Friday, July 27

The Women's Sam Edelman Stevie Boot

Sam Edelman Stevie Boot - From A Snake Wrangler's View

"It takes all kinds to make the world go around" -- this is something my Daddy used to tell me, and I believe I've lived up to my end of keeping the earth spinning with my choice of unconventional career. I'm a herpetologist; a researcher who studies, collects, and cares for all manner of reptiles and amphibians, with snakes and lizards being on the top of my adoration list. This job isn't for everyone, but it does require a certain kind of footwear to keep me from getting bitten around the ankles. The Sam Edelman Stevie Boot was just what this Daddy's girl and snake wrangler was looking for.

Why are these boots perfect for my profession?

I tend to stray away from real animal skin, especially if it's reptilian; however, these boots are faux snake print in a gleaming black hue. Polished to a shine, the Sam Edelman Stevie Boot is above ankle-length with pull-tabs for convenient removal and a snug fit.

There's also a stacked heel, adding an inch and a half to average stature, while keeping my feet protected against the venomous animals I deal with on a daily basis. The interior is cushioned with padding used for traditional cowboy boots -- meaning it's comfortable enough for an all-night line-dance, and durable enough to last through a lifetime of tromping through farmer's mud.

For me, appearance was also a deciding factor when choosing the Sam Edelman Stevie Boot. On the weekends, I love to do shows where I entertain a small audience with my collection of alligators, non-venomous snakes, and awesome "hoppy-toads." While some people are keeping their eyes on my animals, I know several are also looking at my clothing to ensure that I can play the part of informative reptile-handler. I feel like these boots give me an edge of authenticity that no other footwear has been capable of giving.


Video - the women's Stevie western boot from Sam Edelman:


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