Monday, August 13

The Women's UGG Cydnee Boot

UGG Cydnee Boot - The Ordinary Girl

You always read reviews where the wearer of a pair of shoes is something great in their career field, like a Cabaret superstar, a Pediatrician, or a well-recognized artist. Unfortunately, I am none of these things, and yet I own the UGG Cydnee Boot; a fantastic pair of shoes that I foresee being at the forefront of my closet for years to come. I'm the living, breathing example of how ordinary girls can have amazing footwear and rock it with a cute outfit the same way a business woman or a GoGo dancer could. Not to say that I won't be in the position of working someplace great one day, but for now, I strut my stuff in my apartment building or in the dog park while walking "Furball" -- my amazing pup who I love so much for not being the type of dog to chew on my shoes.

These boots are very… dusty. For lack of a better word. They remind me of something you might see in a Resident Evil movie, or perhaps a modern rendition of a very old Western. They're not actually covered in dust, but I could definitely imagine walking around the desert in these boots. Tumbleweeds are everywhere, and there I am, the average chick taking the ordinary trek through the middle of nowhere in boots that won't make my feet hurt. That fact alone makes the UGG Cydnee Boot great! I cannot tell you how many shoes are thrown to the back of my closet just because they make my arches ache, or they put blisters on my heels.

Now the big reveal… the UGG Cydnee Boot was $295! I'll wait for you to stop gasping or wake up from fainting. I know! So expensive! But when you work 30 hours a week at a job you hate, you get to feeling entitled to doing something nice for yourself, and these were it for me. So far, I couldn't imagine having spent that much money on any other piece of clothing. These boots were a one time buy with (hopefully) long-lasting, comfortable effects.


Video - the women's Cydnee boot from UGG:


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