Tuesday, August 7

The Women's Steven Stingrey Boot

Steven Stingrey Boot - Western...ish

It's not often that I buy a pair of shoes based solely on their appearance, but the Steven Stingrey Boot was a different matter. Rather than bypassing this footwear because of the $239 price tag, I found myself elated by the fact that I had already paid all my bills and the rent, leaving me enough money to impulse splurge. These boots brought me completely out of my element. I know because I let out quite the giddy valley-girl squeal upon realizing I could buy these, which in turn startled the sales clerk and prompted several other shoppers to either ask if I was okay or hurry away with their children in tow. I went temporary crazy for cool kicks!

What's so great about the Steven Stingrey Boot?

Assembled from polished and pristine high-quality leather, these boots are the less scuffed side of Old West living; a look into what footwear would have looked like before the grime and grit of noon stand-offs and saloon riles. Luckily, I didn't intend on getting into any western-style fights -- ever --- which meant these boots would remain supple, pretty, and immaculate through all of my days of wearing them.

A unique feature on this footwear is the long strap that wraps around the ankle of each boot. Ending in tiny gold-brushed buckles, these straps are mainly accent pieces; however, they can be adjusted slightly to attain desired snugness, allowing your feet to be even more comfortable. The harness (also at the ankle of each boot) offers a further glimpse into the appeal of true western footwear. I've dubbed these boots "western-ish" because they appear to be modern in their materials, but vintage in their design.

The Steven Stingrey Boot has instilled the wild urge in me to ride off into the sunset, thumping along on the back of a beautiful horse. Unfortunately, these boots can't get me a pony of my very own -- but they can make all my outfits look adorable and authentic.


Video - the women's Stingrey boot from Steven by Steve Madden:


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