Monday, August 13

The Women's UGG Tatum Boot

UGG Tatum Boot - Weird. Nuff Said.

The UGG Tatum Boot is weird in appearance. Constructed from premium leather that's been cut into puffed pieces down the length of each boot's shaft, it looks like the love child of a more feminine version of Marilyn Manson and the Jet-Puff man. Gothic in the worst of ways, each boot is equipped with 3 straps for adjustable snugness around your ankles. Truth be told, these boots create cankles; you know, that merger of calf and ankle that women try to AVOID. It's like your legs magically end in black balloons that suffered a clown who didn't know how to properly make anything attractive out of the shapeless rubber.

What else is wrong with the UGG Tatum Boot?

The price for these boots is ridiculous at $325 per pair. It seems a great deal of leather went into the making of this footwear; therefore, they have to raise the price to compensate for what they spent making them. But my question is, "Why the hell did they make them?!" Unfortunately, I don't foresee these being a typical, everyday pair of shoes for the average women. And by average, I mean women who aren't paid to strut down a runway for a few minutes before taking them off with a secret sigh of relief when they're back offstage. Hideous is too kind a word here, and that's being generous. When I think of boots, I picture something comfortable and feminine -- not clunky, expensive, and unattractive. For UGG, these boots are a definite flaw on their usually good track record of fantastic footwear.

Who would you recommend these boots to?

I would recommend the UGG Tatum Boot to women who don't believe me or those who have an extra $325 lying around to blow on something bad. If you're a usual UGG shopper, it'd be wiser to save that money for a double pair of traditional UGGs in 2 different colors. These would just be a waste of your hard-earned paycheck.


Video - get a better look and make up your own mind about the Tatum boot from UGG Australia:


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