Friday, August 10

The Women's Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie

Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie - The Rockabilly RAWR!

Does your wardrobe reflect a 50's trendy-chic Rockabilly lifestyle? Are you always on the lookout for footwear that will turn your high-heel whimpers to bootie RAWRs? The Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie is the answer to the shoe prayers of cranked cats everywhere -- from the chicks who dig a cherry ride, to the classy babes with their Bettie Page haircuts. Be the hip dolly that all the Daddy-O's go ape for in booties that put the extra HOT! in hottie.

What does the Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie look like?

Think pin-up girls, drive-in movies, and leopard print. The Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie would have done well in the era of hot-rods and hipsters, but instead, this footwear strives to give you the ultimate blast to the past. Constructed with an exterior of soft leather and faux suede, each bootie is bedazzled with bobbles running the length of a 5 inch heel. From there, an interior material of plush leopard print gives the Va-Va-VOOM! appeal, while the outer sole is graced with a single gold-brushed heart engraved with the brand name. Not just for fashionable purposes, these booties are surprisingly comfortable as well, providing hours of shock absorption and arch protection.

In all truth, the Betsey Johnson Viivian Bootie is footwear that steamy, sensuous talents such as Betty Grable or Kim Novak would have been happy to endorse. The shoes alone are a reason to set up a seductive, vintage photo-shoot -- complete with garters, skin-tight stockings, and a corset that would bring the most chaste man to his knees. These are booties built for attraction. Pair them with an already desireable and captivating woman, and you have an alluring threat of sexy confidence that should be sinful. Delve into your wilder side with 50's-inspired kicks to revv the engine of your soles.

Video - the women's Viivian bootie from Betsey Johnson


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