Wednesday, April 13

The Coolest, Sexiest Black Combat Boots for Women

2016 Top Picks in Women's Black Combat Boots

Cool and sexy are states of mind. If you believe that you are both of those things, then you are.

It is all about confidence, but sometimes confidence needs a boost with a pair of black combat boots for women.

Sure, you probably remember the clunky, chunky combat boots from the 90s, but combat boots have matured with your fashion sense. Sleeker and more form-fitting, these black combat boots are sensual in the best way, and they give your self-confidence the boost it needs to make you feel great about yourself.

Additionally, these combat boots can be worn with nearly anything, from casual to formal. Yep, I said it. Formal. I would totally wear a few of these with a wedding gown. Wink! Can you imagine the photographs afterwards? Epic!

Without further ado, here are the coolest, sexiest boots on my must-have list.


Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Victorian Print Lace Up Boots

I had to throw these on the line-up of best combat boots because of their beautiful pattern and overall interesting concept.

These are called reinvented Victorian boots because the flowery designs on the sides are what you would have seen on couches, dresses, curtains, and pillows in the Victorian era.

The exterior sides are constructed from fabric, painted with gorgeous, light roses and other floral arrangements. The bottom is a rugged, rough-tread sole, perfect for tromping through the streets or having a romp through the countryside.


Sorel Major Carly Boots for Women

I love, love, love these combat boots for their Steampunk appeal.

These are a mix-match of strong materials, and while the entire boot is not black, it looks cool with the hints of light brown cowhide between black leather.

These lace up for adjustable comfort, as well as adjustable buckles along the sides.

Plus, I love the little polar bear stamps that are the Sorel logo.


Taos Women’s Crave Boot

Comprised from sleek synthetic leather, these boots are nicknamed Crave because these are kicks you crave to wear. Cheesy, I know, but true.

These are basic, but fitted, unlike the aforementioned clunky, chunky combat boots of the 90s.

The loop on the backs allow for your right kind of snugness. These have a customizable fit that hugs your ankles and feet, but not in an uncomfortable way.

Constructed from durable rubber outsoles, and cozy interior sock liners, these boots are for everyone, from fashionista types to the most casual dressers.


Here is a video laying out several hot and rockin' black combat boots for women this year: