Friday, July 27

The Women's Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot

Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot - Nerdy-rrific!

Most of you have heard of Comic-con; a convention where nerds of the world can venture to meet their favorite comic characters and role-playing heroes. Well, I'm one of those aforementioned characters. A few times a year, I'm decked out in the required garb to resemble Resident Evil's "Alice." Her ensemble now includes the Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot. Why? Because they appear to be the ultimate footwear for zombie-killing action, even if it's just make-believe. Plus, the fans have had nothing but compliments, with some of them asking where they can buy a pair of their own.

What makes the Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot so special?

When role-playing for an audience, it's important for me to keep in character. I have to talk, walk, and kick zombie-butt just like Alice would! This means my kicks have to be hardcore, which is where the Steve Madden Sonyaa Boot comes in. Constructed from supple leather and comfortable in all aspects, these boots accent the tight pants I have to wear, while still making room for my faux weapons around each thigh. The pull-up zippers make them easier to remove after a long day of playing pretend, and the slight heel puts me (an already tall woman) at an intimidating advantage when meeting fans of the R.E. franchise.

I've owned footwear from Steve Madden in the past, and this brand name never disappoints. At a proce tag of $199, I've already gotten more than my money's worth with just being comfortable during the long hours greeting fellow geeks and gals. Each boot is also equipped with a strap accent around the lower ankle; plus, they're available in cognac or black -- allowing me to switch up "Alice's" appearance on a daily basis. The strap is also perfect for holding some of my smaller daggers, completing the intense zombie-stomping appeal.


Video - the women's Sonyaa boot from Steve Madden:


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