Saturday, June 30

Madden Girl Turnupp Boot - Dance Class Delight

It's true that when you retire before 60, you have trouble finding things to keep you busy -- such is my case. It's for this reason that I've taken up dance classes, learning to shake my 56 year old booty in new and interesting ways. The Madden Girl Turnupp Boot have proved to be very reliable "dance shoes" -- although I don't believe that's their original intended purpose. All I know is, the tread makes easier some of the more difficult moves and the soft material feels so smooth against my bare calves.

Made out of soft faux suede, these boots have a cushioned insole -- but I couldn't tell you what kind of material the interior is. All I know is it's supportive on my almost entirely flat arches, and fits snugly in the right places without rubbing blisters on my heels.

The Madden Girl Turnupp Boot is in a neutral shade of dark brown, which I thought was great. when combined with a knee length sun-dress, these boots give me a younger "Little House on the Prairie" appearance -- something that was popular and sought-after when I was a kid. It's amazing how re-reading one sentence can make you feel so old! *laughs*

What is the best about the Madden Girl Turnupp Boot is how it makes me feel. I haven't given up my fashionable ways just because I'm quickly approaching the big 6-0! These boots make me feel comfortable in my own skin, where some of today's fashion makes me feel like I need to submit to the designated 'old lady wear' of mumus and housecoats. These are boots that allow me to declare in a proud voice that I can still dress beautifully and comfortably -- still looking pretty after all these years. I thought retirement would be the end of me -- but this amazing footwear has taught me it's only the beginning.


Video - check out the women's Turnupp boot from Madden Girl:


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Thursday, June 21

The Women's Rocket Dog Raid Boot

Rocket Dog Raid Boot - Sensible? Nope! Fashionable? Yep!

As someone who usually chooses her footwear based on durability and sensibility, I've never had much interest in what was fashionable. The Rocket Dog Raid Boot is the one exception I've made to this rule in the past year. At first, I was drawn to the price -- $64.95 (excluding tax & shipping) was inexpensive, unlike other brand name boots that would be too expensive to consider. The entire transaction from the decision to the reception went off without a hitch -- everything was in perfect condition and the shipping fees weren't more than $5. You may be wondering what a sensical woman like myself thought of such a funky pair of fashionable footwear.

I thought the Rocket Dog Raid Boot was so cute! It had patches of offbeat colors on the interior with a plush purple-tinged insole. I opted for these boots in black but I could easily change-up my outfit by pulling the interior material towards my shins. The introduction of this color would give my jeans a whole new look -- making me feel bold and more self-confident because I was wearing an in-fashion pair of boots.

The exterior of the Rocket Dog Raid Boot consists of faux leather; a fact that I was immediately drawn to because I'm a die-hard vegetarian and advocate for the rights of animals. The fact that a brand name could use something other than animal- skin really made a good impression with me. The boots are lace-up, wrapping around the ankle for a snug and comfortable fit. Wedge heels boost me from my average stature of 5 ft to almost 5 ft 3 inches in height.

These shoes aren't sensible -- they were obviously made for fashion purposes only. However, they offer a boost to my stature as I walk a little taller with self-assurance when I'm wearing these with a cute ensemble.

Video - check out the women's Raid boot from Rocket Dog:

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The Women's Lucky Brand Boxer Boot

Lucky Brand Boxer Boot - Artistic & Inspire

Imagine this:  You've just opened an exhibit in the city's art gallery and you're making your debut. Decked out in a flowing summer dress that hits just above the knee, you choose the Lucky Brand Boxer Boot as your footwear for the evening. Throughout the night, you receive numerous compliments -- both on your stunning artwork and your Tex-Mex inspired boots. You glow with pride for your selection in footwear, as well as your undeniable artistic talent.

...Now come back to reality. Wouldn't you love to be put in the spotlight for footwear that makes you feel self-confident and beautiful?

The Lucky Brand Boxer Boot was constructed from a mixture of leather and knit/polyester material that's woven into a Southwestern pattern. The pull-on style makes them easily removed and slipped on, while stappy buckles on the side are strictly for fashion's sake. While these boots are only available in 1 color (brown/santia), there are a mixture of unique patterns and hues present in the knitted sides of each boot.

Instead of slouching where the softer material is, the leather holds the Lucky Brand Boxer Boot high -- ensuring these boots stay on your feet when you want them to. Wedge heels offer a 2.25 inch boost in height -- a blessing to short women and an added bit of stature to those who are naturally tall. These are also available in full and half sizes, from 5 to 11.

The Lucky Brand Boxer Boot speaks volumes about a woman's unique personality and colorful lifestyle. For artists, their personalities will shine through with every step they take. These boots provide a funky alternative to an otherwise bland outfit or event. They're a conversation piece that all around you will appreciate. Diverse and comfortable, the Lucky Brand Boxer Boot is something no woman will regret wearing.

Video - check out the women's Boxer boot from Lucky Brand:

The Women's Juicy Couture Rino Boot

Juicy Couture Rino Boot - Are The 80's Back?

The Juicy Couture Rino Boot evokes a mixture of diverse feelings in me. I want to love them because of the electric blue lining, but the whole design of these boots looks like something I tried to avoid in the 80's. This is based on first impression -- as I haven't worn them for more than a few minutes from the inside of a department store. What I liked most about these boots is...

-- The combination of blue and black meshes well! I love how the blue peeks out of the black in frilled strips. It's a beautiful contrast that would give a flair to offbeat, down-to-earth outfits.

-- The leather straps are for the sake of appearance and don't have much of a function from what I could see. When I adjusted these straps, they really didn't have much effect on how snugly the boots would fit -- instead, the zippered side controls how comfortable these boots can be.

Unfortunately, that's where my "most liked" list ends.

What I disliked about the Juicy Couture Rino Boot is...

-- Everything else. These boots are made for people who want to reminisce about times when the Juicy Couture Rino Boot would have been considered 'IN' fashion-wise. I can't think of a single outfit in my closet that would warrant wearing these boots for anything other than a 'blast from the past' costume party.

I understand that fashion changes and something can come back through the decades to haunt us all when it comes to how we dressed back then, but I can't see many people of this generation being interested in boots like these. They're too up-tight and polished, when most young people go for purposely slouchy and scuffed. While I loved the 80's, I was a rocker and the Juicy Couture Rino Boot would have been popular with the pop/hip-hop crowd.

Video - the women's Rino boot from Juicy Couture:

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Wednesday, June 20

The Women's Marc by Marc Jacobs Moto Boot

Marc by Marc Jacobs Moto Boot - Bad Boots Meet Biker Babe

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Moto Boot is hard to describe. Dubbed a "biker" boot, I thought these shoes would be perfect for my weekly road trips on my husband's Harley. Unfortunately, they never made it to the 5 mile mark.

These boots had the appearance of oil; that's what I thought of when I first saw them advertised because the leather is slicked to a polished shine and it looks like crude was poured directly into the shape of a boot. See what I mean by hard to describe? I immediately loved the straps and buckles, but there was something about the slick-look that made me cringe. I should have stuck with my first instinct and avoided these altogether, but as my husband says, I'm stubborn and never 'go with an initial impression.'

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Moto Boot is (at first) somewhat affordable at $350, then the faux leather starts breaking down and you're kicking yourself for paying that price. It all started with one strap -- the top one on my left boot. It tore while I was walking from my house to our motorcycles. About 2 miles down the road, at a little restaurant we always stop at, the heel on the right boot caught on my kick-stand and peeled back. When I examined it, the whole heel looked like it had been stuck on temporarily with industrial strength super-glue. Walking to and from the restaurant demolished the rest of that heel and it flopped as I walked -- completely defeating the purpose of having a great pair of biker boots. Why only wear one when the second is tearing to pieces?!

It was unfortunate that the Marc by Marc Jacobs Moto Boot couldn't handle my lifestyle, because I live a fairly calm and peaceful life for a weekly biker. Hardcore biker babes would have found these boots to be a bigger problem. 

 Video - give more of a check to this boot:

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The Women's KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie

KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie - For The Upper Class Business Hopeful

I've always thought I am a woman of high ambition and prestige -- which is why I literally jumped for joy and did a happy jig in my kitchen when I landed my upper-class dream job (marketing assistant). It was a stepping stone towards my ultimate career and I truly believe the KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie helped me win over my boss and knock back the competition.

These booties scream sophistication, sensuality, and class -- everything I've forever considered myself to be. I paired these shoes with an all-black business suit, complete with a just-above-the-knee skirt and a serious demeanor. Small silver earrings and a black leather watch blended perfectly as the accessories and seemed to match the booties -- further bringing out their sleek appearance. I looked like I stepped directly out of a high-class magazine for business professionals.

The KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie fit snugly around my ankle and boosted my original height of 5'3' to a modest 5'7.5 -- an entire 4.5' in added stature. I felt like I confidently towered over the other potentials in line for the job. I moved gracefully, despite the extreme heel and secret fear of toppling over. These booties supported my feet in the places that needed it most -- mainly the heel and my arch. They absorbed all the shock of walking with an arched heel and I easily maintained a self-assured stride throughout the interview room.

These booties are made out of a supple suede material, which proved to be extremely comfortable. I expected these to hurt and leave blisters like the other fancy footwear in my closet, but I was shocked to discover there were no raw spots after the interview. I had a little aching in my toes from walking in a slightly elevated position, but that was to be expected with almost 5 inches of extra height. In general, I was really happy with the KORS Michael Kors Jacy Bootie. I wholeheartedly believe they allowed me the confidence I needed to succeed in my interview. 

Video - the women's Jacy from KORS Michael Kors:

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Saturday, June 16

Harley Davidson Camille Boot - Biker Babe Worthy

Have you ever felt the freedom of a motorcycle under your body, carrying you to unimaginably beautiful destinations? If so, what are you wearing on these excursions? Are you decked out in black leather and silver studs? Or are you the sexy tanktop and low-riders type of woman? Whatever you are or want to be, the Harley Davidson Camille Boot will complete your custom biker babe appearance. Constructed from genuine full-grain leather, these boots are edgy -- giving off the impression that the wearer is one woman who is always left untamed.

Perforated details around the upper portion of the boots provide a grip, making them easier to get in and out of. A small harness and metallic chain add to a classic glimpse into modern fashion, bringing an extra dose of savage style to an already fierce pair of boots. Instead of the naturally scuffed and casual look, the Harley Davidson Camille Boot was designed with sleek components -- presenting a clean and seductive appearance for any hardcore woman who wears them.

As far as support goes, the Harley Davidson Camille Boot has it all! A cushioned insole and padded rubber heel acts as shock absorbers, ensuring your feet are protected from everyday bumps in the road. They're a pair of boots that you can safely ride in all day -- trusting that your feet will remain cool, dry, and blister-free. The thick leather is lined with an inner cotton mixture, wicking away sweat and reassuring your feet remain moisture-free. This also allows for your feet to stay scent-free -- meaning no smelly shoes and no offending odors rising from your toes afterwards.

These boots give you one less thing to worry about when you're on a road trip, navigating your motorcycle over wide asphalt terrains. The Harley Davidson Camille Boot is the ideal shoe for any potential biker babe.

Video - check out the women's Camille boot from Harley-Davidson:

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Fergie Mixture Boot - Good Morning, Angels!

Farrah Fawcett was the queen of Charlie's Angels because she had the beauty and boots to go with every outfit. The Fergie Mixture Boot gives you the same opportunity -- ensuring you'll be the fashionista princess in any ensemble. Be a butt-kicking angelic wonder in a pair of boots that rival the infamous wardrobe ability of the lovely and late Miss Fawcett. Sending you a wink from her cloud in heaven, that is one angel who would be envious of your 1970's inspired fashion know-how.

Assembled with the finest high-quality distressed leather, these boots fit the contours of your legs to form a snug protective barrier that supports and protects. No bad guy will want to stand in your way! A block-stacked heel gives a boost of confidence, as well as an extra 4 inches in height to any woman who wears them. Packing a powerful kick of ferocious feminism, these boots have a custom padded insole to alleviate the pain of breaking in new shoes. Available in a rustic tan or brilliant blue, these boots will fit any woman from full to half sizes, fitting true to the curves of her calves and feet.

The Fergie Mixture Boot is a classic come to life for the new decade. Three easily unstrappable buckles rub from the ankle to the upper part of each boot. They can be strictly for appearance or used to make the boots tighter around certain parts of your feet or legs. The price for these boots can vary from the manufacturer's listing cost of $189, to discount store deals that could save you as much as 20%, excluding shipping. If you've ever dreamed of fighting crime in a pair of untamed boots, or if you just want to look like a wonder woman, the Fergie Mixture Boot is the right footwear for you.


Video - the women's Mixture boot from Fergie:

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The Women's Fergie Limit Boot - Iffy Footwear

Known as the "iffy" footwear, the Fergie Limit Boot is an acquired taste. An odd design of leather under a forefront of black suede doesn't meet the fashionistic desires of most women. However, for the adventurous types who love to try new things, these boots are an innovative way to freshen up an outfit. Boasting buckled details and a zippered side, these are shoes meant to spark imagination; a perfect piece of footwear for creative artists, beat poets, or the average everyday beauty with a hankering for something new.

These boots have been dubbed the iffy footwear because of the expression women will get across their face when they first see them. It's a look of wonder and curiosity tinged with confusion and the tiniest bit of doubt. At the price of $189, this is really a pair of boots that you can't expect to try out for just a little while. It's an investment made into a long-lasting relationship by the reliable fabric and durable cushioned insoles. These boots also raise the bar -- or at least the woman -- a full 2 and a half inches above their regular height.

With asphalt grey and taupe as the 2 main color choices, these boots might be a little more popular if they came in a wider variety of hues. Ranging in sizes from 5 1/2 to 10, the Fergie Limit Boot supports a woman's natural arch with a padded heel in every boot -- absorbing the shock of extensive walking or long periods of standing. A cotton mixture material on the inside of each boot provides a snugness for contours and the organic curves in a woman's ankle and foot. Somehow, this design works. A strange allure surrounds these boots, captivating women until this becomes the footwear you won't leave the house without.

Video - check out the Limit boot from Fergie in more detail:

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Wednesday, June 13

Old Gringo Violina Boot - Let's Make Beautiful Music

The Old Gringo Violina Boot is a fancy piece of footwear that any passionate woman would love to make beautiful music with. Fiddling babes will find these boots especially amusing as trails of lyrical tabs curves their way around each shoe from front to back. Wrapped in harmonies and melodies, the boots come in either black or brass with gold filigree -- representing symphonic passion coupled with classic fashion. When you wear a pair of boots like these, your imagination takes hold -- allowing you to hear the music of every stride as you walk from one place to another. Can you detect the high-pitch of a melodious violin or the feel-good twang of a banjo when you slip your feet into these boots?

Not only are these boots great for the musically-inclined, they're also perfect for those evenings out on the dance floor. Constructed out of a leather with a hint of cowgirl style, the Old Gringo Violina Boot gives you a beat you can dance to -- whether it's your own or the one played by your local band. Scuffed in all the right places, these boots give you a confidence boost that will far surpass the 2 inches of extra height added by a rubber wedge heel. You can feel the music through the floor of any saloon, pumping straight to your soul when you're donning these boots.

You don't have to sing like a canary or have the dancing skills of Jennifer Grey to wear the Old Gringo Violina Boot. These shoes will set your creative process aflow with innovative ideas and new dance moves all on their own. Create a new personality and attitude when you wear these boots. Be vibrant! Be bold! Be the conductor of your adventures in footwear that makes your heart sing.

Video - get a good look at the women's Violina boot from Old Gringo:

Dr. Martens Felicity Boot - In The Wild

For wilderness junkies and adrenaline addicts, the Dr. Martens Felicity Boot is the most sensible option. These are the traditional vanilla duds for the everyday sort of woman -- no fashion sense or desire for accessory required. These shoes are inconspicuous, low-profile, and perfect for keeping your tread noise down while sneaking up on an unsuspecting animal or enemy. Ideal for traveling and adventurous activities, these boots rank high on a military scale. Below, you'll find a testimonial for these boots from one very satisfied woman and soldier.

-- "As a marine, it's my job to defend and protect. Therefore, while I'm on the field or going through a scenario with a rookie, I need complete concentration -- derived mostly from not worrying about wearing heels or anything glitzy. Rhinestones and pretty little flowers have their time and place -- and as a woman, I can appreciate those things when I'm playing civilian. However, during most of the day, I'm a soldier and this means being one with the team in unity and courage. It's comforting to know the Dr. Martens Felicity Boot was made for women like me. I've recommended these to all of my bunkmates, as well as a few of my superior female officers. There's not a single woman I've talked to who has ever been disappointed with the way these boots feel or function."

Available in simplistic colors, like the neutral tan or true black, the Dr. Martens Felicity Boot has a 1 inch rubber tread for easy grip on rough terrain. It's like a 4-wheel drive all-purpose jeep built into your shoes! However, at $170 per pair, women are understandably hesitant at first because high cost can sometimes mean low quality. Rest assured, these boots are made from premium leather and lined with the toughest, most durable cushioned insole for comfort and sensibility.

Video - check out (from all angles) the women's Felicity boot from Dr. Martens:

Tuesday, June 12

Women's Ariat Uptown Boot - Down To Earth

The Ariat Uptown Boot is a meant for the big city shoe with a down-to-earth hippie feel. Leather-crafted in 3 different colors -- doe brown, chocolate chip/hawaiian blue, and brown/yellowtail -- and sold in a variety of women's full and half sizes, these boots are the epitome of botanical beauty. Woven vines of bright green spirals curl up the sides of each boot, ending in numerous blossoming blooms of differing vibrant hues. The leafy details will leave any woman wandering through her own mental garden -- navigating her way through sweet-scented florets.

A scalloped top is reminiscent of vintage doilies and good old-fashioned country antics. You'd think the insoles were cushioned with rose petals -- instead, they're padded with high-quality cotton mixtures for shock absorption and arch support. No blisters or bruised heels will ruin your walk in the park. A small stacked-block heel adds an extra 2 inches to average stature, allowing you to tip-toe through the tulips with excellent posture and towering confidence.

In the Ariat Uptown Boot advertisement, manufacturers describe these shoes as "charming." This is a meaning that carries a wide range of stymbolism -- from the sarcastic to the cryptic and the honest. Rather than beat around the proverbial flower bushes, here are a few words used to describe the boots by women who've worn them.

--  "Lovely. Uplifting. Comfortable."
-- "Supportive. Confidence-building. Flourishing."
-- "Verdant. Blossomy. Cute."

Every woman seems to have a different but very positive opinion when it comes to describing the Ariat Uptown Boot. At a mere $209 on the designer's website, these boots are a steal compared to others of their comfort and caliber. Dancing in a field of wildflowers has never been so appealing than when a woman's wearing these boots with pride and poise. They're a symbol of care-free spirit -- footwear for the storytelling gypsy and uptown princess in all of us.

Video - get a good look at these free-spirited boots for women:

The Women's Ariat Lowland Boot - Robo Woman

We're going robotic with the futuristic design of the Ariat Lowland Boot. Reminiscent of something you'd see the heroine wearing in movies like Resident Evil or Underworld, these boots exude an intense edge of a new revolution. Women who enjoy the movies where the girl is the one doing the hardcore butt-kicking will love having the opportunity to tower over the competition in these shoes. The Terminator has reason to be envious when you step out on the town in these black leather duds -- also available in brown, tan, and chestnut.

Accented by a dark grey suede background, these boots have unique straps across the ankle and mid-calf. The supple inner material glides smoothly across your feet, morphing the simple gesture of wiggling your toes into a delightful experience. A zippered-side on each boot makes it easier for these shoes to be put on and taken off; although, you may want to snuggle into them for as long as possible as the fabric cradles your heels and supports your arches. The Ariat Lowland Boot is a prime example of what every woman needs in her life -- comfort and protection against things that gives her aches, pains, and sore feet.

Below, you'll find the all-true testimonial of a satisfied customer:

-- "I'm a tracker for wild game in Alaska. This may seem like a weird job for a woman, but I've been doing this for upwards of the last 3 decades. I go through more shoes than I know what to do with, and have wasted more money than I ever should have on cheap pairs. The Ariat Lowland Boot is the only footwear I've bought in the last 5 years that has been everything it was advertised to be. These boots keep my feet warm, dry, and protected while I work."

Video - here is a good look at the women's Lowland boot from Ariat:

Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot - Cinco de Mine!

As a woman of Mexican descent, it's my cultural duty to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a vigor and vibrance that my late ancestors would approve of. In all my 25 years on earth, I've never seen footwear quite like the Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot -- it's as if these were made especially for me with the thought of our culture's day of the dead not far behind. While some people may bake sugary treats and wile away the hours with their family, I can dance with mine in the street -- kicking my heels up and displaying the logo "Don't Walk In Fear" with pride.

Constructed from high-quality leather, each boot is embroidered with a sugar skull emblem and a motivational quote on the back. The base of the boots are black; however, sky-blue, orange, pink, green, and red are among some of the other colors infused in the designs. A beautifully rich blue hue also lines the inside of each boot -- adding a cloud-like feel to the cushioned insoles and rubber wedge heel. Every stride feels light and fluffy! Strips of leather 'feathers' sweep down the side of each boot for a flowing, diverse appearance.

My favorite part about these boots is the knowledge of culture that was involved. The designers were obviously ambitious and willing to create something beautiful and brilliant for people whose holidays are commonly overlooked in the US. While the price is extremely steep at $500 -- excluding shipping fees -- the Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot is worth breaking the bank for. I've experienced nothing but happiness and pure joy while wearing these boots. It's as if all the colors are shining through my soul, enriching the Cinco de Mayo holiday and pleasing my ancestors. I expect to rely on these boots for the rest of my lifetime.

Video - check out the women's Ariat Indian Sugar Soule Boot:

Saturday, June 9

Frye Jane Strappy Boot - Aarrgh!

Brush up on your pirate history with the Frye Jane Strappy Boot; a piece of footwear that would be the envy of any fair lass, traveling gypsy, or cut-throat wench. These boots grab your attention with a catchy name -- placing emphasis on "strappy" to indicate sensuality and a guaranteed snug fit. Constructed from several types of unique fabric, the main ingredients of this design are a mixture of suede and leather. Wrap-around straps keep the boot in place near the ankle and calf, while vintage buckles add to the overall appearance of classic beauty. A pull-strap on the back of each Frye Jane Strappy Boot makes it easier to slip on and off.

Custom cushioning and a padded insole enhance arch support, protecting a woman's feet from the slightest discomfort. You could walk for miles in these boots and not suffer the consequences -- no sores, raw spots, blisters, or aching feet. The downside to these boots will come in the pricing of between $350-360 per pair; however, their reliability and long-lasting build makes each boot worth every penny. There's also the option of finding a discount retailer in hopes of getting the Frye Jane Strappy Boot for cheaper than the original manufacturer.

These are boots that will keep you afloat when it feels like life is trying to sink you. Don't let yourself go through the agony of a mental shipwreck when your confidence can be boosted with the Frye Jane Strappy Boot. Each stride encourages independent thought and positive self-awareness. They're the feel-good boots for any woman who feels like a hag on her bad days -- these shoes will transform her into a pirate princess, able to navigate her life with relief and ease. There's no price too great when it comes to uplifting your mood.

Video - check out the women's Jane Strappy from Frye:

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The Women's Dr. Martens 9733 Jewel Boot - Bedazzled, Bejeweled

Have you ever seen a pair of boots that could instantly take your breath away? A pair that were a must-have as soon as they met your eyes? If there's ever been footwear that would fit the necessity category, it would be the Dr. Martens 9733 Jewel Boot. Deemed "a modern classic" by the manufacturing brand, these boots are a combination of steampunk meets the Wizard of Oz. More of a delight to click together, they can take you over the rainbow and beyond with a cool holographic finish -- reflecting all your dreams in a multitude of colors to spark your outfit creativity. Available in a ruby or silver jeweled hue, the Dr. Martens 9733 Jewel Boot is unique with a combat-like fit, complete with laces and double zippers for snug positioning.

There's no reason to be afraid of lions, tigers, and bears in these boots -- a brutally beautiful appearance and sensible rubber treads make these kicks savage enough to ward off the wicked witch of anywhere. While these boots come in all women's sizes, it's advised to order at least a 1/2 size larger as the arch support in narrow and can be uncomfortable if ordered with the expectation of "true to size." Clunky enough to withstand a multitude of less-than-great weather, they're assured to keep your feet the warmest in colder climates. Pair with your favorite funky knee-socks for a toasty fashion statement that screams, "I'm proud to be original!"

The Dr. Martens Jewel Boot has proven to be both beautiful and sensible. Naturally, the aftercare may be a little daunting as these boots aren't machine-washable, but a rub down with gentle soap and water will do the trick. Follow it up with a little clear wax for a shine that will make an impression and catch the light in everyone's eyes.

Video - let the 9733 women's Jewel boot catch your eye:

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Ariat Amora Boot - A Love Story

The Ariat Amora Boot is the incarnate of true love for the cowgirl in all women. Adoration at first sight is a natural reaction with these boots, leading to several years of fondness and adornment of numerous outfits. Admire a sleek design -- available in combinations of copper and tan or dark macchiato and red. Diamond-shaped and triangular cut-outs allow a satin-like inlay to shine through an authentic leather exterior. Intricate details give the impression of modern glitz while maintaining a classic wild west appeal.

These boots aren't merely a fashion accessory -- they're an infatuation! They're an addiction worth sating! They'll be a woman's greatest comfort; the amorous crush she dreams about on the loneliest nights. Polished to a supple luster, the Ariat Amora Boot has an expression of devotion right in the title. Women's sizes in these boots will range from half to full of 6 through 11. A semi-wide arch hones in on a woman's natural arches, providing support and protection against discomfort. Who needs a rough and tough cowboy when these boots can satisfy through luxury and relief? A wedged heel gives every cowgirl an almost 2 inch boost to original height with an added oomph! to her personal confidence.

The Ariat Amora Boot proves a woman can form a strong bond with her fancily vintage footwear. Slipping on and off with ease, these boots fit like a soothing second-skin, contouring to suit heels, arches, and toes for a just-right feel. Every ensemble will become an effortless labor of love when the Ariat Amora Boot is on your feet. These shoes are every cliche' a woman could ask for when it comes to finding her match made in heaven. On cloud 9 and beyond, a great pair of these boots can revitalize a once broken heart.

Video - check out the Amora women's boot in more detail:

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Friday, June 8

Madden Girl Raszcal Boot vs. Steve Madden Banddit

Madden Girl Raszcal Boot
I write about boots - I write about boots a lot.  One of the lines of boots that grabs my attention and writing time more than others is Steve Madden, and it's branch-off line, Madden Girl.  This year (2012) one of my favorite boots is the Steve Madden Banddit.  Today I was glad to see the release of the Madden Girl Raszcal (shown in top left photo).

Why:  The reason I was so happy to see the Raszcal is that quite a number of women are making noise about the Banddit, but as it turns out, not as many women are able to afford the price - the Raszcal is more within financial reach for those ladies who might be a bit more on a budget - $79.95 vs. $169.95 retail price.

Steve Madden Banddit Boot
Madden Girl Raszcal vs. Steve Madden Banddit:  The Banddit boot is shown in the right photo - if you compare it to the photo top left (the Raszcal), you might find that you can see almost no difference (except in the color of course - the Banddit also comes in black).  So - why the lower price tag?  Simple - the main difference that I know of is the material - the Raszcal is constructed from a faux leather rather than genuine leather (like the Banddit).

Unique fashion company:  The Steve Madden company is unique not only in its fashion-forward styles (often leading the pack with other companies copying its styles), but in its recognition that when styles are released that cater to a younger, more fashion-conscious crowd, that often those younger women are not as easily able to afford the higher price tag.  On a number of those styles they will create a version (in the Madden Girl line) that are more affordable.  (Thoughtful!)

No matter which boot you might prefer - the Steve Madden Banddit or the Madden Girl Raszcal - the unique style of the below-the-knee-wrap-around-and-buckle strap will be drawing some attention your way.

Video - the new (as of June 2012) Madden Girl Raszcal:

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Wednesday, June 6

Steve Madden Banddit Boot - Straps Mark The Spot!

Straight out of tales featuring pirate-laden ships and myserious gypsies, the Steve Madden Banddit Boot was made for women with vintage attitude. Wrapped in straps of faux leather and available in 3 well-worn colors, these boots speak volumes about a woman's personality. Are you the tough saloon cowgirl with a secret heart of gold? Could you be the ship's captain in all her wench-like glory? Are you better suited to a time when Annie Oakley ruled the wild west? These boots can make your imagination come to life.

Supple material offers a snug warmth for your feet in colder climates, while comfortable inner cushioning is a no-blister guarantee. Slapped with bronze buckles, these boots present an image of natural non-chalance and casual edge. The pre-scuffed design is also surprisingly resilient against the traditional wear and tear of regular use.

Inspired by classic stories of strong-willed damsels, these boots have a slight wedged hell to boost your height by almost an inch and a half. The Steve Madden Banddit Boot is sold in full and half sizes with an affordable purchasing and shipping price; this means there's no reason not to own these! When paired with a flowing knee-length skirt and old-fashioned ruffle blouse, these boots become the creators of a beautiful pirate princess. You can be the master of your destiny, free from the shackles of everyday living when wearing these boots. All it takes is a little mental creativity to boost the limitless possibilities of what you can become when you slip on the Steve Madden Banddit Boot.

These boots are for the most fashionable storytellers. Supportive and stylish means the Steve Madden Banddit Boot is a sensible alternative to the usual cowgirl footwear. Your feet and imagination will thank you!

Video - the women's Banddit boot from Steve Madden:

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Frye Carson Shortie Boot - Refined Rodeo Ready

When I started dating an honorary rodeo cowboy, I knew there were going to be some adjustments to my typically punk-rock wardrobe. One of those adjustments has been skirts fashioned with embroidered southern belle blouses and a savage pair of kicks -- the Frye Carson Shortie Boot to be precise. I have to say the ensemble changes have been pleasant and I've become accustomed to strutting into the fair to the pitter-patter of show ponies. These boots have the wild western style to tie my entire outfit together.

I wanted to keep my affinity for brightly colored shoes, so I opted for these boots in an Eggplant hue. They're dark purple with tanned heel wedges and a few areas of casual scuff for a well-worn but still beautiful not-trying-too-hard appearance. For someone who's never been a cowgirl, the Frye Carson Shortie Boot makes me look like a professional and fashionable rodeo lover. I've received numerous compliments about these boots from people attending the rodeo and in the general fair circuit. I've even suggested them as comfortable and rodeo-ready to a few of the girls who do the show-riding!

As far as comfort is concerned, I'm of the mind that if the shoes don't give me blisters, they're amazing already. The Frye Carson Shortie Boot has caused me 0 discomfort, allowing me to talk across rough and tumble terrain without taking a stumble. The cute little emblem on the back heel is also a testament to my newfound love for all things western -- complete with little bull horns. As a size 6, it's hard for me to find a pair of shoes that fit "true to size" but these surprised me with their reliability and snug fit. If anything ever happens between my cowboy and me, I'm definitely keeping the boots!

Video - the women's Carson Shortie boot from Frye:

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Tuesday, June 5

The Women's Minnetonka El Paso Ankle Boot

Have ease of comfort and ease of style while kicking back or ambling about in the Minnetonka El Paso Ankle Boot. This ageless ankle-high moccasin design is available with a Black, Brown or Taupe Suede upper to coordinate with any casual wear. A fabric panel around the sides spotlights a colorfully embroidered southwestern emblem on each side of the ankle. Whip stitching around the toe adds eye appeal. A three eyelet lace up front makes the put-on and take-off process easy.  Inside is a breathable leather lining plus a cushioned leather insole for total foot ease. The outsole is rubber with raised pods and bars to further cushion each and every step. This just looks like a boot I want to wear and so will you for a retail price of around $48.95.

Picking this Minnetonka ankle boot is such an easy choice. However, if you want to see more styles like this one, please continue:

Frye Quincy Woven Chukka:

You won't hesitate for a minute to slip into the Frye Quincy Woven Chukka first and then proceed to make plans to fit your relaxed state of being. At first glance this could be a traditional chukka boot. But then you spy the rows of cutout open weaving around the footbed and up the vamp which command visual attention plus offer fresh air circulation for the foot. A simple 2-eyelet rawhide lacing system gets you in and out quickly. The leather insole is lightly padded with additional arch support and the outsole is a durable rubber with a slight 1/2 inch heel and light texture for grip. You may choose from colors of Brown, Grey or Stone in Nubuck or Suede (depending on the color). This is bound to be a favorite for roughly $117.99 retail.

Minnetonka Double Fringe Front Lace Boot:

The  Minnetonka Double Fringe Front Lace Boot is the ultimate flirty fringed moccasin. The supple suede uppers are so soft they are crushable. They will breath for inside freshness and mold to your foot with each step you take. Whip stitching around the toe and a rawhide lace up front are expected features. Then the unexpected; two rows of fringe around the 7 inch shaft topped at the cuff with a row of braid accented with small metal conches. The well textured rubber outsole is lightweight and will keep you well grounded. Seven great colors are offered; Black, 3 shades of brown, Red, Grey and Evergreen. So have fun, go tribal and pick one or more colors of this boot for a retail cost of approximately $65 a pair.

EMU Australia Harvey Boot:

What do you get when you take a little bit of tomboy and some up-to-date panache? The EMU Australia Harvey Boot, of course. The premium suede upper comes in either Dusty Olive or mushroom and sports a sheepskin exterior up the front of the tongue. The 6.25 inch shaft is a relaxed fit with two metal eyelets to lace just above the vamp for a personal fit at the ankle. The sheepskin lining and inner heel panel make for a most comfortable and healthy foot environment inside. There is lots of cushioning with a shock-absorbing foam footbed inside and a gum rubber outsole which is stitched for durability and treaded for traction. This boot just screams "cozy". It can be yours for a retail cost of about $112.99 

Be on top of foot fashion and comfort with the Minnetonka El Paso Ankle Boot or any one of these other soft, inviting styles. Remember that if you purchase online, you may save from full retail pricing on many of these and in most cases the shipping is absolutely free.

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Monday, June 4

The Women's Ariat Pegosa Boot - Southern Touch For The North

I'm not a cowgirl, nor do I follow the tradition of old farm-hands and their hardworking ethic. I'm just a 20-something woman with keen fashion sense that sometimes involves a cute pair of shoes -- case in point, the Ariat Pegosa boot. These boots are modern with a touch of the wild west that leads people to believe I'm a sweet southern belle. In truth, I'm a northern girl who can make boots work with the right summer dress and a few pieces of turqoise jewelry. Though, enough about what I am! Let me focus on what the key elements and benefits are about these boots.

-- Overall, a great pair of boots will be comfortable and diverse, which is exactly what these are. I can wear the Ariat Pegosa boot with anything in my wardrobe and instead of looking silly for trying to make an outfit work, I can rest assured that I always look fantastic. Most importantly, these boots don't pinch my feet in the wrong places so I don't have blisters to contend with at the end of a day.

-- These boots are perfect for playing dress-up! I have 3 nephews who love to play their version of cowboys and indians -- as always, I'm the damsel in distress, fresh from the saloon. The Ariat Pegosa boot is authentic cowgirl fashion that makes the kids feel like I've gone the extra mile to play their games. Needless to say, I'm the favorite aunt when I have these boots on.

-- I love the color! There were two hues available but I chose the 'stone-washed tan' because it fit the vintage cowgirl image. The color leans more toward brown in some areas, looking well-scrubbed and worn in a good way. The designs look like they've been freshly inked across each Ariat Pegosa boot, adding a a little further adornment to my entire ensemble. These are boots that tie the whole outfit together!

Video - the Ariat Pegosa:

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