Wednesday, February 24

Three Unique Kickin’ Combat Boots for Women

Combat boots for women can be kickin’ cool with unique designs that are both fashionable and useful. Back in the 80s and 90s, combat boots were clunky, chunky, and ginormous. Accidents happened, like treading on the toes of others, or getting tripped up in a bushel of tangled laces and huge soles.

Admittedly, I was all about those combat boots because they made me feel tall, confident, and cool. Even though I was the usual short, chubbed-out, acne-riddled teen.

These days, combat boots for women instill the same confidence and coolness, but these are less clunky and accident-prone. These combat boots are more unique with sleeker builds, handcrafted soles, and interesting designs for both the fashion-fabulous fanatics and the adventure-seekers.

The following three among this year's best combat boots are the shortlisted best in a line-up of ten.


Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Victorian Print Lace Up Boot

I imagine these combat boots are the ones Catherine would have worn to peruse the moors with Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Or, perhaps these are zombie butt-kicking boots that the Bennett sisters donned in the revamped version of Pride and Prejudice.

Each pair is decked out in Victorian patterns.

Think vintage roses in cream and pink with light green vines and leaves on a backdrop of black.

The exterior is reliable, durable, protected fabric, whereas the exterior is padded and comfortable with insoles that contour to hug your feet.


Sorel Slimboot Lace Women’s Boot

Steampunk chic, totally.

These combat boots are desert-cool with a rugged, dusty exterior that features a knit liner, wrap-around straps, and a slim fit to your ankles.

Snug but comfortable.

The cushioned foot beds are supportive on the interior, extending to exterior soles of heavy-duty, water-resistant leather.

Bonus fact – Sorel uses an awesome Polar Bear emblem for their brand name.


Taos Women’s Crave Boot

Close to classic, these combat boots are slimmer than the goth-y footwear of the 80s and 90s.

Each boot is equipped with tight laces and a side zipper, both for optimum, adjustable comfort and snugness.

Of course, these comes in traditional black leather, but the wedge heels are composed of brown wood and suede.

The padded insoles are removable and supportive with padding to hug your feet, especially around the heel and arches (where support counts the most). I think of witchy costumes and gothic dresses, but you really could wear these cool boots with anything.


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