Friday, August 10

The Women's Vera Wang Kenya Boot

Vera Wang Kenya Boot - Worthy Of A Cabaret

Describing the adoration I have for the Vera Wang Kenya Boot would be almost as impossible as describing my profession to a group of die-hard church-goers. Let me explain...

I'm a Cabaret dancer. Despite what images this may conjure, it doesn't mean that I'm a stripper; but, I imagine you'd call me a number of things. However, I love my work, as Cabarets go back to before the 1950's -- when women and men would perform onstage in feathered boas and knee-high boots, dancing and acting out skits in the craziest, most amusing, and seductive ways.

With that said, the Vera Wang Kenya Boot came to my rescue 2 weeks ago when the heel of my most beloved pair of costume shoes broke right in the middle of a performance. I continued as usual, making the audience believe that it was all apart of the show, but I was upset beyond words. It's hard finding a great pair of footwear to sustain numerous performances on an almost nightly basis! Therefore, that would make these boots an impulse purchase because I needed them immediately for the act the following evening.

At $495 per pair, I was sweating bullets over their reliability; however, the all-over leather and the ankle harness sold me on their appeal and pin-up girl appearance. So, it's opening night at a new club... the crowd is sensational and excited... and my shoes made me feel like a rockstar! I was so relieved! Admittedly, the Vera Wang Kenya Boot is more comfortable with a better fit than the aforementioned beloved boots with the broken heel. Each step felt like I was 100% supported and towards the end of the night, I could still dance and twirl without foot pain. It was an investment I can proudly endorse with a flourish of my pink feathered boa and a shake of my ruffled fanny.


 Video - the women's Kenya boot from Vera Wang:


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