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The Women's Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot

Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot - The Sedentary Designer

I'm a website designer, which means I spend most of the day on my butt rather than on my feet. But that doesn't mean my footwear has to be hideous, right?! The Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot is the kind of shoe I usually go out of my way to save the money to buy. It's a slight obsession, but the benefits of owning a closetful of shoes far outweighs the cons of spending a great deal of my bi-weekly paycheck on them. These boots have been different but I couldn't tell you exactly why. I can't pinpoint the precise reason why I've been favoring these over my others, but I think it might be because they're super comfortable -- something that rarely happens in the world of fashionable, expensive footwear.

What does the Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot look like?

And how much are they exactly?

It depends on where you shop, but these boots are usually around $375 and up. However, if you're concerned with their extravagance, you can wait a few months until after the popularity has died down a little and get them for a discounted price. Either way, these are a pair of shoes for all types of women to own. Assembled from the finest in lightly beaten leather, the Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot has a well-worn appeal coupled with Old West authenticity. The studded harness wraps around the heel of each boot, but the zippered back in what provides the adjustable snug fit.

I've found that I'm most comfortable when wearing the Frye Phillip Studded Harness Boot with a pair of skin-tight jeans or leggings. They're great for the peasant look, and the fact that I'm not on my feet all day lends to their ability to last for longer. Plus, when I do get up at work and move around, the interior is cushioned and comfortable enough not to leave my feet sore or blistered.

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