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The Women's UGG Fabrice Boot

UGG Fabrice Boot - The Archetypal Principal

When I saw the UGG Fabrice Boot, I was instantly reminded of the ruthless and cold-hearted head-mistress in Reform School Girls; a classic B-film with a seductive, but unusually wicked tale. I was surprised UGG would have made a pair of shoes that would be considered so raw, edgy, and dominating; however, those are the synonyms I bought them for. I've always been interested in the women who say their day jobs are something mundane, but their evenings are spent being a dominatrix or working from a place of pure power.

What does the UGG Fabrice Boot look like?

Using a combination of premium leather and soft suede, the UGG Fabrice Boot has a lace-up front, complete with a side zipper for optimum snug-fit. From there, a rubberized heel and outer sole provide excellent traction with a firm-grip tread; plus, the insole is lined with the usual UGG brand sheepskin; a fabric that wicks moisture away while keeping feet warm. The overall appearance of these boots will at first suggest a clunky feel; fortunately, they fit true to size with the rounded foot acting as an extra area of support for your toes.

While I've always been the shy type, these boots brought out something animalistic in my personality; I became more dominant, taking the lead in usually difficult decisions and displaying a ferocity in the bedroom that my boyfriend definitely took notice in. After 2 weeks of wear, the UGG Fabrice Boot became my second-skin (not literally!). The defining moment for me was when the guy I've dubbed the "Office Bully" came striding arrogantly into work one day -- cocky and hateful, as usual. These boots boosted my stature by 4 incredible inches, allowing me to tower over and intimidate him through confident posture. It was the most exhilerating moment in my otherwise bored and dull work day!

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