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The Women's KORS Michael Kors Creston Boot

KORS Michael Kors Creston Boot - For The Love Of Leather

Stepping into the spotlight for the 2012 line-up is the KORS Michael Kors Creston Boot -- footwear that brings new meaning to fashion fabulous, with a touch of sensibility. Available in a gleaming nutmeg hue, these boots represent everything this season should be in terms of trends and appealing appearance. You might not be able to jog down the soggy shore in these boots, but you'll be more than prepared to strut your stuff down any makeshift runway.

For the love of all things fashionable, these boots are assembled from authentic leather, polished to a supple sheen, and pumped up with stacked wedges of rubber and hard-wood. Despite the mixture of unconventional materials, the KORS Michael Kors Creston Boot is designed with comfort taken to heart. An almond-shaped toe allows for spacious mobility, while the cushioned and padded leather insole ensures feet remain snug and well-protected from the unpredictable elements -- such as rain, sweat... or clumsily spilled champagne at an office party. A pull-tab allows for convenient on or off, but the trendy focal point lies with the wide leather straps that decorate each boot in 2 places -- near the entry hole and across the ankle. The straps are for appearance purposes only, ending in shining silver buckles.

The KORS Michael Kors Creston Boot also includes a zip closure on each right side, followed by ragged stitched seams for svelte, angular, and unique accentuation. These boots are positively chic! Instead of opting for the everyday sneakers or obligatory flip-flops, take a chance on footwear that was made for women who take pride in what goes on their feet. Available in a multitude of diverse sizes, these boots are indiscriminate, striving to make every woman feel and look beautiful. You and the KORS Michael Kors Creston Boot is the ultimately perfect Autumn combination.


Video - the women's Creston boot from KORS Michael Kors:


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