Tuesday, August 7

The Women's Steven Sturrip Boot

Steven Sturrip Boot - Dreams To Reality

Imagine this...

You saunter slowly through the swinging doors of a modern-day saloon -- decked in an all-leather ensemble with the Steven Sturrip Boot acting as both your sensible footwear and sensuous accent piece. Instead of ordering a drink for yourself, your favorite mixed beverages keep flowing all night, courtsey of the many admirers around you. You're paid compliments throughout the evening, and give fashion advice to other girls; all envious of your confident swagger and premium kicks. You're watched and adored with rapt attention as you decide after several hours that you've had enough fun for one evening. Getting up slowly from the bar stool, you sway to the same swinging doors, allowing the gentle jangle of the steel on your boots to make an impression as you make your exit. Smiling to yourself, you start the luxuriously comfortable short-walk home.

How good did that visual feel?
Admit it! The whole daydream is a confidence booster -- one that could be made entirely possible with the help of the Steven Sturrip Boot. This is footwear that was constructed to make you look and feel amazing. Rather than spending your hard-earned money on heels that are just going to make you look like every other girl at the bar, invest in a pair of boots that flaunt themselves. Blending with almost any outfit, these shoes aren't overwhelming to your appearance -- they're complimenting. These are boots that demand attention, but for you. It's unselfish footwear, offering you an opportunity to become the dominant, awe-inspiring woman you've always dreamt of being.

All eyes are on your mid-calf length boots, traveling downward to rest on the softly clanging steel accent at the ankle. The side zippers on each boot makes removal a simple task; plus, the plush interior allows you to wear these shoes for hours at a time without the hazardous side effects of bad footwear. Made from an amazing high-quality leather, the Steven Sturrip Boot is footwear fit for a queen. Forget the princess! Let her sulk in her flip-flops!


Video - the women's Sturrip boot from Steven by Steve Madden:


For more info on the Sturrip boot for women from Steven by Steve Madden (and some other styles to compare), visit:


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