Monday, August 13

The Women's UGG Cosima Tall Boot

UGG Cosima Tall Boot - GoGo Friendly

It's not everyday you meet a GoGo dancer who tells you that her footwear is fabulous and comfortable. Well… nice to meet you! I'm proud to be just the woman to tell you all of the above, because I've found my match made in footwear heaven in the UGG Cosima Tall Boot. With a designer like UGG, you know these boots come with a few notable trademarks and excellent additives, such as the ultra-comfy sheep-skin interior.

What else is so great about the UGG Cosima Tall Boot?

The better question would be, "What's wrong with the UGG Cosima Tall Boot?" and the answer would be, NOTHING. Amazing, I know. Especially when UGG has been the cause of so many fashion faux pas in the last decade; lest we not forget the traditional UGG boots over a pair of leggings. Can you say unoriginal and a downright annoying trend? Anyways, back to my super cool boots! These are assembled from all leather with 5 silver snaps on the outside of each boot. They ride to around knee-high, while a wedge heel boosts my stature by a stunning 5 inches. That's significant height to a woman who's been nothing but 5'3' all her life!

As a GoGo dancer, I've received an abundance of compliments and appraising stares since I've started wearing the UGG Cosima Tall Boot. I've suggested them for comfort and attractiveness to some of my work buddies, as well as to some female customers from the clubs. Although, with their $300 price tag, it's understandable that the aforementioned work buddies and female customers might be a little hesitant to buy into this kind of footwear. However, I foresee these being in the closet of every GoGo gal in the U.S….maybe. Then again, it's also nice to be the only chick in the club-cage with a savage pair of awesome kicks.


Video - the women's Cosina Tall boot from UGG:


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