Tuesday, August 14

The Women's Frye Steffi Harness Boot

Frye Steffi Harness Boot - The Athlete's POV

Since enlisting with a professional women's basketball team, I'm always asked by interviewers and fans what I like to wear when I go out without the basketball shorts and my trademark pink bandana. Well, the Frye Steffi Harness Boot would be a start! Combine these boots with a pair of tight blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black leather vest and you've got my overall biker-wannabe personality in a nutshell. Initially, I thought these boots might be a little much, mainly because I'm rarely ever on a motorcycle and I don't want to be labeled a poser by my always riding friends. However, after deciding that they really don't care what I wear, I opted for these boots, and it was a great decision.

What's so great about the Frye Steffi Harness Boot?

For starters, these boots are all leather and beautiful. But the one most important reason I bought them was because they remind me of the footwear my mom was wearing once when she had her photograph taken professionally. I was 10 at the time, and 20 years later, I still remember those shoes as the focal point to her entire outfit. She was a bombshell in those pictures! And I remember thinking, "I want to look like that when I grow up." She's my mom, so I imagine she could have been wearing paper bags on her feet and I still would have looked at her as beautiful. Anyways, when I showed these to her, she agreed they matched perfectly to the ones in her photos; she even tried them on to make sure I hadn't thieved them from her closet. *laughs*

These boots look like they were polished with a high-sheen gel without the slick mess afterwards. The Frye Steffi Harness Boot has made choosing something to wear for those after-sports dinner party a little easier. I've gotten tons of compliments! These boots were definitely worth the price and they're the ideal companions to snuggle my feet after a long game.


 Video - the women's Steffi Harness boot from Frye...


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