Thursday, August 2

The Women's OluKai Holo Lio II Boot

OluKai Holo Lio II Boot - The Uptown Girl

Practically right off the manufacturer conveyor belts, the OluKai Holo Lio II Boot boasts old country appeal with uptown chic appearance. As someone who grew up in a town with a population of just under 800, these boots are a journey into a fashionable, larger world. I feel like one of the dancers from my favorite reality television shows when I wear these -- like I could be onstage being judged by the masses for my ability to dress well and move amazingly.

Why is the OluKai Holo Lio II Boot so great?

From what I gathered, these boots are made in 2 different colors -- either dark grey or light brown. I chose dark grey to match my lighter pair of jeans, and I couldn't be happier with the result. The contrasting hues makes my legs stand out, as if the boots are hugging the contours of my curvacious legs. They've been transformed into my points of self-consciousness to sleek, beautiful limbs that I can proudly show off with a twitch of my hips and a strut of my step. It's been my experience that every woman should feel beautiful in at least one thing she always wears. For me, that one thing is this footwear.

The OluKai Holo Lio II Boot interior is the best! Padded with supple pig-skin and cushioned with a downy insole, I can rest assured that my feet won't be subjected to the usual blisters and sore spots from too many hours of walk and wear. These boots required no 'breaking in' period, and I wore them for the first time during an 8 hour on-my-feet work shift. I've also discovered that these go really well with a denim mini-skirt, or (surprisingly) a mid-thigh summer dress. While I've since ventured away from the confines and admitted comforts of small-town living, my attire has oft been lacking. These boots gave me the opportunity to allow every ounce of my vibrance and boldness shine through.


Video - the women's Holo Lio II boot from OluKai...


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