Friday, August 17

The Women's Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie

Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie - Short on Comfort

Falling short this year in the comfort zone for footwear is the Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie; a shoe designed by Luxury Rebel, which is a company that obviously prides itself on being a little rebellious when it comes to their yearly fashion releases. However, 2012 was not their best year as evidenced by these booties. Instead of designing a bootie that allowed women to feel sexy AND comfortable, this brand name opted for appearances, completely bypassing the fact that most women are the happiest when their shoes feel as good as they look.

What's so wrong with the Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie?

These booties are narrow in the arch, wide in the heel, and rounded at the toe, with the expectation that a 3.5 inch stiletto heel would balance it all out. Rather than make it easier to maneuver, the whole design of the bootie is off balance, causing distress in areas like the arches of your feet and the tender spots above your heel. It's the easiest to get raging blisters when your shoes slip off slightly with every step you take, as these booties do, no matter what size is purchased. The Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie seems to have an odd symmetry, meaning even if you're an 8 in shoes, it wouldn't make a difference for you to get a size up or down because some areas of these booties will fit all the time, while others will fit none of the time.

Overall, the Luxury Rebel Kami Bootie is a shame. With this brand name popping out at least 3 shoes per year, Luxury Rebel has (up until now) maintained a knack for creating unique and true-to-size footwear for every type of woman. We really beg the question of, "What were they thinking when they came up with these booties?"

Video - the women's Kami bootie from Luxury Rebel:


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