Thursday, July 26

The Women's UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot

UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot for Women - For The Love Of Creation

I'm a painter; a devout one who has immersed myself in art and its culture for the last decade. With this immersion comes the experience of new things and the development of innovative interests. One example of this would be what I wear on my feet. Instead of the usual sneakers, I tend to sway towards something like the UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot. it's footwear that speaks volumes about the creation of beautiful and silly things, all without actually saying a word. I can imagine hearing my feet sigh in a content and artistically happy manner whenever I slip these on.

What's so special about the UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot?

As someone who has become increasingly involved in the art world over the past few years, I've known several wonderful artist who used graffiti as their medium of choice (legally!). The UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot is canvased in white, followed by crude graffiti images of claws in all their sharp bear-like glory. The claws can either be grey and light blue, or you can choose to have them in more vibrant tones -- such as sugar plum and seal. The overall outside appearance of this footwear is traditional UGG, with the larger feet portions and the spacious heels. The interior is lined with the usual warm, moisture-wicking sheepskin; a trademark of the UGG brand name.

I was also surprised at how inexpensive the UGG Classic Short Graffiti Boot was compared to other UGG footwear. These are $180, while others have reached peaks of almost $300 -- and that's with less design and vague artistic appeal. This is footwear made for people who want to stand out in a crowd; those who long for the fame and freedom of being recognized as diverse and brilliant. These are my go-to boots when I paint because they give me the confidence to do well.


Video - the UGG Classic Short Graffiti boot:


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