Thursday, March 12

3 Rain Boots for Women with Kick in 2015

Weather has become oh-so unpredictable most everywhere, which definitely dictates what kind of shoes you wear throughout the year. For days when the skies are grey and cloudy, while the ground is mushy, muddy, and puddled, there are a trio of the best rain boots for women.

However, these rain boots are more than simple apparel for the fashionable chick. These boots are the go-to, must-have for women with savage kick, independent determination, and a flourishing artistic side.

Instead of allowing this shoe wear to define your outfit, allow yourself to define the shoes. Make people say, “WOW – those boots are perfect for her! They bring out her personality like VAVOOM!”

The 3 rain boots that I have hand-picked to make the most fabulous, comfortable impression are –


Hunter Original Tour Women’s Rain Boot

Available in loads of beautiful colors – my favorite would be the red – these boots are extra-durable for extra-watery afternoons treading through extra-muddy puddles. They are awesome for anytime rainfalls, but they begin to seep if you stand in one puddle for too long. As walking around rain boots, these are top-notch, though!

Where some rain boots are heavy and way too clomp-ish for fashion-fab ladies, these boots are lightweight, yet surprisingly well-constructed, to handle less-than-great weather. The smooth, matte finish is waterproof, and these would look kick-ass over a pair of sleek jeans or leggings.


Women’s Hunter Original Short Gloss Boot

Another Hunter Original that I positively adore – these rain boots offer true-to-size fit in a short stature.

Coming up to around mid-shin, these boots are lined with comfortable interior materials to keep your feet snug, cozy, and dry.

They are available in an array of awesome colors, but I prefer the glossy black, because it basically goes with absolutely everything in my closet.


Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Shearwater Boot

For chick-a-dees who love a shorter, snugger look and feel for their rain boots – these shoes, at first glance, don’t even look like classic rain boots. They actually look like a chic alternative – maybe a little sensuous, and witchy in a sexy way.

The shaft is shorter than classic rain boots, while the toe is “ducky,” extending outwards like a stylish bill. Available in mostly black, these boots were designed with warmth in mind, as the fleece interior keeps your toes dry, comfortable, and totally warm. Plus, the durable, rubber exterior adds a glossy shine to accentuate your most flattering ensemble.


Here is a mini-video - rain boots for women, the top picks for 2015: