Monday, August 13

The Women's UGG Gershwin Boot

UGG Gershwin Boot - 0 Purpose

At first glance, the UGG Gershwin Boot is a clunky, simple shoe. But, it's when you read the advertisement that you get to the heart of why these shoes look and feel the way they do. Followed by the confusion and finally the overall question of why these boots were designed in the first place. Perplexing in purpose, these boots are sensible for a variety of separate reasons, but it's when you put all those reasons together that you have footwear that just makes you wonder, "Why?"

What are the reasons the UGG Gershwin Boot is impractical?

The advertisement states that the UGG Gershwin Boot is made from "waterproof leather" in a "true biker style." Let that sink in… now ask yourself, why in the world would bikers need rain boots? Yes, I get the necessity of having something water-resistant to stave away the rain on those long cross-country excursions. But other than that, I don't know a single Hell's Angel (and I know several) who would walk around in a pair of $250 boots for the express purpose of not getting their feet wet. For that matter, I don't know any bikers who would walk around in $250 boots. Period. Especially not the UGG brand name. I think these boots should be labeled as what they are… "footwear for the fashionable fakers" -- also known as the biker wannabes; the ones who just bought a crotch-rocket and compare it to a Harley.

As a company, I think UGG should stick to catering to teen girls and fancy women. Leave the bikers and the water-resistance of their shoes to someone who's actually been on a motorcycle before. Overall, the UGG Gershwin Boot could have been better. WAY better. But on the ultra gloomy side, I'm sure I'll be seeing some college-age fashion queen running around in short-shorts, these boots, and little else come summertime. Therefore, UGG didn't lose too much money on making these atrocities.

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