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The Women's Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot

Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot - The Involuntary Soldier

The Clarks Neeve Ella GTX boot isn't for everyone -- so sayeth one of the women who this footwear was not meant for. The design is soldier-esque, but not in a modern sort of way. They put me in the mind of something a man would wear during a stint in the Civil War. While I love history, I didn't particular feel like being the war-buff who decks out in full costume and parades up and down the streets. I just wanted a nice pair of boots that could alternate as riding boots -- which upon a brief glance, I thought these were it.

At $260, the Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot would be perfect for the aforementioned history buff who makes it her mission to re-enact famous scenes on weekends. Unfortunately, someone like me, who makes her living raising and rearing horses, these boots fall flat of their overall shock absorption and comfort goals.

What are their features?

These boots boast an old-English country style with a touch of Confederate soldier sensibility. The shaft of each boot is gored and fitted with a suede-like material, while the tops and bottoms are pure leather -- reminiscent of rubber rain-boots. The rubberized outsole is durable and perfect for fiddling around the farm on muddy days, but not so much when the weather is still misting or large puddles have been left behind. The best part of the Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot is the cushioned insole. Each boot is padded on the inside with Active Air insoles, meaning it feels like you're walking on pillows.

These boots are of excellent quality, but they're not strictly farm-friendly. I enjoyed certain aspects and the comfort while walking, but the rubber bounces right off the sides of my horses. This makes it difficult to urge them on with a nudge to their ribs when riding. It's for this reason that the Clarks Neeve Ella GTX Boot would be ideal for someone less-than farm savvy.


Video - the women's Neeve Ella GTX from Clarks:


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