Friday, August 17

The Women's Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot

Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot - Unfortunately Bland

Luxury Rebel is a brand name that I've come to expect a lot from over the years. Their designs and footwear are always unique, creative, and comfortable… until now. And it's not the comfort levels that are bothering me -- it's the bland appearance of their latest, the Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot. This label has a knack for titling their footwear after real names, such as Lynn. Let's face it, that's not the most exotic or most imaginative name, especially when your brand label has prided themselves on maintaining uniqueness to this point. The design matches the name in this case. It's simple, graceless, tasteless, and dull. Thigh-high black boots with barely an inch worth of heel? Been there, done that. Didn't like it then, don't like it now.

The next worse thing about these boots is the price. $225 for a pair of shoes you could probably get for cheaper from a knock-off brand a few weeks after the brand name's release. In the competitive world of fashion, Luxury Rebel should have dared to be different, but everybody seems to be going for the plain-jane look this year. Instead of staying ahead of the competition, these boots knock them back to average among the wide range of other brand names who released the same type of footwear for their 2012 line.

Next time, I'd like to see more ingenuity and creative flow come from Luxury Rebel, because these boots are something I could literally get from the nearest retail store for a discounted price and a knock-off label. They'd be just as comfortable, and nothing special. In which case, I'd rather wear a beat-up pair of flip-flops than spend the money on 'just average.' The Luxury Rebel Lynn Boot falls short of where it should have been this year. But don't worry, Luxury Rebel. There's always 2013. Make it count!

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