Thursday, August 2

The Women's Frye Miranda Stud Tall Boot

Frye Miranda Stud Tall Boot - Va-VOOM!

Have you ever found yourself searching for footwear that puts the kick back in your closet? How about that perfect pair of shoes with enough Va-VOOM! to light up a room? The Frye Miranda Stud Tall Boot is pretty close, if not spot-on, to exactly what you've been looking for. Fashionable, sensual, and oh-so trendy, these boots offer a pep to your every step with premium leather and high heels that just won't quit.

What is the Frye Miranda Stud Tall Boot's design?

Decked in the sleek silhouette of grade-A leather and stacked with 3.5 inch heels, these boots were fated to the catwalk -- to be adored, admired, and inevitably bought to wear at all times of dire stylistic needs. Available in 3 hues of vintage (Dark brown, Whiskey, and Black), each boot is equipped with a bumped pull tab for easy gripping and convenience when slipping them off and on. Smooth lining and supple stitching create the illusion that these boots were made with exactly your feet and the contours of your legs in the minds of the manufacturers. Comfortably cushioned with high-quality padding and a deluxe pillow-top insole, the Frye Miranda Stud Tall Boot nurtures feet -- offering a cloud-like comfort and ideal support for women with narrow arches or wider heels. Each boot is designed to fit like a glove, riding up to the point of just above the knee on both legs.

The Frye Miranda Stud Tall Boot is best worn with an ensemble that accentuates a woman's curves. For example, these boots would be amazing if paired with a pair of skin-tight jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black leather vest. Or go all out with a night of clubbing in a mini-dress that skims just the top of each boot. This vivacious footwear is not for the timid. Confidence reigns supreme when it comes to these boots.


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