Thursday, July 26

The Women's Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot

Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot - Charging For Comfort

At $368, most customers will hesitate to buy the new Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot. That's a little steep for footwear, but the women who haven taken the plunge have expressed nothing but positive thoughts for these boots. This is one brand name that charges top-rates for above average comfort; however, since they're delivering what women are expecting, these boots are expected to become a popular addition to several thousand closets within the next month. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers who found comfort and appeal in this extravagant footwear.

"Shopping for footwear is an obsession of mine; although, I can honestly say I've never spent more than $200 on a single pair of boots... until now. The Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot is one of a kind -- which is a compliment that I don't extend often. These boots are modern, but made with the antiquarian gals in mind. Aged leather ensures the boots have a well-worn and supple appearance, while the seams are smooth and flawless to create a sleek, stream-lined look. It also seems that no matter how quickly or slowly I move, these boots are right there with me, conforming to my every arch and curve in fluid motions."

"The Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot seemed like an absurd purchase at first. Albeit, I wasn't the one to buy them. Instead, I left the choice of whether to have these boots or not up to my boyfriend since my birthday was right around the corner. He opted to buy them, and since day 1, I've opted to wear them... constantly. As I understood it, the Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot is brand new, which means I was one of the first in my little circle of friends to don these at a dinner party -- western themed, of course. As the party wore on to extend past 4 hours, I was surprised at how well these boots held up. Instead of aching feet, I was met with pure comfort, earning the Frye Carson Tab Tall Boot a place at the front of my closet."

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