Friday, August 17

The Women's Born Tati Boot

Born Tati Boot - All About Me

My 'all about me' feelings became strong after I saw the movie The Shining. The part that really stuck with me was when Jack Nicholson's character had written the "all work and no play" line, and it got me wondering (in my weird way) if he would have gone insane if he had just relaxed. *laughs* Or maybe the ghosts and demonic influences hadn't of been there. Anyway, my 'all about me' movement revolves around everything and anything that makes ME happy. The Born Tati Boot is one of those things.

What's your thoughts on the Born Tati Boot?

I wish these had come out years ago when I was shopping for a comfortable, fashionable pair of shoes. Instead, at the time, I opted for the crappiest pair of heels in the store and lived to regret every step I took in those gruesome things. However, with the Born Tati Boot, I'm not regretting anything. Constructed of mainly leather, I've become adept at walking gracefully in "ankle-length" boots -- which is a feat I never thought I'd conquer. The thought of walking in 'booties' always terrified me because I had this horrible image of falling over and breaking my ankle; whereas, these are extremely supportive at all angles and I haven't even tripped while wearing them.

For me, the interior also makes a huge difference when it comes to whether a boot is worthy to grace my feet or not. The Born Tati Boot is cushioned on the inside, nurturing my feet and toes so I don't wind up with agonizing blisters or raw spots from where the new shoe will often rub on my heel. Instead, I've found that these boots are comfortable for up to 6 hours per evening; a small blessing when you spend as much time out with friends as I do on the weekends.

Video - check out the women's Tati boot from Born:


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