Friday, August 3

The Women's OluKai Kaila Boot

OluKai Kaila Boot - Not Storytime Material

I'm what you'd call a quirky librarian. The type of woman who really gets into the acting and voicing involved in amazing story-telling -- the kind that can really keep a person's rapt attention until the tale's end. It's for this reason that I often dress up for my "theme weeks," and footwear plays a huge part in that -- especially when all of my library kids are scrutinizing my attire while listening to the story. The OluKai Kaila Boot seemed like the perfect fit for my 2 week stint on stories about the great outdoors, with tales like Daniel Boone and Johnny Appleseed. I was excited about donning a new outfit, including new boots for the kids to "Oooh" and "Ahhh" over.

What happened?

These weren't inexpensive; at $250, they were the most extravagant pair of boots that I had ever acquired, but I marked them off as a must-have for authenticity's sake. When I saw the advertisement, I was under the impression that the OluKai Kaila Boot was constructed out of leather, which was my mistake. I didn't realize they were assembled with an allover suede; a fabric that is prone to retaining stains -- which isn't a very good attribute around excited little children. As you can imagine, I had an apple juice stain on the right boot within 3 days. Again, my fault for not realizing these were made entirely from suede, while the leather bits were on the interior.

However, the OluKai Kaila Boot was also clunky and didn't fit true to size. I'm a narrow size 9, but these boots felt like 11s! I just knew I was going to lose my job for accidentally treading on a kid's fingers. I couldn't get involved with my story-telling while wearing these shoes because I was too paranoid, afraid of what could happen. I opted to bring back a pair of boots I had worn before to finish out the "Great Outdoors" theme weeks. These boots are best left to the fashion models who get paid to be clunky for a living.


Video - the women's Kaila boot from OluKai:


For more info on the Kaila and some other styles to compare, visit:

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