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The Women's Steve Madden Tolteca Boot

Steve Madden Tolteca Boot - The Mid-West 80's Comeback

The Steve Madden Tolteca Boot is proof that 80's fashion is quickly making a comeback, specifically in the form of mid-west culture. When I think of words like 'tolteca,' my mind immediately jumps to images of pow-wows, campfires, colorful ponchos, coyotes, and anything to do with Native American or Aztec culture. Don't ask why. That's just what comes to mind. However, my mental image when hearing the name for these boots was dead-on accurate. Down to the floppy shaft and bangled bottom.

What kind of culture would the Steve Madden Tolteca Boot fit in with?

These boots are made from mixed media -- leather mostly, but also vibrant weaves of fabric and leather straps that look like ankle bracelets, circling repeatedly around each boot. The base is finished off with a harness, completed with a silver buckle that's strictly for appearances. For snug fit, the pull tab and overall slip-on design of the boots allows for easy adjustment. With all of the features the Steve Madden Tolteca Boot has, the most notable is a wedge heel that grants a stature boost of 2 inches; this is often the difference between just looking good and having that extra surge of confidence that goes with feeling tall, sleek, and cute.

As for cultural significance and where the Steve Madden Tolteca Boot fits in, this is footwear with a versatile background. It can be worn by any woman -- from the west coast to the east and everywhere in between. It's an equal opportunity foot covering of pure creative greatness, allowing women to get in touch with their fun and free-spirited alter egos. Perfect for walking through art crawls or making a fashion statement at the next drab party, these boots add radiance to the already amazing personality and appearance of the wearer.

Video - the women's Tolteca boot from Steve Madden:


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