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Embellished Lucchese Women's Cowboy Boots

Have you ever looked through your wardrobe in disgust, attempting to find something that will make you feel truly adorned? Sometimes you want to look fancy! Embellished is the style this season with a new line of Lucchese boots for women. Designed to entice your senses and ensnare your inner fashionista, this is innovative footwear for every lady who's ever had a day where she just wants her feet to be attired like a western queen. Do you think Annie Oakley wore out-dated boots if she could help it? Heck no! Neither should you!

Our favorites, so far:


Lucchese M5026 Women's Cowboy Boot

These boots are edgy and heavily embroidered with a tasteful blend of rich hues and beautiful floral patterns. Each boot stand at 11 inches tall with dual pull tabs for snug fit, and a pointed toe for comfortable wiggle-room. The 2.25 heel offers a pitched height boost while ultra-smooth seams combine flawlessly for durable footwear that will outlast the new wild west era. Available in a dark brown leather, these boots are fashion-friendly and 100% luxurious all year-round.


Lucchese M5020 Women's Cowboy Boot

Tarnished is top-notch when it comes to this footwear! These boots are purposely scuffed for a well-worn look that never fails in fashion. Abundant with intricate stitching, each boot features a pattern of rugged embroidery across a 13-inch shaft. Subtle color changes make every part of these shoes more appealing from top to bottom, while dual pull tab means easy wear and removal. A 2-inch pitched heel and durable leather outsole are built to last, whether you're strolling down a tumbleweed street or dancing the night away at the local saloon.


Spirit By Lucchese Chelsea Women's Cowboy Boots

Dubbed flashy in a subtler sense, these boots stand tall with a 17-inch shaft extending from a low 1-inch rounded heel. The embroidery is from heel to dual pull tabs on the boot's each side, weaving to give a braided intricate impression. The rounded toe makes square dancing a little more interesting, while the calfskin leather fits comfortably against your skin.

Lucchese Cowboy Boots For Women

Sometimes sandals and sneakers fall flat in fashionable expression. Lucchese women's cowboy boots to the rescue! Comprised of the highest quality leather, each design is a little different, spanning the entirety of western fashion. Whether your aim is to fit in at the next square dance or spice up a little white dress known as your country best, these boots will help you achieve a beautifully cultured appearance.

Our favorites are:


Lucchese M5006 Women's Cowboy Boot

The all-black beauties, these boots are 11.5 inches of intricate stitching, pure western influence, and sleek style. Embroidered with swirls of texture and creased for a subtle worn look, each boot features a scalloped collar-top with dual pull tabs to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. They're curved in all the right places with a 1.75 inch heel of durable rubber for unforgettable traction and optimum shock absorption. This means bonus comfort for your feet!


Lucchese N4604 5/4 Women's Cowboy Boot

At first glance, these boots look a little long for wear, but they have weathered personality and character unsurpassed by any other boot. The colors are deep tan and ranch-brown, colliding in a 12-inch shaft from a 1.5 inch pitched heel to a sharply scalloped top. The toe is slightly pointed and longer to peek out from the hem of fashionably dark-wash jeans. These are ideal for providing the knowledgable farm-girl look some seasoned country gals want to attain.


Spirit By Lucchese Annie Women's Cowboy Boot

Boastful of a series of shining side buttons, these boots are well-adorned and akin to horse-riding footwear. A 16-inch shaft offers a high profile in the front with a contrasting shorter back, embellished with a single useful pull tab. A discreet ankle zipple ensures a snug, comfy fit, as the leather outsole provide grip for sturdy riding.


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Crochet UGG Boots

Remember those beloved afghans your grandmother had hung lovingly over the arm of the couch when you went to visit? They were probably the warmest blankets you'd ever slept with, and even now those are some of your fondest memories. Put your melancholy mood on your feet with crochet UGG boots! These are designed to resemble and feel like your favorite old-fashioned throw, complete with thick knit and an array of colors.


UGG Cardy II Crochet UGG Boot For Kids

In testament to their fashionable mom and pop, kids can now adorn their feet with kickin' duds of multiple colors. Comprised of a thick cable-knit of wool blends, these boots are fun and funky with oversized buttons and chunky outsoles. While it might not invoke the same memories, each boot has a contemporary appearance with a modern twist just for those little footsies leaving footprints in your life. Sheepskin lining ensures warmth throughout the ever-changing seasons, making this footwear they can don year-around.


UGG Lattice Cardy Crochet UGG Boot For Women

Fold em' down or keep em' up! These boots are a modern spin on a contemporary cardigan-style classic. Footwear for every walk of life, each boot is designed with a textured lattice pattern from heel to the tip-top of a 15 inch shaft. 3 oversized wooden buttons allow you to alter the cuff-heights to fit your needs, while a variety of 8 fabulous and fashionable colors make it impossible to pick just one pair. These are boots that are perfect for any outfit!


UGG Classic Cardy Crochet UGG Boots For Women

You can't go wrong with a classic! These UGGs are tried and true in every sense of the saying. They're designed from a wool blended knit fabric with a cardigan-style print and weave. 3 oversize buttons make it possible to wear them in an array of ways, where the insole is (of course!) lined with traditional sheepskin.

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Sheepskin Boots Are In

Imagine this: It's the dead of winter and the night has gotten impossibly colder due to a snowstorm that's just blown through. Your power is out and you're huddled under a barrage of blankets with your honey, but your toes still feel like they're covered in ice cubes. What do you do? Reach for a pair of sheepskin boots for women, of course! Fight the grip cold weather has on your feet with footwear designed to sustain and recirculate heat over your near-frozen footsies. There are tons of styles and designs to choose from!


Acorn Women's Moxie Sheepskin Boots

Available in a range of 6 different colors (black, lilac, raspberry, dark chocolate, chestnut, and stone), these boots are love incarnate. You only have to look at them to know they're super comfortable, amazingly warm, and the best solution to cold toes. Amazing when paired with a roaring fire and a mug of hot chocolate, these boots are made from an exterior of suede with an overstuffed sheepskin interior. Literally overflowing with fluff, each boot is made moccasin-style with a tie-off string of rawhide over a rounded toe.


UGG Women's Maylin Sheepskin Boots

The great thing about sheepskin is the way it wicks moisture away from your skin while looking amazing and feeling great. These boots are no exception! Decked in black or chestnut on a suede exterior, each boot has a plush 8.5 inch cuff for an extra layer of necessary warmth. Perfect if you have to venture outdoors for a few pieces of firewood, these boots will keep the cold out while keeping your feet from turning into over-sized icicles.


Minnetonka Women's Fringe Classic Pug Sheepskin Boots

Cute and comfortable combine to make one awesome pair of warm boots! Traditional with a cultural twist, these boots are fringed for fashion but lined with an interior of thick sheepskin for necessity. The 9-inch shaft features a series of simple tassels against an accent braid with golden stud accents, ensuring you look as good as you feel. The durable rubber outsole is guaranteed to get you through the worst of weather conditions.


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Durango Boots For Sweethearts

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! This means a new outfit or a gussied up look for your favorite sweetie-pie. Or perhaps you're looking to celebrate the divinity of being single with a night out on the town in your swankiest ensemble. It doesn't matter how you plan to ring in this impending day of romance and love as long as you include the new women's Durango boots. Each design is unique, offering you the chance to fall in love over and over again every time you slip the boots on your feet.

Our matches are:


Durango Crush Heart Cut-Out Women's Cowboy Boots

Dubbed "crush" for the trail of heartbreak you'll leave in your wake, these boots are heaven sent and cupid recommended. Each boot features an 11-inch shaft of heart cut-outs in an array of colors; the most popular being a dark navy blue that resembles the finest denim. These boots are topped off with dual pull tabs extending from an embroidered, textured heart stiched on both inseam sides. Nancy Sinatra would be proud! Start walkin'!


Durango Crush Heart Harness Women's Cowboy Boots

A personal favorite around here, these boots are swoon-worthy and pretty enough to make your fella weak in the knees. Comprised of a crinkled, weathered leather, each boot features metal heart details on an over the ankle-to-heel harness. The stitching is intricate, lacing across the 11-inch shaft to rest against dual pull tabs. A padded insole puts your every stride on cloud nine!


Durango Flirt Women's Cowboy Boots

Flirtatious is exactly how you'll feel when wearing these super-cute, ultra-comfy boots! Available in a variety of funky-cool colors, these boots are traditionally rounded, while stitching across the toe is reminiscent of a lace pattern. Intricate stitching of sharp designs travel up each boot shaft to dual pull tabs, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for any prospective date night.


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Crochet UGG Boots For Kids

Have you ever left your children to their own devices when it comes to picking out clothing? Have you ever been impressed by the funky colors and cool trends your little fashionista has been able to come up with? Indulge their fashionable side with a new line of crochet UGGs designed specifically to match their eccentric (and oh-so-cute) tastes. We'll kick it off with a few of our personal favorites!


UGG Cardy Crochet Boots For Kids

Classic and traditional, these boots are designed in a cardigan-style with an insole of UGG trademarked sheepskin lining. In other words, each boot is guaranteed to keep your child's feet moisture-free, odorless, and 100% warm through all types of weather. Trendy kids will enjoy how well these pair with a cute for-school skirt and leggings. Or they'll find the foldover-fashion pleasant as they can change-up their wardrobe with just the flip of a foot cuff. While the colors for these don't stray past black and grey, the lightweight feel and overall comfort more than makes up for the lack of cool hues.


UGG Lattice Cardy Crochet Boot For Kids

Oh, you made my brown boots blue! These are boots for the crocheting crooner in every creative kid. In a wider range of hues (we prefer the periwinkle!), these boots are woven from a knitted wool blend and patterned with textured lattice. 2 oversize buttons offer several alternate methods of wear, while the sheepskin sock liner provides moisture-free warmth to always-on-the-go feet. The rubber outsole offers excellent shock-absorbing traction for kids who are forever active.


UGG Cardy II Crochet Boot For Kids

How can we describe these boots without using the word "super-cool?" We can't! Multi-colored and vibrant for your little artist on-the-go, these boots offer a cardigan-style knit of soft wool with a durable suede heel and tractioned rubber outsole. Bare feet will be nourished and nurtured in comfortable warmth within a sheepskin insole, providing constant cozyness for creative kiddies.


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Lucky Brand Cowboy Boots Of 2013

All walks of women can appreciate a good pair of Lucky Brand cowboy boots. Whether you're a true country farm girl or a city chick with an appreciation for Old West fashion, it doesn't matter where you come from or what your background is. For 2013, Lucky Brand has quite the line-up of cowboy boots, proving there really is something for everyone.


Women's Caleb Fringe Cowboy Boots

For the looker who wants to shimmy as she shakes, these boots are fringed with concisely cut tassels of super-soft suede. Lush to the touch, each boot is available in Bombay (light brown) or Tobacco (dark brown) with an 11.5 inch shaft from heel to mid-calf and a scalloped cut for a true western appearance. A small rubber outsole gives these boots as 1.25 inch heel, while the insole is a comfortably insert of snug foam for a pain-free stride everywhere you walk.


Ellena Cowboy Boot

Based on the alluring anklet-style of other modern cowgirl attire, these boots offer a ramped up western appeal to a new-age outfit. Gently distressed, each boot is made from the highest quality leather with barely-visible topstitching and a scalloped heel. Available in dark brown with a stacked heel, these fit snugly with dual pull tabs for easy on and off. They're also accented tastefully with tiny metal studs to adorn and compliment the subtle rise of a 2.5 stacked heel with rubber outsole.


Tablita Women's Cowboy Boot

Ranked at the top of the 2013 hot list, these boots are completely modern footwear for the wild west admirer. A 2-inch heel of stacked, durable rubber kicks each boot off, leading into an ankle-length shaft of 1 of 4 different neutral colors. The topstitching displays an old western appeal with a vamped seam, while the scalloped collar discreetly hides a snug-fit zipper. A flexible insole ensures comfort through hours of everyday wear, no matter the occasion.


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Ariat Boots For Women

Some women would prefer their footwear to match their personality. Shoes that fit the individuality mold would present a woman through her choice of bold colors, funky designs, and unsurpassed comfort. While we're unsure how other brand name booties would add up, we're positive that the new Ariat women's cowboy boots is up to the funky personality par. Every year this company attempts to come up with something innovative, creative, imaginative, and unique; 2013 is no different and we think they've succeeded with flying colors.

Our favorites are:

Ariat Fatbaby Cowgirl Boots

8-inches of quality leather from heel through shaft makes this boot a comfortable wonder to wear. Available in 3 multi-color combinations, these boots feature a rounded old western toe with perforated stitching and scalloped cut around the vamp. Brightly hued seams run to pull-on holes and subtle top tabs, contrasting the thick rubber outsole. Lightweight and beautiful, each boot is designed to accentuate your every dazzling characteristic.


Ariat Billie Women's Cowboy Boots

Standing at a 7-inches from heel to top, these boots are ankle-length and available in 3 color combinations with an allover pebbled leather base. Intricate stitching send shoots of fire-like patterns up each boot's shaft, while a full-side zip discreetly offers a snug and comfortable fit. For that extra boost to your average stature, the 1.5-inch stacked heel is rubber capped for quiet tread and optimum traction.


Ariat Legend Women's Cowboy Boots

The tallest in our little list thus far, these boots extend from heel through shaft to stand at 11 inches. Comprised from full-grain leather, each boot is fitted with a sock liner for ultimate arch and heel support, which means your feet will have fewer (if any) blisters after trudging in this footwear all day. This was on our favorites because of the cool color combination options! Available in a nifty leopard print, these boots are a roaring good time no matter where you may be.

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Chestnut UGG Boots For Kids

UGG is a household name and an icon of fashion for women (and some men) around the world. Every continent celebrates the innovative designs every season; however, there's nothing saying there has to be an age limit on this salute to amazing fashion. With the kids Chestnut UGG boots, little ones can mimic the fashionable fantastics of their parents with footwear to warm and nurture miniature toes.

Some of our anticipated favorites are...

UGG Infant and Toddler Boo Chestnut Boot (shown in top-left photo)

"Boo" is just a cute word, whereas "cute" would go a long way in describing every aspect of these cutie-patootie little booties. A natural plush expands over bare footsies to provide a nourishing sheepskin of moisture-free warmth. Smaller children always need to be extra bundled against cold conditions until they gain the ability to maintain and regulate their body temperature; these booties are a literal step in the right direction, keeping your infants toes snug and safe from chill.


UGG Kids Ellee Chestnut Boot

Can you imagine your "mini-me" in a pair of these too-cute boots? Deemed ideal for footwear fashionistas in-training, each boot is lined with a pink-tinged insole of traditional sheepskin, guaranteed to keep her toes warm and comfortable. A cuffed length of plush material spills over the suede top, covering the 6.5 inch shaft in a wide ankle-length cuff. Adorned with a pink rubbed outline at the outsole, these are boots that every little lady will love.


UGG Toddler Classic Short Chestnut Boot

Boys need beautiful boots too! Not just for the lovely lasses in your life, these boots are unisex and fashionable no matter what your tender toddler-age or gender. Wrapped in fashionable suede, this traditional pull-on has a furred insole of sheepskin for a moisture-free, odorless warmth that encompasses natural feet arches. A little above the ankle, each boot is seamed for a rugged appearance and perfect for heat-maintenance on tiny toes in every climate.

Women's Boots By Durango

Durango women's cowboy boots are guaranteed to make your feet dance and your heart jump for joy. This is innovative footwear for a whole new year of fashion "yes!" 2013 represents a new beginning; a chance to start over with the things you've always wanted to do but never had the courage. Why should your shoes be in any different of a category? Surprise yourself by buying a new pair of boots that enhance your mood and allow your inner beauty to shine through. Indulge your mental fashionista with shoes that can only beautify and decorate your ensembles.


You can start with the...

Durango Crush Rock 'N Scroll Women's Cowboy Boots

These reminded us of something straight out of a modern-take on a Shakespearean lovestory. They're edgy, romantic, and rife with a beauty that's almost tragic! Available in our favorite near-ink black (and several other colors), these boots feature a traditional shaft-cut of high-quality synthetic leather with accent stitching in contrasting hues. The toe slopes upward at a slight angle for a bit of wiggle-room for your feet, whereas the heel is raised to accomodate a rubberized outsole for ultimate comfort and shock absorption. You don't have to be one in a couple of star-crossed lovers to adore the brilliance of these boots!


Or the...

Durango Crush Slouch Women's Cowboy Boots

For the country gal who wants to look fashionable without appearing to try too hard, these boots are the informal testament to being footwear fabulous. Constructed from a high-quality full-grain leather, each boot is heeled with a stacked 1.5 inch wedge, ascending towards a slouched 11-inch shaft. The tops are accented with dual pull tabs for a comfortable fit, while the slouch is creased naturally for a gently well-worn look. You're sure to impress with your fashion-friendly non-chalance in a pair of these.


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Sweater UGGs For Wintry Mixes

Weather around the world is crazy right now with some temperatures dropping to below 30 degrees or lower. This means cold everything, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your toes. Ensure your feet don't turn into oversized icicles with this season's new line of sweater UGGs! Designed to withstand the worst of wintry mixes and inclimate weather, these UGGs are different in pattern and appearance but similar in function. Ranging from traditional to downright modern, the most popular sweater-tastic UGGs are expected to pop up on the feet of fashionable women everywhere this year.

A couple of the most anticipated designs are...


UGG Classic Cardy Sweater Boot (shown in photo top-left)

Perfect for a leisurely walk on a crisp morning or a brisk jog through slush on the way to a driveway mailbox, these boots made from the finest Merino wool blend. Not your typical knit concoction, each boot is lined with thick foamy insole and the tried-and-true sheepskin that makes every pair of UGGs a trademarked wonder. You don't have to wear socks! The material wicks away moisture from the inside and the outside, keeping feet super-warm, comfortable, and odor-free. Available in a multitude of natural colors, these are adorned with side buttons for a snug fit no matter how you wear them.


UGG Leland Sweater Boot

Blended with a special mixture of warmth-retaining wool and sheepskin, these boots extend to mid-calf with a stretchy knit to accomodate all shapes and sizes. Worn over jeans or with a pair of leggings, each boot can fold down to cuff at the ankle for a new look, or fold up for a comfortable sweater from your toes to just below the knee. The exterior is chunk and knitted in a cable-fashion for thick protection against winter's worst weather, while the interior is super-soft and airy for a moisture-free stride.


To find these and other 2013 picks of sweater UGG Australia boots, visit:

2013 Women's Ariat Boots

It may be bad luck to brag but we think 2013's women's Ariat boots are "da bomb!" That's right! We're bringing back the 90's slang to describe the amazing boots of now because "swag" just won't cover it. This footwear is refined, enhanced, and up-to-speed with the rapidly changing times (even if we aren't). Each pair is beautiful, unique, and designed with nothing but plush comfort in mind. No more aching feet! It's all heavenly clouds for your tootsies from here on out, baby!

What you can expect:


Ariat Fatbaby Women's Cowboy Boots

These boots would make a bold and necessary addition to you wardrobe, quickly morphing into your latest fashion essentials. Chunky and well-insulated, these boots are perfect for any type of inclimate weather, meaning your feet will stay warm in the cold. For summer months, each boot has a plush insole with moisture-free protection, which means odor-free footsies when the weather is at its hottest. Available in the usual neutral colors, these boots are short with a 7.5 inch shaft and a 1.5 inch heel, ascending to just mid-shin for a look that pairs perfectly with a cute skirt or denim shorts.


Ariat Probaby Women's Cowboy Boots

Starry-eyed surprise! These boots have celestial designs of intricate stiching extending up a 10-inch shaft to dual starred tabs. Each shoe is comprised of a high-quality leather with maximum tread-grip on a rounded rubber outsole. In other words, your piggies will opt for staying home when it comes to scurrying off to the market. Warm, moisture-free, and comfortable, this is footwear your feet have been dreaming about. Or at least it would be if feet could dream.


Ariat Rogue Women's Cowboy Boots (shown in top-left photo)

Finally! Boots that put the dainty goddess back on her rockin' pedastel. Each shoe is studded with accents from heel to toe and upwards to the top of an 11-inch shaft. Accomodating for every outfit with an array of neutral ensemble-friendly colors, these boots are bound to be the best when it comes to avoiding blisters and feeling comfortable all day long.


For the "best of" women's Ariat in 2013, visit:

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UGG Boots For Chocolate Lovers

What springs to mind when you think of your favorite dessert? Would you use words like decadent, rich, scrumptious, or mouth-watering? If you'd like to incorporate these salivation-worthy descriptions into fashionable aspects of your life, chocolate UGG boots give you that option. While you might be tempted to break off thick slabs of this footwear, these smooth boots aren't meant for consumption by mouth; they're designed to be devoured by sight and feel. Listed below are a couple chocolate-inspired boots that are too yummy to pass up when considering new additions to your shoe collection.


UGG Bailey Button (shown left)

These boots promise a blissful experience at first glance. Seeming to overflow with furred comfort, each one is versatile with a calf-high shaft and a single button for secured fit. Genuine sheepskin cushions your every step, while a chunky outsole acts as the perfect shock absorber. This is footwear that looks as if it were poured from molds specifically to fit the unique contours of your feet.


UGG Carnegie Boot
For women with a taste for sophisticated footwear, these boots are super-chic and luxuriant. Seemingly extravagant with a soft suede-like exterior, each boot ascends from a 4-inch wedge heel, accented with baseboard studs for a shimmering step. These are also versatile, as the pair can fold up or down for a sheepskin-lined fashion statement that goes great with everything, from a dark pair of fitted blue jeans to black leggings.


UGG Classic Tall Boot

As with every box of chocolates, we've saved the best chocolate UGGs for last. This footwear was designed in traditional UGG fashion for casual wear. Perfect for a quick trip to the grocery store over your favorite fitted sweats, these boots are an over-the-calf signature of soft suede proportions. Decked with a lining of signature sheepskin, this is footwear that will forever hold a place in the heart of both chocolate lovers and UGG fans.

Knee-Length Knit UGGs

If kempt, keen, and kooky are three words that your friends would use to describe you, it might be time to add knockout to the list with knee-length knit UGG boots. Knotted and knitted into elaborate patterns, these boot pairs take wintry outfits from cold and knavish to kingly and cozy. While these boots likely won't provide witty "K" word banter with your every step, they will warm your toes in a fashion-friendly way. Below we've compiled a short list of the best knee-length weaved UGGs this season.


UGG Leland Knit Boots (shown left)

Two-toned and chunky, these boots are woven into a lattice-style pattern with a comfortable wool blend. Four large buttons extend up a 12-inch shaft from ankle to knee; 2 of the snaps can be unbuttoned to fold, forming an anklet-like boot that's twice as warm and 3 times as trendy. Available in 3 contrasting colors (black, charcoal, and navy blue), these boots are lined with traditional lightweight sheepskin, wicking away moisture, providing heated insoles, and cushioning footfalls.


UGG Tularosa Route Cable Knit Boots

We imagine these boots are the type that biker babes wear on their off-season of being hardcore. Hey, everyone needs to take a break to be kittenish sometimes! Matching the material of traditional cable knit sweaters; these boots are chunky and thick, kind of like custom warmers specifically for your on-the-move feet. Available in black or charcoal, they're lined with signature UGG sheepskin and secured with metallic closures.


UGG Over the Knee Twisted Cable Knit Boots

At first glance, If kempt, keen, and kooky are three words that your friends would use to describe you, it might be time to add knockout to the list with knee-length knit UGGs. Knotted and knitted into elaborate patterns, these boot pairs take wintry outfits from cold and knavish to kingly and cozy. While these boots likely won't provide witty "K" word banter with your every step, they will warm your toes in a fashion-friendly way. Below we've compiled a short list of the best knee-length weaved UGGs this season.

Kickin' Knit UGGs For Knockouts

In years past, knitting anything has been associated with toboggans and ugly little sweaters that you might re-gift after the holiday seasons ended. However, knit UGGs are making the use of this age-old grandmother-esque craft into a fashion statement; one that any cozy-loving woman would want to sport when the weather turns frigid. Below you'll find three knitted boot pairs that put the fan-base back into fashionable.

UGG Tularosa Detachable Knit Boots (shown left)

Initially, these boots aren't the most appealing, as the attached cuff of extra grey knee-length fabric might be too 80s-esque for modern women. Fortunately, for there's more than one way to wear these, as the cuff can be rolled down for a shorter, just as warm ankle boot, or you can detach it completely. Though, we've found that the extra material really comes in handy on chillier evenings.


UGG Argyle Knit Boots

The argyle pattern on these boots will likely bring back memories of walking from one classroom building to another on wintry mornings. There's just something sophisticated and academic about these boots, as each one is comprised of a raised diamond pattern along a 12 inch shaft; both leading up to knee-length and lined with traditional sheepskin.


UGG Lattice Cardy Knit Boots

These knit UGG boots are reminiscent of colder nights spent pub hopping in Ireland with friends; or perhaps a comfortable log-cabin sort of birthday with a rugged beau next to a roaring fireplace in mountainous America. It's footwear you can envision being with you as you make your way around the world, jumping from one adventure to the next. Sporting 2 looks in one, these boots are comprised of a wool-blend for a lattice-like weave of aesthetically pleasing fabric. The insole is lined with signature sheepskin to warm toes and wick away moisture, while there are nine colors to choose from.


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