black straps wrap around each boot several times before ending in an adjustable silver buckle -- ideal for women who like to take the snugness of their shoes into their own hands. The curved toes of these boots allows for 'wiggle-room', allowing feet to 'breathe' without becoming sweat-slicked and odoriferous.The moisture-wicking insoles ensure trudging through ponds or hiking during a rainstorm won't have a negative impact on the comfort of your feet or the durability in your boots.

The Born Alamid Boot is reminiscent of what "Sonya" wore in Mortal Kombat. Or they're what you'd imagine G.I. Jane would have opted for. These boots declare to the world that the woman wearing them has a ruthless toughness with undertones of sensible fashion sense. She's a lean, mean, treading machine who can take on the world one leather-clad, combative step at a time.

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The Women's Big Buddha Wendy Boot

Big Buddha Wendy Boot - Not Your Average Cowgirl

Hustle up, cowgirl! It's time to get the hammer and pop open your piggy bank for this season's premier footwear from the big boys over a Big Buddha. Introducing the Big Buddha Wendy Boot! This isn't your traditional cowboy boot, and it's not for your average cowgirl. Rough, tough, and edgy with a feminine touch, these boots are perfect for everything from modern line-dancing and horseback riding, to old-fashioned saloon showdowns and kicking around the town's tumbleweeds.

Perfect for summer photo-shoots in white summer dresses, these boots look as if you've stepped into a field of twining wild flowers. Assembled from the finest in hand-smoothed leather, each boot is polished to a supple sheen and available in two colors -- brown or tan. Tiny flowers and coiling vines ascend the shaft of these shoes in hues of pink and blue with touches of light green and sun-kissed gold. Smaller thatches of the same design are also sprawled across the toe of each boot, complete with a curved toe for authentic cowgirl appeal. Pull-tabs on the boots' sides allows for easy on and off, while a classic v-shaped entry makes for a snug, calf-hugging fit.

Reaching a few inches taller than traditional cowgirl boots, these feature rubber-soled heels with a stature boost of 2.5 inches. The Big Buddha Wendy Boot interior is a plush grey, cushioning and protecting feet from unpleasant sweaty build-up by wicking away moisture to reassure dryness. Another great benefit of these boots is their stain-resistant finish. Farming days can lead to dirt-filled afternoons and ruined shoes, but these boots are easy to clean with your everyday soap and water. Hand-washed is the way to go to keep this footwear shining.

These are boots that were made for movement! Rather than kick your feet up on the couch all day, slip the Big Buddha Wendy Boot on and head to the nearest barn party for a night of toe-tapping, heel-clacking comfort and fun.

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The Women's Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie

Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie - The Rockabilly RAWR!

Does your wardrobe reflect a 50's trendy-chic Rockabilly lifestyle? Are you always on the lookout for footwear that will turn your high-heel whimpers to bootie RAWRs? The Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie is the answer to the shoe prayers of cranked cats everywhere -- from the chicks who dig a cherry ride, to the classy babes with their Bettie Page haircuts. Be the hip dolly that all the Daddy-O's go ape for in booties that put the extra HOT! in hottie.

What does the Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie look like?

Think pin-up girls, drive-in movies, and leopard print. The Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie would have done well in the era of hot-rods and hipsters, but instead, this footwear strives to give you the ultimate blast to the past. Constructed with an exterior of soft leather and faux suede, each bootie is bedazzled with bobbles running the length of a 5 inch heel. From there, an interior material of plush leopard print gives the Va-Va-VOOM! appeal, while the outer sole is graced with a single gold-brushed heart engraved with the brand name. Not just for fashionable purposes, these booties are surprisingly comfortable as well, providing hours of shock absorption and arch protection.

In all truth, the Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie is footwear that steamy, sensuous talents such as Betty Grable or Kim Novak would have been happy to endorse. The shoes alone are a reason to set up a seductive, vintage photo-shoot -- complete with garters, skin-tight stockings, and a corset that would bring the most chaste man to his knees. These are booties built for attraction. Pair them with an already desireable and captivating woman, and you have an alluring threat of sexy confidence that should be sinful. Delve into your wilder side with 50's-inspired kicks to revv the engine of your soles.

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Tuesday, August 7

The Women's Vera Wang Marilyn Boot

Vera Wang Marilyn Boot - The Confinement Footwear

If you're looking to keep your feet imprisoned in a fashionable, but uncomfortably small confined area, then the Vera Wang Marilyn Boot is just right for you. It will meet all of your needs for sore arches, blistered heels, and bruised toes. With masochistic foot fetishists in mind, these boots were designed to hurt, providing no protection against aching feet and encouraging the flourish of pin-prick pains that one will experience when their shoes are too tight. ...Just kidding! While these boots will most certainly be a strain on your tootsies, this is footwear no one should ever want to own. So, the part about someone 'needing' these shoes is where I was kidding -- the rest about the pain and constraint would be accurate assessments.

What's so wrong with the Vera Wang Marilyn Boot?

Wrapped in leather and platformed for a towering appearance, these boots were meant to evoke a sense of female dominance; a way for women, particularly those in the rapturous world of business, to intimidate and feel confident over their competition. Although, confidence generally tends to mean being comfortable, and these boots provide none of the comfort that is lacking from their advertisement. Instead, they focus on how the boot looks. Albeit fierce in appearance, the importance of shoes lies in how nurturing they are to your feet -- something the Vera Wang Marilyn Boot also lacks.

The Vera Wang Marilyn Boot is layered with snaps, making it easier for them to be worn as full boots or as ankle-length booties. The fold-over feature is handy because it provides a little more comfort to an already uncomfortable shoe. The largest problem with these boots is wiggle-room on the interior. Your feet just don't have the room to move and "breathe." If these are your only option for superior footwear, opt for flip-flops. The confidence needs to come from within, and these are too ache-inspiring to be awe-inspiring.


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The Women's Tory Burch Amarina Bootie

Tory Burch Amarina Bootie - Clodhopping Clowns

When I was growing up, we had a name for shoes like the Tory Burch Amarina Bootie -- Clodhoppers! It wasn't a term of endearment; instead, it often meant that footwear was far too big for the wearer -- comparable to the way clowns will wear their huge shoes in an effort to purposely stumble and entertain an audience.

In my mind's eye, I can 'see' a model strutting down the runway in these booties. She is confident, having done this before in far more ridiculous clothing. However, this footwear becomes too much, and like a pre-pubescent duck, she takes a waddling tumble off the runway and into the laps of awaiting shocked celebrities. Quite the humorous mental image, huh? Unfortunately, the event itself would probably not be as funny, considering she could be injured or have broken an appendage -- all because she's been paid to wear hazardous shoes that are 9 times too large (over-exaggeration!) for the feet of an average woman.

What does the Tory Burch Amarina Bootie look like?

Think of your grandfather's most worn, beloved, and ugliest pair of shoes. Wrap them in gleaming leather, add a strap and a couple of buckles, and Voila! The Tory Burch Amarina Bootie is born! You'd think if manufacturers were going to look to their great-great-grandparents for fashion advice, they'd picked something more fashionable. It's also unfortunate that these booties can't be redeemed by their interior. Instead of being met with a plush cushioning of soft insole, these booties offer a rubberized sole covered with a thin piece of top material. It's the equivalent of walking on small, smooth rocks -- they're polished, but they're rocks all the same.

To avoid the "Curse of the Clodhoppers," take a detour away from the Tory Burch Amarina Bootie and consider a pair of shoes that boosts both your confidence and your stature. Women today have come a long way from the flat-arched footwear of yester-year -- you deserve shoes that will make you feel beautiful, not clownish and clumsy.


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The Women's Steven Sturrip Boot

Steven Sturrip Boot - Dreams To Reality

Imagine this...

You saunter slowly through the swinging doors of a modern-day saloon -- decked in an all-leather ensemble with the Steven Sturrip Boot acting as both your sensible footwear and sensuous accent piece. Instead of ordering a drink for yourself, your favorite mixed beverages keep flowing all night, courtsey of the many admirers around you. You're paid compliments throughout the evening, and give fashion advice to other girls; all envious of your confident swagger and premium kicks. You're watched and adored with rapt attention as you decide after several hours that you've had enough fun for one evening. Getting up slowly from the bar stool, you sway to the same swinging doors, allowing the gentle jangle of the steel on your boots to make an impression as you make your exit. Smiling to yourself, you start the luxuriously comfortable short-walk home.

How good did that visual feel?
Admit it! The whole daydream is a confidence booster -- one that could be made entirely possible with the help of the Steven Sturrip Boot. This is footwear that was constructed to make you look and feel amazing. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on heels that are just going to make you look like every other girl at the bar, invest in a pair of boots that flaunt themselves. Blending with almost any outfit, these shoes aren't overwhelming to your appearance -- they're complimenting. These are boots that demand attention, but for you. It's unselfish footwear, offering you an opportunity to become the dominant, awe-inspiring woman you've always dreamt of being.

All eyes are on your mid-calf length boots, traveling downward to rest on the softly clanging steel accent at the ankle. The side zippers on each boot makes removal a simple task; plus, the plush interior allows you to wear these shoes for hours at a time without the hazardous side effects of bad footwear. Made from an amazing high-quality leather, the Steven Sturrip Boot is footwear fit for a queen. Forget the princess! Let her sulk in her flip-flops!


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The Women's Steven Stingrey Boot

Steven Stingrey Boot - Western...ish

It's not often that I buy a pair of shoes based solely on their appearance, but the Steven Stingrey Boot was a different matter. Rather than bypassing this footwear because of the $239 price tag, I found myself elated by the fact that I had already paid all my bills and the rent, leaving me enough money to impulse splurge. These boots brought me completely out of my element. I know because I let out quite the giddy valley-girl squeal upon realizing I could buy these, which in turn startled the sales clerk and prompted several other shoppers to either ask if I was okay or hurry away with their children in tow. I went temporary crazy for cool kicks!

What's so great about the Steven Stingrey Boot?

Assembled from polished and pristine high-quality leather, these boots are the less scuffed side of Old West living; a look into what footwear would have looked like before the grime and grit of noon stand-offs and saloon riles. Luckily, I didn't intend on getting into any western-style fights -- ever --- which meant these boots would remain supple, pretty, and immaculate through all of my days of wearing them.

A unique feature on this footwear is the long strap that wraps around the ankle of each boot. Ending in tiny gold-brushed buckles, these straps are mainly accent pieces; however, they can be adjusted slightly to attain desired snugness, allowing your feet to be even more comfortable. The harness (also at the ankle of each boot) offers a further glimpse into the appeal of true western footwear. I've dubbed these boots "western-ish" because they appear to be modern in their materials, but vintage in their design.

The Steven Stingrey Boot has instilled the wild urge in me to ride off into the sunset, thumping along on the back of a beautiful horse. Unfortunately, these boots can't get me a pony of my very own -- but they can make all my outfits look adorable and authentic.


Video - the women's Stingrey boot from Steven by Steve Madden:


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The Women's Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot

Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot - The Scenic Shoe

In the short time I've had the Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot, I've discovered that the shoe is far more sensible than fashionable. At 48, I've made enough of a living in my life to where I can do what interests me most right now -- such as riding through the scenic routes on my Harley with my husband tailing behind me on his. You wouldn't believe how much wear and tear riding has on a pair of boots, but people usually don't take into account how much stopping with their shoes and walking hobby-bikers do.

What do you like about the Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot?

These boots are the perfect length in inclement weather. Sometimes I can ride through rainstorms all day long, while in other areas, there's not a cloud in the sky. This is footwear that keeps the dampness of drizzles away from my feet. The interior seems to be completely absorbent; however, the best part lies in how these boots will curve to fit the contours of my calves. Instead of leaving a gaping hole for the rain to travel into, these boots hug my legs -- leaving enough space for my feet to 'breathe' and be comfortable, but no so much as to let bad weather in.

I'm also partial to the polished leather. It might be gross, but bugs are a hazard when riding cross-country on a motorcycle -- especially when taking the scenic routes. Aside from my helmet and visor, the Sam Edelman Ashlyn Boot protects my shins from the bruises of a bug hitting my legs at 45 mph or more. Plus, on the ickier side, this is footwear that is incredibly easy to clean; so, for all my fellow biker babes out there, no bug guts! It's an avoidable, nasty fact of the biking lifestyle that I'm happy to not have to contend with anymore.


Video - the women's Ashlyn boot from Sam Edelman:


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