Tuesday, May 17

2016's Sassiest, Best Steve Madden Women’s Boots

Steve Madden boots cover a wide range of requirements, from sassy and sweet, to comfortable but fashionable. These are boots you can pair with anything for a killer appearance that is jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, wow-worthy beautiful.

I spent hours scouring the internet to handpick the best 3 in a line-up of the best Steve Madden women’s boots. It was a challenge—let’s face it, all of these boots are wonderful, but I think I narrowed it down to a trio of the sassiest of the sassy and the best of the best.

Without further ado, my top 3 Steve Madden women’s boots picks are:


Steve Madden Women’s Charrie Boot

Rustic but feminine, these boots mix vintage, Oregon Trail charm with modern comfort and convenience.

Constructed from tough leather, these rugged boots are ones you would wear to clomp around a farm or trek muddy mountain trails.

These kicks are meant for adventurous beauties—those ladies who simply cannot pass up an opportunity to get dirty AND look good.

The laces are thick and well-worn, the insoles are padded, and there are pull tabs for adjustable comfort on each boot back.


Steve Madden Women’s Gorgeous Boot

A whole new level of wow factor, these boots are sleek, sensual, and super sexy—a.k.a. everything you want in a fashionable, fabulous ensemble.

These boots land just over the knees, making them go-to kicks for short skirts or slinky dresses. Or, you could go old-school Nancy Sinatra and pair these with a go-go dress or a hip-curving romper.

As of now, this forgeous footwear is available in black, grey, and taupe—three times the color coordination for your favorite outfits.

There are bowties at the back of each boot, and a stacked heel gives you both a proverbial confidence boost and a literal height boost.


Steve Madden Women’s Freemee Bootie

Witchy woman!

These booties are what I imagine a fashionable, charmed beauty might wear to cast her spells.

The front of each bootie reminds me of a corset with the silver rings and black lace from foot to top. The toes are open, playing peek-a-boo with your pedicure, and the heel is stacked to a lavish 3-inches apiece.

Talk about spellbinding! For optimum, adjustable comfort, there are hidden zippers on the inseam, and the insoles are cushioned to accommodate the natural arches of your feet.


Check out this year's top 5 video list - the "best of" women's boots from the Steve Madden line this spring and summer:

Wednesday, May 4

Yeehaw! The Best Women’s Cowboy Boots Around

2016's "Best of" Women's Cowboy Boots

Imagine a sweet southern twang to this article—just to put you in the spirit.

Usually, when we think of cowboys, the south comes to mind, rife with cold jugs of sweet tea, rocking chairs on front porches, and summertime sunshine setting over a field full of chirping crickets, croaking frogs, and singing cicadas. Throw in a pair of the best women’s cowboy boots, and you have a beautiful, relaxing southern afternoon to die for.

In reality, a really great pair of cowboy boots are diverse in any setting, whether you are farm bred or city slicker.

I have handpicked a trio of versatile, sometimes colorful, but always comfortable, women’s cowboy boots. YEEHAW!


Rocket Dog Women’s Sheriff Saloon Boot

In old western movies, women were often the housewives, awaiting their lost lovers in the prairie.

But come on, with these boots, western-loving ladies will be running the whole town.

Adding a bit of cool kick to your every step, these boots are designed for fashionable, modern wear with everything from blue jean shorts to long maxi dresses.

Heck, I have even seen a pair of these beauties paired with a high-low wedding dress. Amazing!


Volatile Women’s Raspy Boot

Volatile has evolved their collection over the years, and I am loving it.

Perfectly combining classic western appeal with new stitching and contemporary, strong structure, the Raspy Boot is a fashionable must-have.

The exterior, made from soft leather, features traditional stitching along the calves, with pull tabs for easier wear. The interior is cushioned, great for supporting your feet throughout the day, ensuring optimum comfort—no matter the conditions.

Pair these boots with your favorite pair of blue jeans for a truly southern approach to fashion. Or, go flirtatious, all-western cutie with a short skirt for boot scootin’ boogying.


Corral Crater Women’s Cowboy Boot

This pair of beautifully embroidered cowboy boots ranks as number one on my list of must-wears for every occasion.

Constructed from distressed leather, the exterior of the boots are stitched in white, with intertwining vines and swirls along the feet and calves.

I love the rich, dark brown of the exterior, and the interior is a soft, suede-like material, with a cushioned, comfortable insole that contours to match the natural arches of your feet.

I am all about these boots! Even the biggest city-loving lass is turned into a western sweetheart when she dons a pair of these beauties.


Here is a short video, with some other great picks in 2016's best cowboy boots for women:

Wednesday, April 13

The Coolest, Sexiest Black Combat Boots for Women

2016 Top Picks in Women's Black Combat Boots

Cool and sexy are states of mind. If you believe that you are both of those things, then you are.

It is all about confidence, but sometimes confidence needs a boost with a pair of black combat boots for women.

Sure, you probably remember the clunky, chunky combat boots from the 90s, but combat boots have matured with your fashion sense. Sleeker and more form-fitting, these black combat boots are sensual in the best way, and they give your self-confidence the boost it needs to make you feel great about yourself.

Additionally, these combat boots can be worn with nearly anything, from casual to formal. Yep, I said it. Formal. I would totally wear a few of these with a wedding gown. Wink! Can you imagine the photographs afterwards? Epic!

Without further ado, here are the coolest, sexiest boots on my must-have list.


Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Victorian Print Lace Up Boots

I had to throw these on the line-up of best combat boots because of their beautiful pattern and overall interesting concept.

These are called reinvented Victorian boots because the flowery designs on the sides are what you would have seen on couches, dresses, curtains, and pillows in the Victorian era.

The exterior sides are constructed from fabric, painted with gorgeous, light roses and other floral arrangements. The bottom is a rugged, rough-tread sole, perfect for tromping through the streets or having a romp through the countryside.


Sorel Major Carly Boots for Women

I love, love, love these combat boots for their Steampunk appeal.

These are a mix-match of strong materials, and while the entire boot is not black, it looks cool with the hints of light brown cowhide between black leather.

These lace up for adjustable comfort, as well as adjustable buckles along the sides.

Plus, I love the little polar bear stamps that are the Sorel logo.


Taos Women’s Crave Boot

Comprised from sleek synthetic leather, these boots are nicknamed Crave because these are kicks you crave to wear. Cheesy, I know, but true.

These are basic, but fitted, unlike the aforementioned clunky, chunky combat boots of the 90s.

The loop on the backs allow for your right kind of snugness. These have a customizable fit that hugs your ankles and feet, but not in an uncomfortable way.

Constructed from durable rubber outsoles, and cozy interior sock liners, these boots are for everyone, from fashionista types to the most casual dressers.


Here is a video laying out several hot and rockin' black combat boots for women this year:

Wednesday, February 24

Three Unique Kickin’ Combat Boots for Women

Combat boots for women can be kickin’ cool with unique designs that are both fashionable and useful. Back in the 80s and 90s, combat boots were clunky, chunky, and ginormous. Accidents happened, like treading on the toes of others, or getting tripped up in a bushel of tangled laces and huge soles.

Admittedly, I was all about those combat boots because they made me feel tall, confident, and cool. Even though I was the usual short, chubbed-out, acne-riddled teen.

These days, combat boots for women instill the same confidence and coolness, but these are less clunky and accident-prone. These combat boots are more unique with sleeker builds, handcrafted soles, and interesting designs for both the fashion-fabulous fanatics and the adventure-seekers.

The following three among this year's best combat boots are the shortlisted best in a line-up of ten.


Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Victorian Print Lace Up Boot

I imagine these combat boots are the ones Catherine would have worn to peruse the moors with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Or, perhaps these are zombie butt-kicking boots that the Bennett sisters donned in the revamped version of Pride and Prejudice.

Each pair is decked out in Victorian patterns.

Think vintage roses in cream and pink with light green vines and leaves on a backdrop of black.

The exterior is reliable, durable, protected fabric, whereas the exterior is padded and comfortable with insoles that contour to hug your feet.


Sorel Slimboot Lace Women’s Boot

Steampunk chic, totally.

These combat boots are desert-cool with a rugged, dusty exterior that features a knit liner, wrap-around straps, and a slim fit to your ankles.

Snug but comfortable.

The cushioned foot beds are supportive on the interior, extending to exterior soles of heavy-duty, water-resistant leather.

Bonus fact – Sorel uses an awesome Polar Bear emblem for their brand name.


Taos Women’s Crave Boot

Close to classic, these combat boots are slimmer than the goth-y footwear of the 80s and 90s.

Each boot is equipped with tight laces and a side zipper, both for optimum, adjustable comfort and snugness.

Of course, these comes in traditional black leather, but the wedge heels are composed of brown wood and suede.

The padded insoles are removable and supportive with padding to hug your feet, especially around the heel and arches (where support counts the most). I think of witchy costumes and gothic dresses, but you really could wear these cool boots with anything.


Find 5 of our top picks this year in women's combat boots - video short list:

Thursday, January 21

The Best All Purpose Rain Boots for Adventurous Women

When perusing the seemingly endless selection of women's rain boots, you have to keep in mind the spectrum of amazing features that you want in weather-friendly footwear. Of course, you would expect complete waterproofing in a good pair of rain boots, but the best of the best (in my opinion) are all-purpose for those adventurous gals in our midst.

Adventurous might mean something different to you than it does to other rain boot lovers. For instance, where one brave chick wants to hike a few snowy mountain trails, you might find adventure happens in your own backyard, trekking through puddles after a particularly bountiful rainstorm.

Going from my idea of adventure, I have handpicked three of the best all-purpose rain boots to meet the needs of everyday women.


Sorel Joan of Arctic Women’s Boot

I often take a winter wear cue from Eskimos because of their bundled up and beautiful look. These boots, cleverly named Joan of Arctic, have the appearance of being SUPER warm before you even slide your feet inside.

The faux fur lining along the top leads to a comfortable interior of snug padding to keep your toes toasty through the coldest of winter walks.

Laces and buckles are high with pull straps for slide-on convenience, plus gripping treads on the boot soles. No words could express how much I absolutely LOVE these rain boots. Must-haves definitely!


Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Women’s Rain Boot

The fact that these rain boots are waterproof is a big DUH—however, their level of waterproofing is superior because of the all-purpose moisture seals around the base and top of each boot.

For adventurous gals with a love of hiking or simply trekking through the great outdoors in all kinds of weather, inclement or otherwise, these boots are ankle-length with raw leather laces, half zippers, and pull-tab tongues for optimum comfort.

Talk about convenience for outdoorsy beauties!


Hunter Women’s Original Glass Rain Boot

Classic and one of the top picks for women who love a reliable, long-lasting rain boot, this year-around footwear puts a modern spin on a traditional concept. Sure, you have the look and gloss of classic rain boots, but there is the contemporary elements of sturdier sole treads and side pull-up tabs.

The color is black—a glossy hue that goes with everything, making it a stylish, sleek choice for everyday wear. Great for puddle-jumping when your inner child wants to frolic in the rain.


When perusing the seemingly endless selection of best rain boots for women, you have to keep in mind the spectrum of amazing features that you want in weather-friendly footwear. Of course, you would expect complete waterproofing in a good pair of rain boots, but the best of the best (in my opinion) are all-purpose for those adventurous gals in our midst.

Watch a video - Here is a fun "short list" of women's rain boots for 2016: