Monday, August 13

The Women's UGG Gillespie Boot

UGG Gillespie Boot - The New Trend

UGG has gone on a biker kick and the UGG Gillespie Boot is your evidence. I'm not sure if any of the designers have actually ever ventured anywhere on a motorcycle, but they've got the footwear about right. As someone who's spent her life around Harleys and other bikes that give a loud VROOM!, I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to shoes on the road. I've owned numerous pairs over the last 30 years that had the express purpose of being my on-the-road boots.

What are the good things about the UGG Gillespie Boot?

These boots are made from premium, slick leather with an interior of soft suede and trademarked sheep-skin -- all attributes that add up to this footwear being water-resistant, sweat-free, odor-free, and super comfortable. The exterior is pitch-black with 2 straps that end in silver buckles for a very modern, chic biker appearance. Albeit, the best part, and the part I'm most excited about with these boots is their climate protection. I've driven through a thunderstorm that lasted an hour, and even after that, it was still drizzling. Which all leads to soaked clothes, sopping wet shoe insoles, and discomfort. The UGG Gillespie Boot is snug enough to prevent water from getting in and the slick exterior means the rain beads right off.

My only complaint with the UGG Gillespie Boot is the cost. At $300 a pair, I think that's a little too much to pay for a good pair of boots. Although, if the ones I just bought will last me more than a decade, I'll reconsider the above statement and UGG can charge me whatever they want. In the long run, I think these boots will at least outlast the pair before them -- totaling out at 3 years. I'm looking forward to many happy and dry road trips with these boots.


Video - get a good look at the women's Gillespie boot:


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