Friday, August 17

The Women's Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot

Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot - The Amazonians & Ebayers

When I'm looking for a great pair of boots, I usually check out the reviews and testimonials from sites like or Ebay. The Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot was a surprising find, because there's always at least a single 1 star rating for the boots I like upon first impression. Sometimes the rating is justified, other times it's like the person didn't even give the shoes a chance to fit correctly or look great with their outfit. These boots were different because 80% of their reviews were 4 star and above. Nothing went below a 2 star, and even then, it was based on the accounts of 2-3 people who didn't have the patience to break them in.

After much consideration, here's what I've found in my research of the Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot.

- These boots apparently run a little narrow in the arch. This is easily remedied (usually) if you order a size up instead, avoiding the sizes you know will pinch your feet. Most of the time, women are so hellbent on getting a fashionable pair of footwear, that they don't worry about how that footwear will fit. To be comfortable AND pretty, a pair of shoes needs to be researched (like what I did) and that research needs to be taken into consideration. In this case, I know now to order at least an 8.5 or a 9 to avoid the pinched feeling of a too-narrow arch.

- The Clarks Orinocco Leap Boot is non-slip. With a barely 2 inch wedge platform heel, these boots would be ideal for someone like me who is always on her feet at work. It's not for the constant woman who runs around due to the fact that even a perfect pair of fashionable boots can't replace a good pair of work-specific shoes. However, the non-slip feature wicks moisture (sweat) away from my foot to ensure I remain well-adjusted and comfortable when I have some walking to do at work.

Video - the women's Orinocco Leap boot from Clarks:


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